Mammoth the Moth is a highly trained swordsman who operates as part of the Word of Kiritsu, leading Squad 17 into battle.


A fairly nondescript Mobian moth, Mammoth is fairly unassuming in appearance. While well-toned from weapons handling and training, his golden-yellow skin is normally kept dirtied to help disguise how bright it is. His brown eyes are often seen scanning the environment around himself, preparing to either duel or escape.

However, as expected of a moth, Mammoth is a winged Mobian, with a pair of mottled grey and brown wings emerging from his back. These wings are fairly large and capable of lifting him into the air fairly quickly, though he is capable of partially "collapsing" his wings to reduce his profile in combat.


Due in part to the very casual nature of the Word of Kiritsu, Mammoth doesn't really wear a uniform per se. Instead, he sticks to a simple washed-out grey t-shirt emblazoned with a flaming skull on the front, blue jeans held up with a brown leather belt, and a pair of black trainers. Due to the size of his sword, he doesn't carry it sheathed on his waist but rather carries it so the hilt is over his shoulder with a rope around the scabbard. While hardly the most convenient method of carrying the blade, it is secure without interfering with his wings.


Mammoth was born on Blackpoint Ridge to Word member Nivan Rell and ex-GUN agent Jason Blades. Nivan was considered one of the best Word members at that time, but the fact she’d fallen in love with a non-Kiritsi had caused much of a stir in at the top of the chain of command. While Jason joined the Word to be worn the woman he loved, many thought that Jason’s disappearance would lead to a GUN investigation that would lead them to Kiritsu. Many suggested that Jason was to be mind wiped and sent back to GUN, but surprisingly enough Jason had made preparations for this to happen, including the announcement of his retirement from GUN (although he did retire early compared to most special agents, and at the point when he was considered well into his prime). He also stated that he would be travelling the world with no permanent place of accommodation, meaning GUN wouldn’t be able to locate him easily. Jason also proved an asset to the Word, so they allowed him to stay.

Eventually, Nivan gave birth to a son, Mammoth. Once again, the non-Kiritsi name of the child causes a stir in the Word, but they admitted they had nothing to do with Nivan’s personal life. Jason took over raising Mammoth more than Nivan did, training him up to be a Word member like his parents. Mammoth took to one weapon in particular: the Rageblade, a weapon used by Nivan. Mammoth was officially inducted into the Word at the age of 15, and his first mission was a flying success.

However, disaster struck when it was revealed that Jason has inadvertently brought the attention of Kabletech on the Word. It was revealed that Kabletech always had an idea that the Word had existed and had sent Jason to pretend to fall in love with Nivan so he could spy on them. What they hadn’t expected was for Jason to actually fall in love and denounce his objective, leaving Kabletech with barely anything other than what they had before. However, thanks to an international manhunt they’d finally been able to locate the Word’s base at Blackpoint Ridge and mounted a full scale assault. The Word only had hours to prepare for the attack, with Jason only revealing this information about his alignment when Kable Enforcement vehicles were spotted several miles out from the Ridge. A large amount of the Word were destroyed in the assault, Jason was killed by Wraith the Cyberhog, Nivan was declared MIA, and shame was brought on the head of Mammoth for his family’s actions.

The attack lead to a rare Delta Scenario: if the Word was severely damaged, members who had nearly finished their training were to be promoted to full members and remaining full members were to be promoted. As such, Mammoth ended up leading a squad of Carson Mercury and Grainne the Hedgefox. Mammoth’s team were then told they would be part of a counterattack on one of the major Kabletech bases responsible for the attack on Blackpoint Ridge. They were Squad 17 of the assault, and the name has stuck with them ever since.

Minutes before the assault began, however, Carson discovered that Blackpoint Ridge has been bugged by Kabletech: they had listened to everything the Word had planned. Naturally, none of the assault’s leaders listened to the 13 year old, so Mammoth decided to make a last minute change of plan when they arrived in the facility to find Kabletech facility to find Kable Enforcement waiting for them: he announced that the Word knew about the bugging and that another strike force was on the way. These words surprised the guards for a moment, but a moment was all the Word needed to get the upper hand. During the battle, Mammoth dueled Wraith, But was easily bested by the Cyberhog and only survived through Grainne’s intervention. The Word eventually withdrew, but not before they destroyed a large amount of Kabletech’s data on the Word, including the location of Blackpoint Ridge.

Response to Mammoth’s actions in the battle were mixed. Some say he was a vital part in the battle, while some say he disobeyed direct orders and the Word would have won anyway. Mammoth stayed as leader of Squad 17, training Carson and Grainne to become true members of the Word.


Mammoth is most well-known among the Word for his skill with a blade. Despite his relative youth, he handles a Rageblade like an extension of his arms, using the two-handed sword with finesse few have witnessed. The sword, which has been in his lineage for generations, is fully capable of both sharpening its own edges and increasing his strength the longer a fight goes on, so typically Mammoth can be found in the middle of the fight, sword in hand.

Even with the blade considered, Mammoth is no slouch outside of that area. While his attention has always been focused on training with two-handed swords, the moth is fairly capable fighting hand-to-hand as well, often seen sparring with his squadmates to help train their reflexes. He is similarly practiced with single-handed swords, though he only wields such weapons in order to spar. He has some skill at electrokinesis, though his electrical skills leave a lot to be desired. Typically, he only employs these skills against targets with a weakness to electricity or if there are no other options, otherwise preferring to stick to his sword.

Mammoth's weaknesses are fairly simple - due to wielding a two-handed sword, he can't fight properly and fly at the same time, so any time he relocates in a fight zone, he's at risk. His preference for the sword and lack of armor also paint a nice big target on him as far as ballistics and ranged elemental assaults are concerned, as he has little means of counterattack outside of his fairly lacking electrical skills.


Mammoth's specific moves include:

  • Aqua Shock: Mammoth lets out a discharge of electrically charged water from his body. A very quick ability that shocks the opponent, making it useful to get out of tight corners.
  • Chidori
  • Razor Dash: Mammoth flies forward with his sword dragging along the ground, charging the blade's kinect energy supply. He then either swings his sword upwards, horizontally, or downwards in order to catch the opponent off guard.


Mammoth mostly retains a professional persona during missions, learning to distance himself from emotions to fight better. He is able to quickly analyse combat scenarios and read opponents quite well (although nowhere near the level of Ringmaster), and this and the Rageblade's powers developed his fighting style to focus on rapid offence and catching the opponent off guard. What doesn't usually show, however, is that Mammoth has a competitive side, turning missions alongside his squadmates into challenges between them. This is partly in order for them to feel more relaxed working with each other after being thrown together, and partly because Mammoth just wants something fun in his serious job.

However, Mammoth's analytical skills can only go so far. If a problem intervenes that he hadn't anticipate, he may panic and resort to ditching the plan in order to remove said problem. This usually causes more problems for Squad 17 than it solves. His relative inexperience as a leader also means he often doubts himself, not helped by the fact that a decent portion of the Word don't like him for his parent's actions.



Although Mammoth wants revenge on Wraith and Kabletech for killing his parents and a large chunk of the Word, he understands that duty comes first and that defending the Dawn Kingdom is a priority over vengeance.

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