Mahaila (Ma-hail-lia) is a 1000 year old Vampnix, a mythical creature that is half Vampire and half Pheonix.

Legends based on Vampnixes

There are many legends based on a Vampnix and many different interpretations as well. Some people and researchers consider a Vampnix to be evil, and a sign of darkness that is approaching. While others beileve, such as elders of different tribes, that a Vampnix is a good spirirt of a departed warrior, and becomeing one is a great honour. One, and one of the most famous legends of the universe, tells the story of a Vampnix couple called Luran and Saasvasa. They loved each over so much that Luran would cover the sun with clouds so that his wife wouldn't get too hot and Saasvasa would keep the rain from falling too long so her hesbands plants would grow. But, the orbiting planets did not like this and tried to kill the couple. They fled to the mountains and slept, turning them to rocks and statues. One villager felt sorry for them and sealed the cave with wax and guarded it with a speacial stone so that no-one could harm them.

Mahaila's story

Mahaila was born in 1160 and was a traveller, going to different places. However, she slept inside the lava of a volcano on Mobius (back then it was Earth). Unfortunately, the lava destroyed Mahaila. Fortunately, she managed to conjure a small piece of her spirit, so that she could rencarnate , into a large ruby.

She stayed in this form when, Eggman drilled a hole into the earth and found the ruby. Eggman put the ruby, for safekeeping, into a glass case that was so powerful no-one could get out or in it. However, Rouge heard about the ruby, and since she was a jewel thief she tried to get it. She got into the room where it was and using some mechs from the GUN agency, she cracked the case. But before she could touch it, Mahaila sprang to life startling Rouge. Eggman heard the crack and went to investigate and saw Mahaila in her time form. He tried to capture her, but failed. She ran into the woods and that is where her story (at this point) ended.

Working for Eggman

Mahaila lived in the woods for a long time, but sometimes went flying in the sky. One day, she was flying in the sky and saw one of Eggmans machines. It scanned her and tried to capture her, but she skillfully avioded it's net missiles and homeing device. But she was knocked out, after it had tired her out and fell towards the earth. When she was awake, she found her self on a metallic table, with a pillow under her head and bandages on her left arm. She thinks about what happened, and guesses Eggman's robot must of saved her. She guesses correctly, and as a thanking debt she helps Eggman with his machines.

Two paths, One destiny

Mahaila worked for Eggman for many years, but she still thought if this was her destiny. So, she went to a ancient fortune teller named Quennia. The fortune teller told her to fly across the moor at exactly 4am, then she may live her dream. Mahaila did just that, and saw a blue hedgehog with a pink hedgehog following him, with a huge surprise: Eggman was firing missiles at them. She saw the blue hedgehog trying to protect the pink female, but was knocked out. Mahaila swooped in and stood between the knocked out Sonic and Eggman. She used fire blast and scorched his robotic machine, asking why she was turning against them. She says shes doing this because he is a coward and he lied to her, about using the machines against the dark forces. She then finishs him of with flame rush and he flees. She turns to Sonic, and to the protest of amy, starts to heal him by touching her lip with her finger and placeing on his eyelids. He slowly awakes, and asks whom she is. She tells him her name,her story and why she is here. As they walk back to where Sonic lives, Tails and Knux come running out and greets him, saying how long They have been gone. Tails then asks who she is and she tells him she is Mahaila. Knux seems shocked and asks how old she is, but she stumbles and doesn't tell him. Knux says to tell him and she says she is 1000 years old, but only before recarnation. Sonic asks her if she would like to stay here, which she says no but she will be of service.

Mahaila's Death

Mahaila, Sonic,Knux,Amy and Tails were approaching Eggman, but got a huge surprise when Eggman transformed into The Egg Titan; A massive, powerful Egg robot that could fire large homeing missiles and beams of light that could burn even diamonds. Sonic,Amy,Knux,Mahaila and Tails fought it but it was too strong. Shadow and Rouge came to help as well with GUN weaponry but failed to do any massive damage. Then Sonic and Shadow used the seven Chaos emeralds to tranform into Super Sonic and Super Shadow but as they tried to finish it off, Eggman used the beam and shot them down turning back into there normal forms. They couldn't regenarate quick enough and suddnely, they saw a flash of red. It was Mahaila using Aerial Ace and Fire spin in unison, streaming towards The Egg Titan! She fought eggman long and hard, but was almost knocked out when she turned into Golden Mahaila. She beat Eggman up and blew the robot up, saving the world but at a price. She fainted and fell, and when Sonic and co came to see if she was alright, she was barley breathing. Sonic took her back to the base, and tried to help her recouparate. She woke and whispered these words, " My life is gone, I will be dead soon as I am dying. But thank you,for showing me the light and giving me a second chance to do it right this time. I thank you, heroes of Mobius." And with a final breath, she died with Sonic,Amy,Tails,and Knux around her bedside.

She was later buried at the exact same place where Sonic first met her. The gravestone is like a normal gravestone with a pair of wings on either side of the ruby Rouge had found.


Mahaila has bright red fur with a long pheonix like tail that has golden tips on it. As she is half Vampire and half Pheonix, she has vampire bat wings and red eyes, and pheonix moves and powers such as healing touch and fire type moves. She wears a long red skirt, that only half covers oneside. It is tied of with a gold broach. She also wears red and gold lined boots with a white zig-zag arm. She has a taned chest with a yellow beak.


Quickminded, she is a friendly and humoress friend and character. She is powerful, but she likes to hide this as she wishes to gain more friends and is more in control.


Fire Blast



Aerial Ace

Steel wing

Focus punch

Fire spin



Fire fang

Fusions and Forms

Mahaila has one form: Pure Darkness Mahaila. It is when she uses all her power of fire,shadow and fighting at once. It can also happen when she fuses with the Master Emerald and the chaos emeralds.

Unlike Sonic, she doesn't need 50 rings but only all seven emeralds. Sometimes, she can use it under her will and sometimes it cannot.

There was another form:Golden Mahaila. This is only seen once, at her death. She used all her power and chaos emeralds at once and combined them into her ultimate weapon: Shadow stinger. She used this but it slowly drained her life and powers.


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Sonic the Hedgehog

Amy Rose

Tails the Fox

Knuckles the Echidna

Rouge the Bat

Shadow the Hedgehog

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Mahaila is hebrew for affection (this will become more clear in the fanfic)

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