This is an article about Malice, a character created by KatieTheHedgehogXD on 08/20/2015.


Malice is a somewhat short female raccoon with brown eyes and a small, golden earring in her left ear. She has long hair that turns black at the tips, and she is very sensitive of people touching her fluffy tail. She wears a black t-shirt, jeans, black sneakers, and has a purple backpack. Sh sometimes wears a golden yellow bracelet with little blue flower charms on it. She has some scars on her arms which are visible when she's wet or when she moves her fur. She has small pointed incisors that are seen when she smiles.


Malice is somewhat insecure, but caring towards others. She tends to enjoy the company of children. She can be very secretive at times, especially when discussing her past. She doesn't trust many men, partially due to the abuse she suffered mainly from her father as a child; the other reason is from her love interest forgetting who he was, which pushed her a bit over the edge. She's very quiet, but when she starts talking, she won't stop. She sometimes apologizes for being too chatty or boring whenever she gets really into a conversation. She sometimes sees children outside and offers to take them with her, but always promises that she'll take them home when they want to. She cares for them so much because she wants to be a better mother than hers was, and takes the children because she's sterile, and can't have children of her own.


Malice was born to a somewhat bad family; her mother was a drug addict, and her father was an abusive, unpredictable alcoholic. As a teenager, she often got rid of her stress and frustrations through art, spray painting on abandoned buildings and drawing chalk pictures in the cities. She met with a scientist named Simon, and she became very close to him. He found a strange, mysterious stone that was the result of a disruption in space-time. When they interacted with it, it gave them god-like magic abilities and granted them immortality, but at the cost of them losing their identities. Eventually, she regained her memories, and started having feelings for Simon, despite him not remembering her. He temporarily regained his memories, as did she, and she started confessing how she felt about him. They regained their powers, but Simon forgot who he was again. Malice was hurt so badly, that she left, only taking the book that Simon gifted to her moments before.


Malice has the ability to manipulate objects and create things out of thin air. She can also teleport, and change her own appearance slightly, or turn invisible. She has enough power to create orbs of energy and use them as weapons against people. She seems to be able to control people simply by making eye contact with them as well.


Malice seems to have a calming effect on people, especially with small children. She tends to bring out the best in people, but not all of them. She's also very good with animals.


She has very good art skills, being able to draw with almost anything. She can duplicate entire paintings simply by looking at it. She sometimes uses her skill to teach others about art.


Malice is very vulnerable when her emotions conflict with something that's important to her. When she has to do something she truly doesn't want to, she seems to lose her emotions, becoming quiet, and just focusing on the task at hand, although her mind is truly being overwhelmed with thoughts. This severely impairs her ability to truly focus on things, especially in combat situations.

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