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}}<div class="templatebox roundcorners3" style="color:White;border:2px solid Purple;background:Black;">This article is about Malik the Hedgehog, a character created by [[User:MalikTH|MalikTH]] on 11/10/2015.</div>{{Fourstat|Strength=6|Speed=6|Sharpness=8|Smarts=6}}{{NewInfoBox/Character
<div class="templatebox roundcorners3" style="color:White;border:2px solid Purple;background:Black;">This article is about Malik the Hedgehog, a character created by [[User:MalikTH|MalikTH]] on 11/10/2015.</div>
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This article is about Malik the Hedgehog, a character created by MalikTH on 11/10/2015.

This character's fourstat code is 6686

Malik the Hedgehog (マリク・ザ・ヘッジホッグ, Mariku za Hejjihoggu) is a 16-year-old anthropomorphic hedgehog with exceptional swordplay and acrobatic skills. He uses his physical abilities and dark powers to protect Earth from the forces of evil, especially from Dr. Ivo “Eggman” Robotnik.


Malik is an anthropomorphic hedgehog with black fur that covers most of his body, purple fur that covers the tips of his quills, peach skin that covers his muzzle and torso, and bright red eyes. He has six quills on his head, two of which spike upward. He has two back spikes on his back that point downwards, as well as a short tail.

Malik wears two dark red shoes with a grey stripe, cuffs and a silver buckle, as well as two grey padded gloves. He also has a swordpack on his back to hold his swords when they aren’t in use. He also has a small rectangular pouch on his waist to put his spellbook.

There are slight changes when Malik enters his dark form. His eyes change from maroon to bright red (unless he has no control, in which he loses his pupils), and the purple highlights on his fur turn to the black that is on the rest of his body.


Malik has two ancient swords, which have been reinforced with stainless steel after they were found. They have a black hilt with dark text that is used for one of his powers, listed below.

Malik also has a spellbook that holds the knowledge behind his powers. It has a black cover and a purple spine.


Malik is brash and cocky; he occasionally taunts his opponents during battle and cracks a joke or two in an attempt to make it more enjoyable for himself and sometimes others. He also has a good love for fighting, as he gets a rush of adrenaline whenever he gets into a fight. This can be good (he can hold off multiple opponents at once) or bad (he can get carried away and hurt an innocent someone). Despite his cockiness, he has some common sense and does know how and when to act serious.

He tends to make a comment on whatever he thinks he should get involved in. These comments usually add no value toward the conversation and are generally ignored as a result. However, he can accidentally spill some beans when doing this…

He also seems to be easygoing, relaxed, and carefree. Whenever there is peace, he tends to enjoy it while it lasts. He deeply cares for his friends and family, especially Hendrik, and will get deeply mad if they get severely hurt. And when he gets mad, he gets insane.

When Malik is forced into his Dark form, he loses all control over himself and has a lust for blood. He will kill anyone, even if that would be a friend, because of this. Malik tends to call this behavior a “lack of sanity”. Even then, he does have some vague memory of his friends, which can be exploited to calm him down and revert him back to his regular ol’ self.


This section is being somewhat remade!

Station Square – Early Life

Malik was born in Station Square, and had lived there all his life with his mother. His father died when he was four, so it was just him and his mother living in a decent house before the events of Sonic Adventure occurred.

Before the crapfest that was Sonic Adventure, Malik would spend a lot of time in the Mystic Ruins exploring. After a few years, he deciphered the Light Texts, but never succeeded in deciphering the Shadow Texts until the attack of Perfect Chaos. He came to know the Mystic Ruins as a sort of getaway place when he got stressed.

On his sixteenth birthday, Perfect Chaos began to flood the city. His mother wanted Malik to escape, but he wanted to stay and protect her. She said that she would be okay, in a rather convincing voice. A part of Malik wanted to stay, but he knew that she was right. He ran toward the one safe place he knew–the Mystic Ruins–but not before giving a big hug to his mother.

After falling off a random cliff that was put there solely for the purpose of writing, he found a temple with some Shadow Text on the doorway. After failing to read it for the billionth time, he entered the temple in hopes of finding something or someone to protect him. He ended up finding a book and two swords. Malik touched the book to inspect it, and suddenly passed out.

When he woke, the sky was a bit lighter, but still a grayish color. He decided to try to examine the book again, and carefully touched it. This time, he did not pass out, and he proceeded to read the Texts. Surprisingly, he could make out what they said. It seemed to be a spellbook, and the names of the spells suggested that it was a spellbook designed to be used by umbramancers.

He then had a vague thought that he should take the items and use them later. He kept brushing the thought away, but it kept coming back, bigger each time. He eventually gave in, picking up the book and swords and running back toward the city. Was everyone okay? The lighter sky was a good sign, but he was still very worried.

By the time he got back, he was relieved; Perfect Chaos was already taken care of by Super Sonic. He had an urge to fight the thing, but at the same time, he was glad the madness was all over and that everyone was safe. All of the survivors were busy rebuilding, and Tikal was busy with Chaos and all that. But then, Malik remembered. His mother! He went back to his house, only to find it a wreck. Upon further inspection, he found his mother buried under the wreckage. He hurriedly checked her pulse, and breathed a sigh of relief; however, she still needed medical attention if she were to survive. He called for a doctor, and she was taken away to an infirmary.

