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This is a page about Malhela the Cat, a character created by Wikikinetic

After being locked into stasis for 15 years and being unwittingly experimented on, leaving her with a thought-powered display for a mouth, Malhela is now determinedly looking for answers. Using her smarts and crystallokinesis, she's made it her mission to find out what's going on and what's happened to her…and nothing's going to get in her way if she can help it.


Malhela is a tall black cat with sleek black fur, dark gray skin, dark blue eyes with green flecks, and straight black hair that comes down to her waist. She wears a dark gray T-shirt, black cargo pants, dark gray sneakers with black socks, and dark gray gloves. Over all this, she wears a long light gray coat that comes down to her knees and covers her tail, hiding it from view.

Perhaps most notably, she wears a black visor-like apparatus over where one would expect her mouth to be (as it essentially replaces her mouth). This apparatus is fused to her head and allows her to think into it to display words and images on the screen that covers most of the front of the apparatus. However, this comes at the cost of being able to speak or even eat normally (Malhela can consume nutrients done through a special side door in the apparatus, but she prefers not to have anyone see her do this).


Malhela used to be fairly friendly and optimistic, if a bit shy. While she might stay away from strangers out of nervousness, she'd be happy to engage in activities with her friends, and would generally be a positive influence on them. However, she also had a fear of doing big things that might cause unintended repercussions. This could cause problems if, for example, she was needed for assistance in a battle, as her fear might keep her from being able to properly help anyone in time.

After undergoing experimentation, Malhela's personality has undergone several changes. She's generally much less optimistic, due to having lost 15 years and, as a result, feeling like she has no idea what's going on. While still somewhat shy, she's far more likely to approach strangers if she feels that they have information that she can use. Despite any other changes to her personality, she's still a good person, and is in fact an even better-seeming person than she was before, as her fear of doing anything big has been practically eradicated by a new drive to help avoid anything bad happening to anyone like what happened to her.

Strengths and Powers

Malhela has crystallokinesis, allowing her to create, manipulate, and destroy crystals. Despite the large number of possibilities, Malhela will usually only use her crystallokinesis for one of two purposes. Her primary usage of it is to create crystal sai, which she is very proficient in using against opponents. Her secondary usage is to create crystal darts of a sort, which she uses to throw at opponents from longer range, usually to pin them to a wall so that she can escape or get closer to them, depending on the situation.

As a minor strength, the fact that Malhela can project images onto her mouth apparatus by thinking about them hard enough can be invaluable if someone really needs a picture of something. Granted, Malhela doesn't have photographic memory, so getting evidence of a crime scene is beyond her capabilities, but she can help people do smaller things, like figuring out the general appearance of a person—one who Malhela has met, but who her audience hasn't met—so that the person who Malhela is speaking to can identify the person more easily.


While Malhela is good at using her crystal sai, they are often blunt and so cannot deal as much damage as a normal weapon could. They are also often fragile, making it not too difficult for an opponent to smash them, costing her time as she makes a new pair.

Malhela has another weakness: Just as her mouth apparatus gives her a minor strength of being able to project images, it gives her a weakness of not being able to alert others via shouting to them. Sure, she can display text saying "get down", but if they can't see her, they're out of luck.


Malhela was basically a normal girl from Okcopolis. Well, she did happen to be going out with this guy, Mojosa, who was a guitarist in a reasonably popular band, but that was just because she'd happened to know him beforehand, and, aside from that, she was normal…especially once it turned out that Mojosa was also going out with one of Malhela's other friends, Akra, causing Akra to forcibly break off both her own relationship with Mojosa and to cause Malhela to break up with him, albeit with some reservations on Malhela's end. After that, she was most definitely normal.

For two days. Two days later, Rinnahssiah-0 came by and started blowing up Okcopolis. Malhela, trying to be a reasonable citizen, turned to UNG (Unuecoj de Naciaj Gardistoj, ρς-ϕξς's equivalent of the Guardian Units of Nations from other dimensions such as να-τιδ). Unfortunately, the UNG officer who Malhela encountered was not trying to help her. He led her to a pod, saying that it would transport her to a safe place in να-τιδ, but upon entering, Malhela blacked out.

When she woke up, she discovered a man standing over her, apparently intending to continue some experimentation on her that she had been doing. Pinning him to the wall, she managed to get out of him that the apparatus over her mouth was to compensate for an apparent loss of the ability to speak, allowing her to think into the apparatus to cause words to appear on it. Before he could explain more, Malhela exited the building, realizing that she might be putting herself at risk by staying in the room any longer. Upon leaving the building, she found that fifteen years had passed while she had apparently been in stasis. Now, Malhela is trying to figure out how to find out what's happened in all that time, where anyone she knows has gone, and how she can get her life on track again.


Malhela vs. Kibo (non-canon)

In this roleplay, Malhela fought Kibo, making good use of her mouth-visor to make fun of Kibo and to indicate some subtle desires. Although Malhela put up a good (if brief) fight by repeatedly dodging Kibo, Kibo ultimately won with only a scratch when the two combatants agreed to end the fight (after Kibo threw a flame attack that seriously injured Malhela). Despite having lost fairly quickly, Malhela was ultimately inspired by the fight, as it taught her that she could indeed fight well (something that she'd been dubious of).

As Phantom (Kibo's owner) has deemed the roleplay non-canon, any effects of all this will only reappear if Malhela happens to go through similar events in other works (which I find doubtful, but possible).


This character's sixstat code is 344343

  • Health: 3 – Malhela's resistance to damage is about average.
  • Damage: 4 – Malhela has above-average damaging potential due to her skill with using crystal sai (which are, admittedly, often blunt and fragile, but she's still very skilled at using them), combined with her ability to pin opponents to surfaces to force melee combat.
  • Speed: 4 – Malhela has above-average speed, which is helpful for dodging opponents.
  • Reflexes: 3 – Malhela's reflexes are above average.
  • Intelligence: 4 – Malhela has above-average intelligence and can come up with reasonably good plans in any instance.
  • Regen: 3 – Malhela's regeneration from damage is about average.

Fun Facts

  • In an earlier prototype of Malhela, she had swords instead of sai. However, upon 1) remembering about the existence of sai and 2) noticing that two of my other characters who remotely resemble Malhela use swords a lot, I decided to give her sai instead.
  • Malhela existed as Mojosa's other girlfriend (the one who wasn't Akra) before I knew any other facts about her. Ironically, she gained a page before either Mojosa or Akra did, despite being turned into a whole character much later.
  • Malhela's name was inspired by a translation of the song Throw It All Away into Esperanto. The translation can be seen here.