Mallory is a snow white coyote with sunny yellow eyes. His figure is very thin and has some muscular undertones, and is fairly tall for his age, making him a bit lanky. He has a white muzzle and his ears have white fluff too, but the tips of his bangs and ears have a light brown coloring to them. He has three bangs that are on his forehead, and a variety of bangs that lay to the sides of his face.

His attire consists of a white tank top hoodie with a red top connected by a white diamond shard brooch. He wears grey pants that are baggy and make his frame even thinner. His shoes are a deep blue color and are tennis shoes. His gloves are a matching blue that reach above his elbow, and have black cuffs on the top, while the fingers are sort of webbed and are fongerless at the top.

Due to him being a spirit, his entire appearance is a bit fuzzy and slightly see through.


Mallory is very sweet and often described as an adorable little child. He acts as the rational sibling and helps his brother think clearly about situations, and while seemingly care free, is an avid worrier about Amasai. He also is insecure about himself, and views his current state as a burden for his older brother to bear.


Mallory's exact birthdate is currently unknown, but it is assumed that it was during the season of Spring. He was raised by loving parents who ended up abandoning him and his older brother Amasai. Mallory was born during the spring when Amasai was three, and the elder brother imediently loved his younger brother.

They were abandoned at an old train station, with their parents telling them to stay until they came back. After waiting for hours, the two six and five year olds knew that their parents were not returning, and left the station with no clue as to where to go next. They went back home, but their house had been burned down, and the fire crackled still. With no home or parents, the two decided to leave their hometown and find out more about what happened to their life. Before they did, they went into their house once the fire stopped burning and tried to salvage anything they could. After looking in his parents room, Amasai found his fathers journal and figured out that what had caused the problem was something called "alchemy", which led them to want to leave their home to find out what it is and what it had to do with their parents. Tour with Tyshira

Edit After about a week later, Amasai found a school for alchemists prodigies. Realizing that whoever was in charge could help them, Amasai tried to enroll in the school. The teachers and owner of the business, a woman named had closed it down though, and Amasai and Mallory tried to contact the lady. After finding out some information and where she lives, the boys go their to ask for help on alchemy.

Tyshira immediately rejected the two kids, but after hearing who their father was, finally agreed to give them lessons on alchemy. As it turned out, Amasai realized that he had a knack for alchemy, and continued his training with his teacher, while Mallory gave up after being unable to figure it out. He still supported his brother though in the training, and still engaged in the combative lessons. After a while, during a weekly spar between them and their teacher, Amasai was able to defeat Tryshira after Mallory gave up out of exhaustion. This gave Amasai the idea to try out for a position in the government, the Alchemic Branch, as that would allow him access to files on his parents.

Tyshira argueed against that idea though, which lead to a bitter argument and eventual fight against the two. Amasai defeated Tyshira, and Tyshira still argued that he cant, saying that whatever happened to his father would happen to him, but Amasai wouldn't have it, and left his teacher, giving the two a large tension against them. Mallory suffered due to that tension, having viewed her as a second mother.


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Although fairly young, Mallory has learned many things from his travels and experiences.


Although it's definitely not one of his strong spots, he is still fairly proficient in the deconstruction and reconstruction of materials. He can only create basic things due to his pack of training, and this skill doesn't really help him in combat, compared to his brother, but he still can use it to his advantage. He also requires transmutationtion circles, like nearly all other alchemists.


While his brother relies upon alchemy, Mallory relies heavily on brute strength. His fighting style is similar to a boxer, but is much more graceful and flexible. He often does use alchemy to help him, but mostly just to trip opponents or give them small damage.


Being a ghost makes him unable to touch physical objects, and only fazes through them. He is also very weak in battle, due to that said, and is really useless for combat. His possession of people takes a lot of energy, and if he spends to much time in another's body, he can start to disappear.

He also is self conscious about the way he is now, and often fears that he is a burden on his older brother, which can make him fairly easy to manipulate.


Being a major character in the series, Mallory is able to meet and talk to other people during his traveling.


*Ironically, Mallory was afraid of ghosts prior to becoming one.

*Mallorys name means "bad luck", seen as he had died because of being at the wrong place at the wrong time.

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