This article is about Malik the Hedgehog, a character created by MalikTH on 11/10/2015.


Malik's fur is a black color. His quills have purple tips, as well. His skin is a peach color.

He wears shoes that can withstand any environment, as well as having hover capabilities in case his power is acting up. He also wears a red shirt with the GUN insignia on it, along with blue jeans. He can switch from that casual attire to a suit more suitable for combat situations using his own thoughts.

In addition, he has two swords that he can dual-wield when he needs to. He can perform certain attacks, like the Blades of Darkness skill. Also, the swords are lightweight, so he can run without a problem with his swords sheathed on his waist.


Malik is usually calm, and seems to know what to do in most situations. He helps his friends in any way he can, whether it be giving advice or combat. He is committed to his teammates and is usually a good team player.

He also has some smarts. He can make some technology that help his team, whether it be a wristwatch that has a small microphone for communication, or a scouter.


Malik was one of the many inhabitants of the Space Colony ARK . He was a good friend of Maria and Gerald Robotnik and was always willing to help them. Although he was clueless about what was happening at first, he got it down quickly.

Then came the events with Project Shadow and such. Of course, Malik wanted to help. He found it fascinating, himself, and wanted to help in any way he could. Doubts started coming to him when Black Doom agreed to help. Apparently, Malik was also one of the few witnesses of the initial construction of the ARK's Eclipse Cannon .

Then the GUN agents attacked the colony. Malik and Shadow helped Maria escape, under Gerald's orders. When Shadow was sent to the Earth below and Maria was shot down, Malik's dark side was awakened for the first time. He relentlessly killed GUN soldiers, without control, until he was eventually shut down.

Years later, Sonic and Tails found him shut down in Emerald Coast. He was brought back to Tails's lab and reactivated. Of course, he didn't know who reawakened him, so he began to panic. An injury in his leg caused him to fall after an attempt to run. They explained the events of Sonic Adventure 2 , and he understood.

He later set off on his own to find Shadow, and with some success. He found Shadow, with Shadow recognizing him. Malik has, since then, been by his side for his own reasons (with the occasional adventures of his own).


Malik was given the ability to use Chaos moves, like Shadow. However, some moves are unique to him in some ways. For example, he is able to utilize Chaos Control without a Chaos Emerald, which would make him seem more powerful than others.

He also can manipulate the darkness around him to his own will. However, there are some things he cannot control. If he has a lot of rage built up, his inner darkness may take control of his body, damaging nearby objects and severely injuring, if not killing, nearby people. This was first displayed back at the ARk when Maria was shot down by a GUN soldier.

List of Known Powers





  • Sonic the Hedgehog: Their relationship was positive ever since Malik was reawakened. Before his search for Shadow's whereabouts, Sonic was one of his best friends, the other being Tails.
  • Miles "Tails" Prower: Same as Sonic.
  • Shadow the Hedgehog: He is like a brother to Malik. The two are very cooperative, meaning they work together amazingly well. Knowing Shadow's personality, however, Malik doesn't try to annoy him too much; Shadow is barely ever seen mad at him.


  • Lava the Hedgehog: One of his best friends, Lava looks upon Malik with great respect. Malik was the one who taught him how to use the basic Chaos moves that he currently knows.


  • Originally, Malik was to be a Demonhog; however, this was scrapped.
  • Malik was to be with Team Sonic instead. Guess what? Scrapped.
  • Malik was to have shoes that were similar to Shadow's. Too bad that was scrapped. *sigh*
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