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This is a page about Maia the Dolphin, a character created by Wikikinetic

Maia is not a superpowered individual (or, in the jargon of her dimension, she's not a "Gifted"). However, due to her brother having killed several Gifted as part of his cause, she feels a necessity to help the Gifted, which she's doing…some. Her minor insanity isn't helping.


Maia is a female dolphin with silvery-gray skin, red eyes, and a somewhat flat fin on the top of her head. Being a Mobian dolphin, she has no visible hair. Maia tends to wear a sleeveless lightly armored dark gray shirt, lightly armored dark gray pants that tuck into her knee-high light gray boots, and elbow-high, light gray, heavily armored gloves.


Maia is by nature very shy and feels incredibly guilty over her brother, Felix, killing their father. However, due to this guilt, she's forced herself to go against her natural shyness to help out a group of other people and be a hero, neither of which she would prefer to do. To hide her shyness and guilt, she's developed a tough exterior that cracks under pressure, revealing her true feelings, as well as some latent mental instability. This manifests in a number of personality quirks, including an on-and-off vocal slur, talking to herself, random yelling or brooding, and so on, thus making her an incredibly unpleasant person to be around. If one can catch her by herself, she'll probably be far more pleasant, but due to her choice of pursuits, this is rare.

Strengths and Powers

Despite working with the Gifted, a group designated by having superpowers, Maia has no superpowers. However, she has fast reflexes and is very skilled with her dual Sampi (Sampi.png).


As stated before, Maia has no superpowers; as such, while working with a group of empowered people, she may be at risk in ways that they would not. Also, Maia's personality quirks and mild insanity often hinder her. That, coupled with her reflexes—which are just fast enough to get in her way, but not fast enough to make a difference—mitigates most of the help that she could potentially provide.


Maia lived a pretty normal life until her brother, Felix, was convinced to join the fight against the Gifted, a small group of superpowered people who were now being persecuted for reasons unknown to Maia. She'd always been scared of Felix, but that fear turned into outright hatred when he killed their father, Arden, when Arden tried to explain to Felix that the Gifted weren't all evil. Putting aside her fear of people like Felix and her incredible shyness, she forced herself to join the Gifted and help them out.

In retrospect, this may not have been the best move. While she was able to convince the Gifted's leader to let a Gifted named Reens come along with the scouting mission that she was assigned to rather than stay behind with the suspicious leader, Maia then proved a hindrance to her group during this first mission, quickly making enemies with another Gifted, Carmine, who picked up on Maia's undesirable traits and harassed her over them. This led to a lot of arguing between the two and several delays for the group. Additionally, Maia proved no further help for the group, often unintentionally causing delays or other trouble for the group. Although she may yet find a time to assist the group, details on this are under wraps.


This character's sixstat code is 154521

  • Health: 1 – Maia can't take a lot of hits without passing out.
  • Damage: 5 – Maia can dish out a lot of damage with her Sampi.
  • Speed: 4 – Maia has above-average speed.
  • Reflexes: 5 – Maia has fast reflexes, helping her deal a lot of damage and react quickly to any suspicious behavior. Note that this latter may be more of a curse than a blessing to those around her due to her paranoia and the fact that other members of her group are often just enough faster than her to accidentally make her contributions harmful (if they're noticed at all).
  • Intelligence: 2 – Maia is reasonably intelligent, but her temperament inhibits her usefulness.
  • Regen: 1 – Maia regenerates from damage slowly.


  • Carmine Augustus: Maia hates Carmine. She's willing to be on the same side as Carmine to help everyone else, and she wouldn't actively harm Carmine, but she deplores Carmine otherwise and wishes to have nothing to do with her. However, when things get tough for the Gifted, Maia is willing to accept that, in some situations, Carmine may be the only one who can help her.
  • Reens: Maia sees Reens as being a good person and will do everything she can to protect her from those who wish to harm her. People like Reens are perhaps the core reason why Maia stays with the Gifted and doesn't just leave due to her internal pain.
  • Felix Seldon: Just as Reens represents—to Maia—the positive reasoning behind joining the Gifted, Felix represents the negative side. Maia loathes Felix for what he's done to her family and the cause that he represents, and, despite knowing that he's quite possibly just confused, wishes to see him pay for his crimes, preferably with death.

Fun Facts

  • Maia is the dimensional counterpart of Lia Seldon from VA-TIO. Despite being created later, Maia showed up in a work first. Notably, Lia is a much less violent character, due to being in a far more controlled environment and having someone to lean on, two things that Maia lacks.