This is an article about Malo the Dark Kitsune, a character created by Xtarhaven on 10/1/2015.

Malo the Fox is Vul's "sidekick", though he'd rather be away from Vul


Unlike Vul he's upfront about this past, he says he's from another planet called "Gidon" (pronounced Gid-en) where he once took over with the power of gods, but he was thwarted by a person named Brume. Malo is actually a clone of the real Malo, not in that way you'd think, Vul created a copy of Malo to have fun with, they've been traveling the multiverse ever since, and this is the current universe they're in.


Malo is a tall fox with deep purple fur and some lighter and fluffier sections on his chest, muzzle, and tail. He has dark plated gauntlets and leggings which end at his knees and elbows, along with a small white kimono covering his torso. Strangely, at the tip of his tail sprouts a pale hand with black fingernails, Malo seems to have complete control over this hand. His eye are a light blue in color.


Malo's kinda of a...douche, he doesn't care what people think, he doesn't care about the consequences, who he fights or kills. He has a very cold exterior, only his father, mother, and Vul were able to be get on his good side, recently he's been a lot calmer compared to earlier years thanks to his time with Vul. Though he can still be pushy and aggressive to anyone he doesn't know.



Malo finds Vul to be annoying to every degree, and sometimes he hates Vul with a blazing passion, but at the end of the day he knows Vul just wants some attention.


Malo absolutely hates Brume, he was the person to defeat him during his reign, Vul brings him along sometimes and makes them work together, of course after all this time Malo has softened up a bit to him, making them more rivals then enemies.


His tails are a sign of his power, the more chaos emeralds he has, the more tails, up to nine.

Super Malo

When Malo as all seven Chaos Emeralds, he'll have eight tails, he is almost at his full power at this point, but in emergencies he can turn into Super Malo. Which unlike normal super forms, does not make him invincible, it only multiplies his power by 2. His appearance changes drastically, he losses his armor and becomes a skeleton with a fiery dark aura.

Hyper Malo

Once Malo has absorbed the Master Emerald, he'll have nine tails and will be at his full power, but in big emergencies he can turn into Hyper Malo, which is more or less the same as Super Malo. In this form he loses his armor, becomes taller and lankier, looks more farfel, and gaining a third eye on his forehead.

Human Malo

Not only can he turn Hyper, but more than likely he'll turn into a human, which is actually is real form. Once he becomes human the emeralds scatter and he's left in this form for a few days, only to lose it and search for the emeralds again...

However, during these few days he can change into his own versions of Super and Hyper at will, with him becoming a giant fox. In "super form" his power is multiplied by two, but is severely weakened in terms of defense.

While in "hyper form" his power is multiplied by four! In this state he becomes more instinctual and aggressive, but can still talk.


While he has a lot of power with the Chaos Emeralds, if you can hit him hard enough you'll be able to knock those emeralds right out of him, he has no powers in this form, just good old sword-to-sword fighting.

At first he'll be relentless, attacking every moment he's got, but after a while he'll tire out and you'll be able to attack him more often.


Malo's Stats
Stat Number
Physical Strength 7/10
Physical Defense 5/10
Elemental Strength 7/10
Elemental Defense 5/10
Speed 9/10
Spirit 10/10
Intellect 6/10
Stamina 4/10
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