Attacks, Skills, and Powers


Malik was given the ability to use Chaos moves, in a similar fashion to Shadow. However, some moves are unique to him in some ways. For example, he is able to utilize Chaos Control without a Chaos Emerald, which would make him seem more powerful than some others.

He also can manipulate the darkness around him to his own will. However, there are some things he cannot control. If he has a lot of rage built up, his inner darkness may take control of his body, damaging nearby objects and severely injuring, if not killing, nearby people.

List of Known Powers




Malik is able to utilize his dark powers to undergo a transformation that would usually end in a catastrophe. He is able to access his Dark form, a powerful form that is very hard to control. However, Malik is able to control this form with relative ease.

He can access this form in two different ways. The first way is through voluntary means, allowing him to transform any time, albeit with a little bit less power. This can last for up to an hour before he is forced to detransform. The second way is through rage. Malik gets very mad from, say, one of his friends becoming seriously injured. He is forced to transform into his Dark form; the difference is that he has no control over himself. He usually detransforms after a few minutes, though there may be exceptions.

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