This is Maiyomi Naeron the Sheep in part of the Pursuit of Colona series, created by TZ on 3 Oct 2016.
Cquote1 It is such an honor, your Majesty, to be your dutiful servant. If the war still settles on, I will still rage peace. Cquote2
Maiyomi Naeron to Princess Tuwark
Maiyomi Oohlah-Rin Naeron the Sheep uses her well-trained eloquence to prominent individuals in order to prevent any sort of conflict that rages in the Pursuit of Colona series. Most times, she is the one going around places and delivering messages between rulers, particularly from Princess Tuwark to King Spair. When she does these assignments, she puts her great effort to bend the truth as possible prevent the inching of corruption that attempts to set in. As she is Princess Tuwark's most-needed advisor in the kingdom, she also is a closer friend to rulers that agree with the doctrine of peace.

An unsettling past of war in her lands of "small-country" Jaben pierced her heart to desire the promotion of peace all around Reyonis Platura. One vision became a small measure to prevent violence through education, and one mission became a large part of her life to work in places where trouble resides, in motive to subdue the trouble. This trouble does bring issues into her personal life to pay a toll on her view of her mission. Danger creeps into her life as she promotes the pacifist ideals to rebel groups, causing her to be a burden on the kingdom to rescue. However, most of these involvements become a closer measure to bring the countries of turmoil together into consensus--temporarily. No matter how much she will try, she will never, ever, achieve her goal.

Concept and Creation

After a long time with Creator not creating more of their characters, an unexpected boredom hit them, in which they decided to create another character. This character would be a side-companion to the main character in the Pursuit to Colona series, specifically to Princess Penelope the Puppy. This would be able to bring this neutralising feel to the audience when this character showed up. A pacifist in the midst of political battle would be an emotional strum to the tension. Therefore, Maiyomi Naeron was created. The representation of a sheep is normally correlated with peace, and therefore this character would fulfill that archtype and maintain this personifying appearance.



Caide Naeron and Taio Naeron, Maiyomi's father and mother respectively, were parents that had a rather decent living, but did not know how to manage their money. Caide, her strong, honest, father was a butler for the competitive Neveran family and also earned money being an exquisite courtier for King Uwa Iwa. On the other hand, her mother was an artistic individual that kept to her time on creating scenes that incited change - such as those that argued for peace. However, when the two met, they were not anticipating to have a child, especially during the time of civil unrest. Instead, the poorer mother desired some time from a rich male and disperse her living. So, the day that Maiyomi Naeron was born at her small home in "small-country" Jaben, the two of them immediately exchanged vows.


Maiyomi Naeron was born during an energy storm, affecting how she was able to read and write, developing dyslexia. So, by the time her parents expected her to be able to read at two years of age, or to at least speak, they found an inconsistency. They believed that she had a mental disorder and moved elsewhere in plan to have another child instead. So, most times uneducated, even when her parents tried, they could not get her to read.

When Maiyomi Naeron was three years old, her younger brother Laven was born. Even though she was young, she had the desire to care for her brother in assistance of her mother. Caide was out often working outside of Salwom, courting royal memebers of the Pertanese Enforcement Assembly. So, the mother-daughter time for Maiyomi was important to her. She learned to wash dishes, take a bath by herself, clean her brother, and do her hair all at three years of age. Her mother had considered taking Maiyomi to schooling, asking her how it would be like to meet other people as young as her. But, since Maiyomi was shy of the world because of argumentative conflict, she rejected her mother's indirect pleas to love to go to school.

Once her father returned when she was four years old, he made her go to school. He also had means to have more children with his wife. So, Maiyomi was requested often to leave to explore the world (in avoidance of using her abilities) or to stay away from the parents for a while. In that exploration journey, she met her first friend: Oliyon Papis, a young Ovilian refugee. Since that they both enjoyed eating, they often had youthful eating dates out and ate at local city center bazarres. Sometimes, they went to go and play games in the forest while fires burned in the cities. Sometimes, she went over his house when there was no other safe place to go at the moment and had a good relationship with his parents. They rarely went over her house together. At some times, authorities would order to prevent anyone from leaving home, so Maiyomi would stay home and imagine her friend being there.