At said infirmary, Malik was in the room with his mother. She would be fine in a few weeks; there was a bit of material lodged in her abdomen. She wondered where he got the equipment, and got a bit sad that his boy had grown. She then experienced great pain, and Malik was forced to leave.

Emerald Coast

Malik helped a bit with rebuilding Station Square. When he wasn't needed, he read from the tome and trained vigorously with his swords and spells. After three to four months, the city was about three fourths of the way rebuilt. He decided to take a stroll on Emerald Coast to clear his mind of all the stuff that was going on.

During this stroll, he found a lone cottage. After pondering how it was still standing, he knocked on the door, and a fox named Madi answered. He thought that perhaps she needed some company, so he asked if he could stay for a while. The fox agreed, and allowed Malik to enter. They talked for a bit; Malik got to know her as a good friend and as a good cook. Eventually, he had to leave; he had to go back to Station Square. The two exchanged phone numbers, and Malik left.

The next day, he was helping with reconstruction when Madi called. A cyan echidna had washed up on the shore of Emerald Coast. Malik hurried over and helped Madi haul the echidna into the house. After a couple of hours, the echidna came to, and asked where he was. Malik and Madi introduced themselves, and told him where he was found and where he was. The echidna introduced himself as Hendrik, the son of the captain of The Cross Bone Raiders. Malik had never heard of such a group, but decided not to question it.

Hendrik then realized that he had to go find his crew, if they were alive. Much to the boys' surprise, Madi wanted to tag along. The two looked at Malik for a solution, and he said he didn't want to get in the way, saying it "ain't his decision." The two eventually came to a solution; Madi would come with. Malik grinned as they sailed into the horizon, and eventually went back to Station Square.

The next morning, his mother woke him up. She was released after a surgery, and she was very much alive. Plus, most of the town was rebuilt at that point. While most people would see this as a happily ever after, Malik wanted to explore the world; he knew there was more than Station Square and the Mystic Ruins, and had wanted to explore since he was a child. He said his goodbyes, promised to return someday, and left Station Square.

Carnivals are Fun

A couple months after Malik left, he happened to arrive in Carnival Town, a coastal town that was seemingly built with mostly entertainment in mind. As he approached the coast, flashbacks of Perfect Chaos's rampage began to return, causing him to grimace and worry about his family a little bit. As he reassured himself, he noticed a raft floating in the water. As he squinted to get a better look, he thought he saw someone on the raft.

Malik flipped through his spellbook to find a spell that would bring the raft toward him. He found it and, one cast later, he was interrogating the person who was aboard. His name was Eanbald the Parrot, and he had the ability to read minds, much to Malik's surprise. The parrot was also an acquaintance of Hendrik, evident by the fact that he was looking for the echidna. Malik decided to help Eanbald; if Hendrik was in trouble or something, Malik had to protect him.

Ruin Shenanigans

It took a month, but the duo eventually found Hendrik's ship. While the echidna left to grab some firewood for the night, Madi briefed Malik and Eanbald on what they had been doing. An almost-lucky stone called Akanonite had "told" Hendrik to meet up with everyone else in a specific timeframe. With everything cleared up, they resolved to explore the ruins the next day and see what they would find.

The next day, the group entered the ruins of Seaside Hill. Hendrik spotted a glowing green stone, which Malik guessed was the Akanonite. It "told" Hendrik the layout of the ruins in front of them; there was an entry hall along with four halls, each containing elemental areas. When each group member activated their respected hall, a secret chamber opened in the main hall, which lead to some sort of basement room. Hendrik led the group into this secret compartment, they found a pedestal which held an open book, which was titled Water Spellbook Vol. 3: Water and Ice Edition. Hendrik took the book, causing a secret exit to open.

Upon exiting through the exit, the group encountered competition in the form of four people, namely the Golden Corsairs; the group consisted of Serafin, Gelrox, Krallig, and Zeques. The Corsairs challenged our heroes to a battle, saying that the loser had to serve the winner. After carefully considering the little choices they had, Hendrik accepted the challenge, and assigned Malik to Krallig. Ater being able to weaken the croc enough, Malik used Chaos Prison to immobilize him so Hendrik could take him and the rest of the Corsairs out using Blade Vortex.

With the Corsairs defeated, Hendrik and the group resolved to find the rest of the Water Spellbooks. For the time, though, they returned to Station Square so they and the Corsairs (who were their servants for the time being) could recover.



  • Sonic the Hedgehog: Malik has looked upon Sonic with great respect ever since he saved Station Square from Perfect Chaos. He doesn't know him personally, of course, but he knows that Sonic has to be a good guy.


  • Hendrik the Echidna: Malik found him on the shoreline of Emerald Coast, alongside Madi the Fox. They became good allies from the start. Even though he left with Madi for some time, the trio are still very good friends.
  • Madi the Fox: Malik had come across Madi, who was living alone after the death of her grandmother. During his weeklong stay at her house, Malik had grown a great bond with her, especially when they found Hendrik washed up on the shore.
  • Eanbald the Parrot
  • The Golden Corsairs
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