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This is an article about Magnus Bloodson, a character created by Monk the Cat on 03/12/2014.

Magnus is a 832 year old snow leopard. He is widely regarded as a master-level hemokinetic. He serves as a long-lived warlord in control of a large personal armor. 


Magnus is a tall, heavily built snow leopard. He stands at a towering 6'7" tall and weighs over two hundred pounds. His weight comes mostly from the muscle mass in his arms, torso, legs and neck. He has long, water-resistant fur. He has very light gray as his primary fur color. It is covered in black rosettes and spots gloing down his back and sides, turning into dots as it nears his chest and stomach. His stomach, chest and muzzle are all a white color that distinguishes itself from the very light gray. The white fur is also shorter, denser and softer than the rest. On his face is a pattern of small black dots that curve around his eyes and go up his forehead. His ears are somewhat small and very rounded. His eyes are a golden-yellow color. He also hosts a feature unique to himself and his descendants; six-toed feet and six-fingered hands.


Magnus is a very gruff and abrasive snow leopard. Separating himself from others is rather easy, due to physical and social boundaries that he has. While directly interacting, he does not seem as abrasive. His conversations reveal a more calm, commanding and slightly condescending, cynical and sarcastic speech pattern. He presents himself as an aristocratic warrior. Elite and strong, yet honorable, genorous and caring. He holds a deep sense of pride in his lineage of descendants, whether they serve as noble warriors, such as himself or, more commonly, as the healers of the masses and civilians.

He is able to lead a large force (of several thousand of mixed soldiers) through experience, cunning and a bit of ruthless tacturn. his army has been around for roughly four hundred years, and has grown throughout the years. Magnus has always been at the head of the major battles, leading his troops into battle. While he is not too keen on war, after his crusades were complete, he cannot deny the part of him that always seeks to better his fighting, his army and to seek out more battles. 

Weapons Currently in Possession

  • Cleaveage - A very large, double-handed box sword. The blade is about four feet long and is six inches thick at the base. The blade edge gradually moves outward until it is almost ten inches in width, with a two inch curved part at the very end. The blunt edge of the weapon remains straight the whole time. The top of the blade is a flat surface. The handle is a foot long and has a strong gripping surface to hold. The pommel of the blade is a simple ring shape. The main part of the blade is colored black with some red lettering.
  • Snub Rifle - A large handgun. The gun itself has a large, boxy appearance, having a three-inch thick main frame and barrel. The gun is about a foot and a half in length. The handle of the gun is thick with a strong grip. On the bottom of the handle is a small trigger that needs to be held down for the gun to operate; a means of security, as his sixth finger is used to hold it, meaning anyone else trying to use it would need to rely on using their second hand to hold down the trigger. The gun has four chambers in the revolver part. Each chamber holds one .50 Cal rifle bullet, and the four chambers are in a revolving, octagonal holder. The barrel of the gun extends about eight inches and is a sturdy hexagonal shape. The weapon weights a lot, and is a perfect fit for its powerful user.
  • Blood Shot - A more classic chromed revolved with six chambers meant to each hold some of his blood and use it as ammunition. The blood rounds can be fired without said revolver.
  • Weapon Sack - Most commonly brought to events such as duels, and not in open battle. It's just a large sack that holds a wide variety of weapons. Though due to its size, it can be inferred that there are few large weapons inside, unless handles/shafts/blades/barrels stick out of the top.


No one is quite sure where Magnus originated from or what background he had as a young snow leopard. He was roughly three hundred years old before he made his first mark on history. What is known is that he was well-trained in his hemokinetic arts (Whether self-taught or trained by a master is unclear) when he settled down on Blue Mountain with his new wife. The two lived in relative peace in the remote mountain fortress, unbothered by the rest of the world, and they could not have asked for more. Magnus' blood was able to keep both of them young for many decades, until they started to have children. After multiple decades, a community of snow leopard had emerged in the new fortress. Magnus had become lax, using his powers only for basic day-to-day activities and the occasional age-reversal of his love and kin.

