Cquote1 Just because I have a 'do no harm' policy you think I'm a coward? Get this-

I'm a doctor. Sometimes it takes more bravery to heal the person you hate than to slit their throat. Believe me, I would like nothing more than to see her die. But I need to do my job. Personal feelings are irrelevant. Cquote2

Manchester speaking to Elias about Blizzard

Miyako "Manchester" Kim is a female Mobian Lynx who was born in the Fractured Zone. She and her family were very poor, and lived on the streets of Mobotropolis. When Manchester's parents died, which was when she was eleven, she was forced to survive on her own. Eight years later, the Super Genesis Wave hit and destroyed most of Mobius, and nearly killed her.

Manchester wandered the decimated city, in search of anyone she could help out of the collapsed buildings, and she met Elias. Though Manchester knew plenty about medicine, and Elias required medical attention, he initially refused her. But, after an hour of her pestering and following him around, he relented and let her patch him up. And so Manchester and Elias became allies, and then things went on from there.


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Despite her history, Manchester is a very calm and logical female. She can be a bit cruel sometimes when it comes to her enemies, but is willing to help anyone in need. Even though Manchester has a 'do no harm' policy, she is willing to fight whenever necessary- usually when she needs to defend herself. She also has a somewhat impassive exterior, and keeps her cool in difficult situations.

Manchester also expresses an interest in music, and often sings while working. She has now and then written her own compositions, though she has never played them (as she has no instruments.) She also is firm believer in honor, and hates any actions that she considers dishonorable or traitorous.

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Manchester is a silver coloured Lynx with shoulder-blade length red hair that is tied into a pair of braids that go down her back. She has some bangs on the right side of her head that are usually held back by a black headband. Her eyes are a greyish blue hue.

She typically wears a white long-sleeved wool sweater, black pants, and maize sneakers with dark blue laces. She also wears a necklace with an amber coloured crystal as a pendant.


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