This page details the various quotes and catchphrases Malik uses or used in various moments.


  • "Alright, let's dance!" Malik, ready for battle.
  • "Let's do this!" Malik, using a BREAK attack.
  • "Heh, you knew from the start that you couldn't beat me!" Malik, winning a battle.
  • "Ngh...I held back..." Malik, losing a battle.


  • "Let's see who's faster, now!" Malik, ready for a race.
  • "Heh, looks like I'm faster!" Malik, winning a race.
  • "Aww. Well, looks like ya won, fair and square." Malik, losing a race.


  • "That... was... EPIC!" Malik, earning an A rank.
  • "That was awesome!" Malik, earning a B rank.
  • "Heh, well, I coulda done better." Malik, earning a C rank.
  • "Whoa, wait a second..." Malik, earning a D rank.
  • "What's wrong with me...?" Malik, earning an E rank.


  • "Whoa, that ain't my decision." Malik after queried as to what Hendrik and Madi should do.
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