Since that their relationship was blossoming even more, Caide, her father, decided that it was best to his daughter and Oliyon arranged to be married in the future, for he was of Pertanese descent (but not full-blooded) and practiced this. Taio the mother did not object. However, when Maiyomi's parents contronted the Papis family for confirmation, they were openly rejected. As a matter of fact, the Papis family ended up encouraging Oliyon to cease further meetings with Maiyomi to prevent other belief clashes. Even then, since Maiyomi attended the "Small-Country" Institute (and lived there for five days a week) with Oliyon, there was no way of preventing it.

Regarding her classes, Maiyomi was not the genius, but she was not below proficient, either. Her best class was speech all throughout school, mainly because it involved little to no reading. Plus, she became very eloquent. With that also, she was not able to excel in her other studies without an attendant reading to her. Many of the students came to believe that Maiyomi was unintelligent and had to be pulled out of school. But, she knew that she wasn't and didn't pay any attention to them. Oliyon and a few more new friends--Undin Geesh, Dalxey Noban, and Bannoy Locks--were able to not only read for her, but they also filled in the social necessity that she needed at her age.

Once her younger brother Laven began to attend school at six years of age (much older than she was when she started), Maiyomi was lured more into her world and desired to explore society. Yet, this was one of her mistakes that brought her to a new ground. Amidst some Colonaian Revolutionists infiltrating "small-country" Jaben, Maiyomi was with her closer male friend Dalxey Noban during a riot. They were there to go and eat some generic Asalan meat, but they were served with rushing crowds in fires and blood. The Colonaian Revolutionist Group, because of Zak-Ryder's attempts at conversion to his political liking, was in no hesitation to destroy anyone that confessed as a Zakian (a political system under Zak-Ryder). At some points, the group members grabbed children and killed them in front of horrified parents. For that reason, Dalxey had enough and took Maiyomi by the hand and tried to get out of there. However, it was more than too late.

At some point, the riots were at their maximum with people running all over the place and acting in impulsion. Dalxey attempted to run Maiyomi into a pipeline for escape, but a Colonaian Revolutionist Member took him by the hand and sliced him up from the arm up to his shoulder. He did not die that instant, but Maiyomi was scared enough to believe so. She screamed and yelled for her life, running away from the situation. The more that she called for help, the more she seemed to realize that all of the fighting was the main reason why no one could hear her. They were all absorbed in their own belief system and fought until one side won. So, this would be the first time that she would use her ability. When the riots tensed more and more, she began to soothe the people around her whoever she touched in order to get by them safely. Even a bloody member tried to abduct her, but because of direct contact, she was able to get by them safely. Her father had told her to avoid using her abilities. She believed this was the right time to use them.

She got home in tears and told her parents everything. Caide contacted the Noban family to inform of their son. Taio packed her things and prepared to leave the country. Laven was playing with his toys. All Maiyomi could do was allow the nightmare of the member that snatched Dalxey dance around her mind. She regretted that she did not do anything for him. However, she forced herself to believe that he was in good condition despite a lost arm.

After so many days of preventing to go to school (or in the public at all) by request of local authorities, Maiyomi remained with her parents until further notice. Many days, they were packing to prepare or sneaking out for food. Every day, Maiyomi had to wait in anticipation for her parents and hope that they were safe. Laven would distract her some times.

After a little over one full, weary year of staying in the home, authorities permitted the commerce of life once again. The first thing that Maiyomi heard returning back was that Dalxey did die later on, depressing her even more about the matter. Maiyomi was now ten years old as well, so she went back to school on a new level. All of the staff did their best to even out the tension and fear in the school by assigning stressless cirriculum and incorporated more interactive activities. Some of the students were angry about this, and some did not argue. For Maiyomi, as long as she didn't have to read, she was fine. Her father began to notice that her dyslexia was a barrier between the other students and considered pulling her out. However, her unwaivering mother believed that the arts would instead touch her child and bring a "rebirth" in her intellect. So, they instead had Maiyomi to join in an art club at her school to increase her chances of reading better by analyzing pictures and writing reports on them. This sort of lifestyle would go on for another five years.


By the time that Maiyomi was fifteen years old, she had two other siblings besides Laven to take care of: Neckby and Lom. Her father pulled her out of school after realizing that Maiyomi's performance in school was poor to the majority of the students. Instead, he recruited her into the Royal Courtier Program, an international courtier training system around Reyonis Platura. From there, she was able to gain some of her simplest of knowledge of what she learned in school to use in escorting, attending to, or assisting someone in an area. She started out small, as she still had to help her mother take care of her siblings, but after a while, she was able to bring herself up to a considerable level in the Royals system. Additionally, she was able to receive some benefits to study at the Colonaian Universal Institute for one year.

