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Malik's fur is a black color. His quills have purple tips, as well. His skin is a peach color.

He wears shoes that can withstand any environment, as well as having hover capabilities in case his power is acting strangely.

In addition, he has two swords that he can dual-wield when he needs to. They allow him to perform certain attacks, like the Blades of Darkness skill. Also, the swords are lightweight, so he can run without a problem with his swords sheathed on his waist.


Malik is very easy-going and is able to see the good in everything. However, when he sees someone in danger, he just can't help but lend a hand. He can be serious sometimes when things do get rough, but this doesn't happen too often. He gets very angry, very quickly when he sees his friends getting hurt.


Station Square

Malik lived in Station Square with his mother for what seemed to be all his life. He father died from war when Malik was at a young age (around four years old), so his mother had to take it upon herself to take care of him. Things seemed perfect for Malik for around ten years. That was when bad things started happening.

Chaos was driving everything nuts. He had transformed into his Perfect Form using the power of the Chaos Emeralds, and the city was in chaos. Nobody knew what to do about this monstrosity, other than to run. However, Malik's mother had other ideas. She would do whatever it took to protect her son. Malik was about to object, but she said she would be okay. Malik found it pointless to argue at that point, and took off into the Mystic Ruins.

Of course, these ruins were... also in ruins. However, Malik noticed a temple that was, strangely, still erect. He thought it would be a good idea to use it as shelter, so he went inside. He also took a good note of the markings on the doorway, which he did not understand at that point. Upon entering the temple, he found objects that seemed to be of great use for the time being. The first was a set of dual swords; he wowuld go on to use them as his primary weapon, though this was not known at the time. There was also an ancient tome with all of the beginner dark abilities. Malik took these items and read the book. He took the time to learn all of the starting abilities before heading back to Station Square, which was, of course, saved by Sonic himself.

Malik assisted in rebuilding the city. However, he was shocked to find his home apartment completely destroyed. And what's more, upon looking through the rubble, he found his mother! Panicking, he checked for a pulse, and let out a heavy sigh. His mother was alive, but if he idled any longer, it may not last long. He signaled for an ambulance, and they took care of the rest.

It's a Pirate!!

After all of the mayhem that was Perfect Chaos, Malik entered the familiar place of Emerald Coast, trying to clear his head. He found Madi's cottage and decided to pay a visit. She was very nice, indeed, and it surprised Malik that she could manage an entire house by herself. Madi revealed that her grandmother had taught her the necessities for the cottage before she died from natural causes.

Malik then noticed that something strange was going on outside, and went to take a look. He found a mysterious echidna lying face-first on the shore. Malik picked the echidna up and took him into the cottage. After an hour, he regained his consciousness. The echidna revealed himself to be Hendrik, the adopted son of a deceased pirate captain. He eventually realized that he needed to get out on the seas again to search for his crew, if they are alive. Much to Malik's surprise, Madi wanted to go with Hendrick. They looked at Malik for a solution, and he said that he doesn't want to get in the way, saying that he "wasn't the one to decide." Hendrik approved this, and Malik waved with a smile as he watched them sail into the sunset.


Malik was given the ability to use Chaos moves, like Shadow. However, some moves are unique to him in some ways. For example, he is able to utilize Chaos Control without a Chaos Emerald, which would make him seem more powerful than some others.

He also can manipulate the darkness around him to his own will. However, there are some things he cannot control. If he has a lot of rage built up, his inner darkness may take control of his body, damaging nearby objects and severely injuring, if not killing, nearby people.

List of Known Powers




Malik is able to utilize his dark powers to undergo a transformation that would usually end in a catastrophe. He is able to access his Dark form, a powerful form that is very hard to control. However, Malik is able to control this form with relative ease.

He can access this form in two different ways. He can do it voluntarily, strengthening his abilities at the cost of some of his defenses.



  • Sonic the Hedgehog: Malik has looked upon Sonic with great respect ever since he saved Station Square from Perfect Chaos.


  • Hendrik the Echidna: Malik found him on the shoreline of Emerald Coast, alongside Madi the Fox. They became good allies from the start. Even though he left with Madi for some time, the trio are still very good friends.
  • Madi the Fox: Malik had come across Madi, who was living alone after the death of her grandmother. During his weeklong stay at her house, Malik had grown a great bond with her, especially when they found Hendrik washed up on the shore.
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