Mandrakes (マンドレーク, Mandorēku) are a group of classified plant monsters species first featured in the game Sonic: Monsters from The Other World and True Divine Generation: Sonic Monster X.


Class Between the Lower and Upper
Hostile Neutral
Rarity Uncommon
Status Living

Monster Info

"Plants that cannot talk, or come to life, this fellow monster can be part of nature, but can't feel the way humans can. Dearest mandrake, as beautiful as your flower bloom, your pollen is the delight for you."


When visiting to the foundation's laboratory and requesting, Dr. Elleanorvia tells the theoretic folklore of the mandrake from a medieval book.

The tale was said in this:

A hundred years of eternity, the forbidden world, ruled by Queen Gaealind, one time the queen was offered by a scythian witch with some flower and plant roots for a potion of eternity, accepted by the queen's agreement, after one night the Black Doom attempts to kidnap the witch but successfully escaped and spilled by her blood, spreading the earth, the plants come to life and live the world and peace.


Mandrakes look vastly differently in many different flower forms.

Males have medium or larger flower bulbs and chubby like bodies. Females mainly huge flower heads than male mandrakes.

See different of mandrakes.


Smells Like Dead Leaves Event

If the player chooses Sonic Amy or Marine, the event starts as the vice assistant visits his/her stilt sub-house talking about some obnoxious smell coming from the jungle far away and the player agrees with her as he/she goes where the odor comes from.

Field of Chao Event

The event is a special easter egg.

Mandrake (TrueDivGen)

The Mandrake (マンドレーク, Mandorēku) or Mandragora is a featured monster appearing in TDG.

They can hard to find


  • The flower of the head of mandrakes are based-on the flowers in the real world.
  • The female mandrake's nectar is the best harvest that is used for potions, juices, desserts etc. rather than their roots.
  • There's a hidden secret mandrake on the Field of Chao event, by following the orders in the game to unlock it.
  • Hermaphrodites produce both mandrake seed and sap very rarely.
  • Solandrakes are the only subspecies of having a rare consumably harvest- Solandrake Pollen.

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