So, she did. From there, she traveled to Colona along with her clingy father and resistant Laven to receive some creditentials for future success. The disorder there was more controlled at that time compared to "small-country" Jaben, but was still on the radar for some disagreements. In her studies, she was able to run into some of her older friends from youth, notably Oliyon Papis, and revive some lost memories due to the violence. She had a considerable experience, but the barriers of her reading limitations caused her to fail more. Caide, once again, considered pulling her out of this school and move her to an auditory school for speech. However, because Oliyon met her father, he reconsidered the arranged marriage instead, and he ensured that it was successful this time. He bargained to Maiyomi that, if she did not marry Oliyon (or offer at least), then he would send her back to "small-country" Jaben at the main institute there. She did not want to go back there, so she complied and came back with more surprise. She would be getting married at seventeen years of age.

Additional to the news, her brother Laven was able to attend the Colonaian Universal Institute and earn his "Means of Resistance" Expertise, granting him the permission to use professional fighting techniques around Reyonis Platura without being penalized by the government. However, Maiyomi did not see this as a positive outlook on their lives. Instead, she argued with her brother and ensured that she prevented him from exercising his rights. His mind was completely locked on having this expertise put into plan. She did not want him to be exposed to the violence of the world and become involved with it. That was the fact of life for her, though; there was nothing she could do.

So, with all of these issues, she was able to grow into her main identity and fight for justice regardless of what it took, even if it came to risk her own life.


By the time Maiyomi was eighteen years old, she was married to Oliyon Papis and had one child - Kaiya Papis. She was living in Colona, but not necessarily at Colona's Heart just yet. Her father stayed along with her, and her brother had moved out to move on to better means. Her mother Taio moved in with her daughter as well, earning considerable money in creating sculptures and featuring herself in art tutorial exhibitions. This life for Maiyomi would last for a long time.

One event would once again disjoint the peace in twenty-seven-year-old Maiyomi's mind. One eerie afternoon was the time when the Flock Council made an uprise in the kingdom of Colona's Heart. From what Maiyomi was starked to read along with her family on a headline from the Colonaian Royal Post, over a hundred people in the kingdom were at least wounded, and just less than a quarter of them were murdered by the Flock Council members. Maiyomi was distraught once again. Her services as a maid for the Connalow family in East Colona suffered some of the injuries and one death. Oliyon was distraught as well and considered fleeing back to "small-country" Jaben along with his then nine-year-old daughter. However, Maiyomi was determined to make a difference in the life of Colona, not desiring to run away again.

Maiyomi, finding that her conditions to work at the courtier services became stale, decided that enough was enough. She began to draft her own vision for a Platurian revolutionist group called the Eitans, which she coined to mean "Peaceful Barbarians." Day and night, she would draft this progress and still suffer in her family. Her father and mother desired to go back to "small-country" Jaben because of the fear of the attacks. They were willing to let go of the accumulating wealth, and her father was willing to abandon his services with King Uwa Iwa for this reason. Oliyon was threatening to take Kaiya leave Maiyomi. Maiyomi did not waver.

So, instead, the twenty-eighth year of her life was quite the struggle, for she desired to take part in what she needed for the Eitans while still having her family with her. She did not gain much of members in her group either; she only had some courtier friends who were radical in their beliefs. Often the Eitans would get into some trouble with the law, such as blaspheming the Royal Court. Maiyomi was not severely punished, though.

In the same twenty-eighth year of her life, there were a series of events around Reyonis Platura in general that had her concerned for the world. Pertan, with the socially divided East and West, was in the middle of civil war after the recovery of old texts from the Cycloonis Chapter of the Pordemom Era. Ovilis had some resistance groups rising up in order to execute prominent people in the government, notably the assassination of Phoci Lanrye, the previous Ovil to the present point. And, of course, Salwom, where she was at, was in danger of total anarchy and a decimation crisis.

