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Malusor is one of the villians in the Sonic Universe. He is a cyborg minotaur and also is known as a "Time Keeper" also "Time Master". He's a very fearsome man who takes things very seriously, he's eager to take action on things and he doesn't like being controlled. He was summoned by Argo to help give Argo info on how to control time, and be able to rule it as well. 
Game appearance(s)
The Blue Blur
Voice Actor
Andy Serkis
Minotaur (Not Savori)
Minoatur, with cybernetic armour and a huge gun
Algorgian, Argo, Savori, destruction, making people pay, killing, death, Time Masters, Time Keeepers, Ruibala Sideon
Sonic and co. Eggman, humanity, defeat, fighting with no cost, others, Dark Oak
Ground Pound, shoot beams with his gun, punch, lazer beams, can charge with his horns facing the person, killing he/she, throw huge things, roar, super jump, mind control,
Evil, menacing


The Blue Blur


The Blue Blur

The Blue Blur is the first installment of The Voyages of Sonic the Hedgehog series (also known as the Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog series). A conflicted man by the name Argo wants to be able to turn time into nothingness, making the only time that remains is his to which he rules. Malusor is quite a big character in this game, he's not seen from the very start however from Chapter 1-Chapter 6, Malusor is being summoned by Argo and at the end of the fifth chapter, he eventually is fully summoned. He becomes a very villianous character, in what he does. And there's quite a surprise at the end of the Blue Blur's story about him....

Backgrond Info

Not much is known about Malusor so far. All that is known is that he's a very dangerous minotaur and works for the Time Masters. However, this is only briefly mentioned in the Blue Blur. Apparently, he is a very ancient being consedering what Argo said about him, calling him the "key" to destroy time.

Although, consedering the immense cybernetics, its quite obvious, he wasn't like this all his life and that something must've happened to him. Apparently, it is said, that there was a battle between the Minotaurians and Kalvians and Malusor was apart of the Minotaurians, therefore he might've got beat down pretty hard. So, he might've had to find cybernetics to repair him. It is also said that his birthplace is unknown, although it is in some ways "quite advanced" and that's why Malusor could repair himself so easily. 

Researches did find a really futuristic looking book underground. There's a minotaur face similar to Malusor's with weird writing at the bottom. It was translated and apparently, it says something to do with the Time Masters and how thier coming is near. 


Malusor is a cyborg minotaur and is known for being a very ruthless and demanding villian who will just take anything needs too. The reasons why Malusor have these cybernetics are obviously unknown, but apparently a major incident happened with him during the battle of the Minotaurians and Kalvians (the minotaurs and these mystical creatures). 

He has brown furry skin with the addition of the cybernetics covered in all over him. It does prove to be quite powerful since (spoilers) when Malusor got hit by the fireball, he did evenhtually survive but there was probably a great ammount of damage done to him.


Malusor doesn't have a weakness, or at least, one that can be noted of. He is quite a strong character as he is very agile and also is very dangerous. Although, (Spoilers from the Blue Blur) Malusor does get hit b Algorgian's fireball and is knocked out for quite a long time. 

Abilities and Personality

Malusor is a very dangerous character, he has loads of abilities. He can ground pound, has enhanced strength, he can grow enhancing his strength further, he can super jump, he can throw objects/people, he can shoot with his gun, he can mind control people, superhuman strength, superhuman speed, dangerous roar, has lazers in his hand, he can use his horns to kill people etc. So, from this, its kind of obvious that Malusor is a really strong character. He is so powerful, he can almost be called invincible. 

His personality does fit his abilities as he's a dangerous and pissed character in-game. He wants to get to the "good bit", which means he wants to get onto the action. He is merciless and heartless in the things he does to people. However, he does have a reason for why he's so pissed and why he wants to just kill everyone (Spoilers for the Blue Blur's story) because we did get a hint that Malusor was angry because of when Sonic created the new timeline in Sonic 06 and that that was the reason why Malusor turned into "what he did" which might explain why he's a minotaur. So, he was never always like the way he was. 

Voice Actor

Andy Serkis (2015-present) - The Blue Blur- voice edited and CG capture


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