Mami Lineart copy

Lineart Concept of Mami.

Biographical Information

16 (physically and chronologically)



Romantic Interests

None (I choose who she'll go with)

Physical Description

Majos Litemon



  • Stark white furr. (Has no Markings since she's a Majos Litemon)
  • Red blue split eyes

She has Multiple Outfits.

Political Alignment and Abilities


  • Muskets
  • Magic
  • Maho Shoujo Mami
  • Denko Mami
Other Information
  • Cooking
  • Singing
  • Athletics



Kaori Mizuhashi

Theme Song(s)
Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica OST- 04

Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica OST- 04. Believing in Justice

Her Theme song (no lyrics)

Mami the Litemon

Mami the Litemon (まみライト悪魔, Mami Rakuma.) is one of the rare Majos Litemons, and younger sister to Akemi the Litemon. Her weapons she uses from magic are guns, quite the contrast to her motherly and kind personality. She's one of the rare Litemons that don't have a darker, or somewhat south pole personality, like Tessa. The way she dresses is another way to describe her personality, since it gives her a calmer, or perhaps more western look.


Mami is a kind, motherly type, who's fighting strategys contrast with her appearance. She enjoys trying to lead others, or mentor them when they need help. Mami how-ever, does have a bit of a western hospitality built into her. Along with a western accent to match. Akemi is rather low-key at times, just enjoying sunlight at times and relaxing.



Since Mami is a Majos Litemon, she can use the abilitys of Magic. It comes in several forms, mostly as a defensive use. Since she uses muskets, after all. She can only make distraction and weak sheilds from magic. But her strongest use is using magic to create guns, much like her sisters ability to make magic arrows.


Maho Shoujo Mami

Mamis first form is Maho Shoujo Mami. In this form, she resorts more to magic, rather than her Muskets. She looks some-what more western than she does before. This is her more commonly used form over Denko Mami, since Mami isn't the dark type of person.

Denko Mami

Mami's second form is Denko, or lightning Mami. In this form, her furr turns black and her hair turns yellow, much like her sister Akemis Sanda (thunder) form. She resorts to Muskets, and also other types of guns, rather than magic in this form. It's rare that she uses this though, and only does under the circumstance that she has to.


Akemi the Litemon

Mami loves her older sister and loves to be by her side. The two are a nicely paired duo, and team, seen from their matching forms. Mamis western charm some-times amuses Akemi, and maybe even makes her laugh at times. Akemi how-ever, keeps Mami calm, and thusly these two are in nice sisterly balance together. Another reason they get together so well may be because they're both Majos Litemons, or litemons of the same sub-category.


Tiro, Finale! - Final move with her musket.

Mami the Litemon here, pleased to meet you. - Introduction.

Please, let me assist.


  • She's based off of Tomoe Mami from Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica.
  • Her name is in Katakanji, when written in Kanji, it can have hundreds of meanings.
  • "Tiro Finale" Means Final Shot in Italian.


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