When Maiyomi turned twenty-nine, she began to notice that the Eitan group had already shriveled off to nonexistence. So, she departed the idea and instead went back into her own ways of being a courtier. She started back with the disjointed Connalow family, who still accepted her, but had more of a sorrow in her work. Seemingly, the endless propaganda of the Colonaian Royal Post made matters worse on top of the violence occuring in all parts of Colona. Also, by this time was the uprising of the Colonaian Revolutionist Group (CRP), which would eventually be one of her divisions in the kingdom. Her sorrowful work somehow pulled her through the ranks, having her to become the courtier for King Uwa Iwa when she was thirty years old.

The thirty years of life was very important to her. This was the year when the Colonaian Council was active the most in collaboration of the Colonaian Revolutionist Group, and this meant progress for the kingdom. Maiyomi would be sent to deliver messages for the most important of messages, that including to the newly elected Zanlak Hammane of Pertan. With all of the traveling she did, she began to notice a very important pattern that would account into her devices. As long as she prevented the tension between the numerous countries somehow in the deliverance of notice, then she could at least ease the tension. However, she would have to lie at times to get this way, and thus this would result in kidnappings and bargaining to the country to get her back without her harmed. The most difficult of decisions were pulled upon her.

In addition to her epiphany she deemed to work, she remarried to Oliyon Papis, and this time for good. He ended up returning with their thirteen year old daughter and asking for more children. She just told him that one was enough.

Despite the good news, though, Maiyomi was confronted by Colonian authorities, saying that her brother Laven was involved with Ovilian uprisings and using his "Means of Resistance" Expertise to go past along with it. Maiyomi did meet with him face-to-face, but it would end with her being slapped in the face after a coarse comment. So, from there, she determined that her brother be slated as a "lost cause" in her mind.

Also, this would be the same year that Maiyomi met Princess Penelope and Prince Rova Lawka officially for the first time and serve them. At first, they had their inner tensions due to Maiyomi's corruptive relaying. However, once Maiyomi confessed to the both of them about the situation, they were understanding and propelled to assist her causes for peace.


At this present time, Maiyomi Naeron serves as one of the most dutiful people in the kingdom of Colona's Heart. Although she can be somewhat a nuisance when it comes down to having to have her rescued for any reason, she pacifies much of the issues with her warm personality that fails to waiver to violence for any reason.


If there were words to describe the nature of Maiyomi Naeron, that would be a fighter to an extent, and her vice would be just that as well. She is a person who sees what needs to be done for her kingdom and acts upon it at many means necessary (but not any) in order to bring about her need for peace. She, also finding good use in the arts, finds that the use of people's skills can convey the message of the Platurian issues. She is strong enough to have a vision and act upon it, but she lacks the skills to communicate to other people regarding leadership. Let alone, she has the setback on the ability to read, and thus she uses what she knows in order to go forward in her courtiership - by many means necessary.

As her fighting may seem good-willed on the outside, the execution of it may be questioned. At times, when she is confronted about a failure she had, she fails to acknowledge it or remember it to make a clear slate of her own mistakes. She also finds herself lying to other people to make matters better, and in some cases the situations do improve. However, when the situations bite back at her, such as times where she is placed in unpleasant situations due to her sneaky actions, she will immediately break down. That is why she is considered to be a fighter to an extent; she only fights when it looks right to her.

Despite this vice, though, Maiyomi inherits much of her father's wisdom and her mother's artistic sides - as she has to read less. From this, she is able to communicate well as long as there is no reading involved. She is also willing to ensure that the kings she communicates with her has favor for her, portraying a warm personality. This brings about the mercy that they give, as well as many people able to side with her cause. Her cause to bring planetary peace may not work, but the number of supporters she gains from her portrayed personality does show that she is indeed manipulative to an extent.

Power and Abilities

The "Peaceful Touch" is a common ability that people gain on Reyonis Platura, and thus the most common of people like Maiyomi Naeron would be destined with this ability. The "Peaceful Touch" is able to relax highly reactive nerves by the touch of her skin, meaning that hair and clothes do not count, and this works until all nerves in the body on a target had been subjected for at least a half-second. Normally, the ability takes five seconds to fully operate, but when the situation is tense for the user, it may work slower. Maiyomi typically uses the ability on her family members, particularly her daughter Kaiya, because of the constant whining that Kaiya gives when restricted on what she wants to do.


Eh. Not right now.

Character Theme Song

Fluffy Catch - Nights Journey of Dreams


  • Maiyomi Naeron, a courtier to Princess Penelope the Puppy, was created during the time while Creator studied over Baldassare Castiglione, a European author for The Courtier.


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