This is an article about Mal the Demon, a character created by SPop120 on 04/4/2013.


Mal is a black hedgehog with a messy, long tuft of hair covering a part of Mal's left eye. Mal has a tan spot on the tip of the tuft, ending with sharp edges that look like swirls. Mal has light maroon eyes.

Super Form

This is Mal's true form, and is unleashed through anger. The whites of Mal's eyes are black, and his eyes are deep red, and his fur is a true red, and the spot on the tuft of his hair is black. Mal has red horns portruding out of his head, and instead of a short, stubby black tail, Mal has a long demon tail.


Mal is a very cocky, brave, and rude person. He only cares about his own well being, and cares most about winning. He mostly wants to eradicate all good, and also is a womanizer, and is very flirtatious.



Mal grew up in a very wealthy family, and this is where his selfishness rooted from. His flirtatiousness also rooted from this, and he grew up going to a very nice school, and could have anything he wanted, when he wanted. His demon heritage rooted from his father and mother, but he was not always evil, but rather neutral during his childhood.

Teenage Years/Adulthood

Mal became a very rude teenager. He had manners, but was very snotty to others. Mal grew up having a fancy automobile, a large estate, and a very pretty girlfriend who lured him into being evil. He was no longer neutral, and then was taught to be a villain, and was trained by an unknown mentor.



Mal's only known power is pyrokinetics. This power is gained from his parents, as they are both demons.


Mal's weaknesses are not winning, rejection, and more.

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