—Malice the black

This character's name is pronounced "Mal-i-tia"


Physical appearance

When Malice first awoke he looked just like Mephiles, but as he slowly developed, he made his own form.

Physical attire

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Malitia is Amnesiac. Though despite this he doesn't really care, only believing that he should live life to the fullest. He likes being near people but sometimes cringes when someone talks about Solaris, though he has no idea why.


He is amnesiac, not remembering where he came from, only who he is. He honestly doesn't care though.


Malice can control the shadows, he can also alter his body into anything he wants. These powers are incredibly strengthened in his crystal form. He can also turn into living shadows, resembling a black puddle. He is also capable of entering other's shadows ending up taking their form albeit with certain differences, such as pale skin and green purple eyes.

He can also shape shift into anyone he has ever met, although this severely limits his powers.


Staff of darkness: This was the prison that Malice was sealed into, however by absorbing Morpheus' shadow he gained immunity from being sealed back into it, soon after this he corrupted the staff, marking it as his weapon. He is also capable of turning it into three different forms: A spear, a scythe, and the normal form.

Oscuridad: This is the scythe form of the staff of darkness: This allows Malice to separate a shadow from it's host and give it full control for a price. He is very good with it and has even defeated Dust the reaperhog in a one-on-one Duel

Sombras: The spear form of the staff of darkness, it allows Malice to temporarily drain a victim of his/her soul and make them his slave. It's long reach allows him to strike his foes from afar, and allows him to throw his weapon to impale his foes from afar as well.

Odio: The new name for the staff of darkness' main form.

Himself: HE can mold his body into any form of weapon or object. The forms he can take are listed below:

Black armor: He hardens his body into a black plated armor and now has physically tougher skin.

Shadow blade: When he can't use Odio, he molds either one or both of his arms into a very sharp blade, with a black blade.

Shadow smashers: He turns his fists into very large buckler-like hands that allows him to cause tremors by smashing them into the ground.

Dark whip: He turns his arm into a long whip-like blade that he can use to grab his foes from afar. He can also use them to slice a monster in half.

Dark Claws: he turns his fingers into long blades and his hands turn into black scaly knives. He is capable of pouncing on his foes and tearing them to shreds.


Malice is very flexible, and can heal himself, even if he is dismembered.(Just to be clear, this only applies to my characters. His power will be downplayed if he ever comes into a roleplay.)



Mephiles the dark:

Morpheus the hedgehog:

Shadow the hedgehog:

Faust the inferno: Malice and Faust are the best of friends, being twin brothers as well. They also share the fact that they are fragments of Mephiles and Iblis, with a part of their other's soul(Malice holds part of Iblis, Faust holds part of Mephiles)


Mobian form: This is his true mobian state.

Crystalline: This is Malice's crystalline form. In this form his shadow powers are stronger,

Shadow rage: This is Malice's enhanced form. His hatred and rage that boils in his soul are released. His skin and power absorb the dark energy, his body is so wracked with pain that he has to shed his normal form(crystalline or Morpheus). His body grows, his fangs turn black matching the rest of his body. His legs turn into something like the bottom of a robe. His quills grow larger and merge into two single spikes, his body turns completely black, his eyes and the inside of his mouth turns pure red with rage. This could be described as his true form due to his absorbed energy from the blast that split himself from Mephiles. His muzzle also somewhat elongates with the teeth resembling Carnage's(from spiderman) teeth.


Malice is extremely vulnerable to light and the shadow sword Relegatus. If he is struck by something other than Relgatus that can wound Shadow creatures, he won't be hurt but his powers will be negated.


Malice's power to change his body into weapons and armor is based off of Alex Mercer and James Heller from Prototype and Prototype 2.

Malice's original name was to be darkness, however I saw a video on youtube about some hedgehog female called darkness, so his name was changed. 

Malice was also originally supposed to be the dark form of Morpheus until I heard of Mephiles and thought it would be cool to give him a "son"

Malice also isn't really Mephile's son, he is a fragment of him, like Morpheus is a base of shadow.

Malice first appeared on a picture made by me, the picture hasn't appeared yet but it will.

Malice's first design has him having darker streaks than Mephiles and darker green eyes., and three fronds with grey streaks

He also was originally going to be called Darkness, before it was decided that Malice would be a better name.

Malice can almost always be seen with Faust at his side.

Malice's rage form bears a strong resemblance to the phase one form version of Iblis in Sonic 06.



Malice the black's crystal form.

Malice the black in his crystal form.

Dusk and Malice

This shows Malice in his first form and it Shows Morpheus as Dusk. Neither of them look like this anymore.

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