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Herr Major

"Herr Major." as called by his loyal, yet more sympathetic subordinate, corporal Thrasher.

"You heard me. I want you to fire on this city and kill every last human soldier standing in it. I do not care about casualties; they are not my responsibility. It is my task to win this war, and to do so by any means necessary."

-Major Merci, said when executing an order to fire artillery barrages upon Empire City

Major Merci (/mājər/ /mersī/) Androlf is an AMA [Air Material Area] leader, determined as one of the most ruthless and cold hearted, but effective in his specialty. He holds himself to an expertise in warfare and active staunch membership of the A.M.F.'s Grey Party Political Movement within the federation. Merci is known for his indiscriminate ferocity on the battlefield, as well as his discriminate demeanor. He believes that all canines such as vulpine are to be superior compared to all other species, and that humans and primal Mobians are inferior. His reputation for executing genocide has given him the proper title of "Merciless Merci".


Merci appears as the anti-Mobian race--Moebian--as a normal, rusty red fox. He wears small bifocals, but it is not truly known if he is using them for an ulterior motive surrounded after Deraj. For his attire, he wears a grey AMA uniform that has the AMA flag on the side, with the same logo that appears on the official cap. Merci is known to carry a Yogger laser pistol, for he avoids using Nevell Scott weaponry as he views it as inferior to Moebian standards. A blank, emotionless stare across his face cowers those who look in direct contact to him.

Lack of Personality

"These primal vermin must be taught a lesson. Any echidna found amongst their defense will be given a swift execution. Failure to do so will be reported. Am I clear?"

-Merci giving orders to his subordinates to plan a capture of Dr. Eggman's servants

While there are members within the AMA that may not lack compassion and reason, Merci defiantly refuses to submit to such emotion. Merci could be determined to the one of the most notorious AMA leaders, however such reputation through ruthless tactics and cold demeanor maintains his occupation. Merci is known to be cold, efficient, apathetic, murderous, and expresses vigor views of superiority toward primal Mobians, felines, hedgehogs, and others--even those under his command.

Even then, he is considered to be a brave and cunning tactician, holding Lord Deraj, the leader of the AMA, in the utmost regards. Indeed, it was quite natural that Merci personally offered to serve under Lord Brandanska's son. While Merci seems to cooperate well with the child, and perhaps has even gained the respect of Griefan, the rest of the AMA leadership looks down upon him in disgust.


Merci was raised humbly in an impoverished slum that eventually became the grand Moebian city of Siag. His parents, strong opponents against King Jules' unification programs, instilled the generation of hatred of the monarchy into Merci. When Scourge came into power, Merci's family desired to join and become a part of this new ruler. Yet, Scourge had other plans.

When his parents went to visit and pay their respects to their new king, they instead were arrested as Scourge felt that he did not rely on those who had the potential to undermine him. After all, both of Merci's parents were able to frustrate Anti-Jules, who would have to devote time to them instead of his son, Scourge. Merci's parents were locked up and starved to death. Meanwhile, Merci was abandoned until he first met Deraj, who informed him of Scourge arresting his parents as political prisoners. Merci was infuriated and offered to join the newly formed Grey Party.

Ever since, Merci had been a loyal member of the AMA yet the incident with his family detrimentally scarred him and releases his hatred on every non-canine species.


"I believe it's time to show the vile enemies of the newly form AMA the real Moebian might, don't you agree, Mr. Bradanska?"

-Merci offering to Deraj to lead an assault on Mobius Prime after GUN's pre-emptive strike on the city of Siag

Some notability for Merci is his expertise in military tactic, being very knowledgeable in the ways of artillery and infantry. He is also known to inspire his soldiers (if canine) with a sense of superiority and growing pride. He is a cunning, swift, and ruthless strategist and an excellent executioner. When he needs to be audible, he will in a way that would influence the Grey Party's political structure.


"Well, about the commander, he's a tough one to deal with...[a *****]. Unfortunately, he is too involved within the Grey Party, and is known to competent enough to lead."

-Field Leader Trotsky expressing his opinion on Major Merci

Merci, with his lack of personality, is quite flawed as a character: always arrogant, narcissistic, and discriminating. He underestimated his opponents if they are not of his ideal race or species, or even cruel to his own soldiers, especially if they don't believe up to his standards. Many other AMA officials believe if it were not for the war, Merci would have been dismissed from his high position already. And, there are those who believe that Merci will work his way toward dismissal if he becomes too dangerous.


  • Despite his last name having somewhat resemblnce to a certain person named Schicklgruber. Merci is more than likely based off an old Soviet general, mostly because the AMA itself is based off Rusisan and the United States togeather.
  • Here is his theme song:
Freedom Fighters Music - March Of The Empire

Freedom Fighters Music - March Of The Empire

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