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Malcom has nougat skin and a plaid hat. Also, he has blue eyes and brown hair. He wears a red shirt and green trousers. Under the bottom of his left arm, he has a scarlet red war wound.


Malcom appears to look weak and powerless on the outside but on the inside, Malcom has the strength of ten men, each of which have the strength of 10 men!


Malcom used to be a teenage pawn for engineers in wars but made good inventions causing him to become leader.

He later reappears in the upcoming Defenders Of The Core comics. Now, he is working for Void the Vicious. Or was it Vicious the Void? I dunno.


Malcom only holds 3 powers. Flight, super strength and super speed.


Other than Flight, Strength and Speed, Malcom also wields some nifty abilities such as engineering, healing and building.


Malcom is also good at gymnastics making him useful in situations which is like a Mission Impossible-like scene.


Malcom's weaknesses aren't discovered much yet but his only discovered weakness is if somebody drops something, like junk, or steps on his wound.

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