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Mah Roohm8 Sonic (Greyspeed's origin)

By: Slogan2


Credit to oruimoumy for the drawing. Check out his Drawception account! Here is the link.

DISCLAIMER: This story will never be finished, as now I have school, and I never have time to do anything anymore. Go ahead and finish it if you want to. But I'm done. Thanks, school. >:(

Meein Storee :D Pweaze reed

I Wes In meh leving rum with Sonic the Hedgeheg and Eggmen tell me to tikle him so i do, and i pul of hiz shoo and hee haz stinkey fet! so Sonic grinz an cums up to kizz me and....



The room got dark. His smile turns into a maniac laugh. His eyes have merged together and have turned into a deep, gaping hole, a deep green void with nothing in it. Just like your Nokia phone, you get sucked into the deep void of Sonic's eyes too. You seem trapped, and want to cry... you feel isolated... and afraid.... Just like Sonic's grim future...

Chapter One: A Normal Day... and the beginning of the actual story

...Sonic woke up from his bed. The fanfic, the tickling, everything was all just a bad dream. He had always hated his own fandom, as he always kept getting more and more terrible or just plain inappropriate fan-art sent to his DeviantArt inbox. He yawns, brushes his teeth, eat some waffles, blocks some people from his DeviantArt, and gets out of his house. Sonic goes walking down to Tails's house, as he wanted to give Sonic a surprise present. Sonic, knowing Tails, think it is another Tornado remodel. He gives Sonic one for his birthday every year, although that stupid Egg keeps destroying them. In fact, today is Sonic's birthday. He walked down the street seeing things he usually did. T-Shirt Mart, The Grocery Store, The Comic Store that sells cringy fanfic, etc. Everything seemed normal.

Once at Tails's house, he waves to Sonic from his garage. Sonic sat down at Tails's dining room table. Tails had attempted to bake a cake again, and this time, it was just a bowl of burnt sludge with about 16 candles mixed in with all of the goop. Sonic pretended yet again to eat the goop, and then threw it all in the garbage. "Tails might be a good inventor, but he is not good at inventing cakes..." Sonic would whisper to himself as he walked into the garage. In the garage is what seems to be an airplane covered in a blanket. Sonic was right. Another remodel. "Sonic, I present to you: The Tornado 1600 Z! Sorry about not having anymore presents... unless you want this fanfic where... we... get... married? Ew." "It's ok." Sonic said. "And also please throw that... thing away." "The plane or the magazine?" Tails asked. "The Magazine, with the cringy as-" "No need to curse again! I'm gonna convert it into plane gasoline... happy?" Tails asked, annoyed. Sonic nodded his head. "By the way, Happy Birthday Sonic!" Tails yelled with joy, as he ran up to hug Sonic. "No, no no no. We don't want this article to become a fanfic itself. Oops! Sorry, a fourth wall break." Sonic said, while pushing Tails aside. "What is the fourth wall?" Tails asked. "Maybe when you are old enough." Sonic said. Together, Sonic walked home. As Sonic said goodbye, he felt a cold breeze... maybe it's my imagination... again... Sonic said, as he ran inside.


That night, while he was watching The Sonic Spinball Game-show, it was interrupted by an urgent news broadcast. "BREAKING NEWS! A Mysterious Grey and Black hedgehog with glowing white eyes has appeared out of the sky! Please stay in your homes, as it is currently destroying the West Side of Green Hill City! You may now watch your original broadcast. This is Amy Rose, Signing off!" "That stupid Egg-head!" Sonic muttered angrily. Of course, after hearing something like that on the News Channel, Sonic quickly ran to the scene.

Chapter Two: Darkstone

Sonic ran down the street as fast as he could, shoving people out of his way. He eventually made it to the West Side of the city. There, he saw that some of the buildings were on fire and destroyed. "Oh dear..." Sonic groaned. "You're foolish, aren't you?" A deep and dark voice called out. "...look at me. look at my sad face." It said. Sonic would look at the black and grey hedgehog. "My name is Darkstone, and you have made a grave mistake." He said, then cackling. "I'll show you!" Sonic shouted, as he ran up to spin-dash into Darkstone. Darkstone then waved his fingers into the shape of a Game-Boy Advance, and he yelled "Slowius Crappius!" A glowing disk would launch at Sonic, and hit him. He had suddenly become very slow, and his voice became very distorted. "HhWHYwHY AmAmaMAM iIIii SOsooSOS SLllsLQOLlloloLOloloSLWsWOLSWWSS?" Sonic tried to ask. "Foolish Hedgehog. Welcome to the garbage age of Game-Boy Advance. HAHAHAHAHA!" Darkstone said, as he then charged a large ball of lightning, and blew up the entire city with it. Sonic was knocked out....


When he woke up the next morning, his voice was normal, and he got his speed back. But the city was in ruin, and there were tents and medical people everywhere. Tails looked down at Sonic and simply asked "Sonic? Are you ok?"

..."Yeah. I guess so." Sonic said. "I'm gonna need the Master Emerald to stop this Darkstone. Let's head to Knuckles cave." Sonic said. "But Knuckles doesn't guard the emerald anymore! He gave the job to Gauntle-" Tails was about to say. "I don't care, let's go." Sonic said. They then followed the trail to Holy Peak.

Chapter Three: Holy Peak Fort (-Nite)

Sonic knocked on Knuckles door. "Go away, I'm about to get first in Fort-nite, you scumbag." Knuckles said. "What about the Master Emerald?" Sonic said, sounding upset. "Not my concern!" Knuckles said carelessly. "I was trying to warn you, ever since Gauntlet decided to take Knuckles job, all Knuckles does is play Fort-nite in his cave. He'll eventually become as stupid as his Sonic Boom counterpart." Tails said. "Oh... no..." Sonic groaned in fear.


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