One year, a band of looters raided the fortress in order to bring back spoils for their country. Having no care about the inhabitants, the raiders slaughtered the majority of the leopards, including all but a few of Magnus' children, who had hidden themselves away as their mother had instructed. When Magnus returned a month later from one of his trips and found the carnage, he collapsed. Nearly going to the point of ending himself, before the surviving children ran out to embrace him, just as terrified as he was. With his laziness, he had lost the skill he needed to resurrect those who had been dead for weeks. Turning his attention to the remaining leopards (and one wolf they found and adopted), he made two new pledges; That they would destroy the raiders and those who had sent them, and that he would never again allow himself to become lazy, lest he lose his family again.

Thus began his campaign, taking any of his children old enough and willing to help him in his quest, while leaving a few to maintain the fortress and bury the dead. In the following decades, he traveled the lands, building up what appeared to be a large mercenary force of varied warriors from different parts of the world. While he was away, the Blue Comet incident happened, removing the Blue Mountain Fortress from its mountaintop rest and setting it into orbit, along with hundreds of refugees that caused it, as well as some of Magnus' children and their children. Now having nowhere to call home, and losing even more of his kin due to the raiders' army, he drove deep into their territory with his forces, wiping out cities, razing crops and killing off officials and nobles. He was known to send his own men back out to find their dead for him to revive, as well as the occasional civilian that was killed in the crossfire.

After several decades of army-building and crusading, the opposing country was ultimately destroyed. The noble family were gathered up and executed. Sitting in the throne of his dead enemies, Magnus pondered what he would do next. His enemies broken at his feet, his home gone from the world, and the army behind him still had a lust for battle and blood. With a very large source of power, and no "noble" purpose to use it for, he regretfully became a warlord. He and his men set out to find more battles, grow stronger and continue to grow in numbers. Meanwhile, Magnus himself turned to drink and finding new spouses to try and fill the emptiness inside. The drinking stopped after a few days, as his body simply rejected the toxins and he was unable to be under their effects. He went on to have several more children.

As the times changed, technologies were invented and civilizations formed differently, the leopard and his men also adapted to the new habitat, albeit with some difficulty. With time, oddly enough, they formed into a large corporation and mercenary force, once again. After the years neared modern day, they stopped being mercenaries and instead became a personal army once again, but blending in to the world at large, joining new jobs to fit their expertise.

Only a few years ago, his original home returned to the world, along with the "cryogenically" frozen refugees and Magnus' descendants. He went there, hoping to be welcomed with open arms, but when they saw what kind of man he had become, they were horrified. While they still loved each other, the children refused to take any part in his current affairs, preferring to scatter about the world and adapt to their new lives. Magnus did nothing to stop them.

Magnus currently resides in a large plot of land with all the training equipment, shelter and armaments a personal army could hope for. He still feels the emptiness of his children rejecting him, and feels that he serves no purpose, other than a target for the revenge of others. An irony he is more than willing to accept.


The snow leopard is hemokinetic, meaning that he has control over blood, and by extension, people, animals and most notably, his own body. His hemokinesis is split into three separate categories, which each have their own general effects. All of his blood-based power is virtually unopposed in terms of raw control and power, due to his constant training for centuries.


This branch of his hemokinesis is focused on dealing damage and bolstering his own damage-dealing attributes. The most common variation of this branch of power is using his own blood as projectiles or weapons. It can be fired off as rounds of ammunition, either directly from his body, or from an apparatus such as his Blood Shot revolver. These rounds can all be remotely controlled to go where he wants them, but require a degree of concentration. Other weapons formed include blades, spikes along his body and throwing blades. He can deal damage directly to the targets' bodies, causing deterioration, destruction or other bloody wounds. In other words, his blood-based attacks ignore armor.

Another major part of his offensive hemokinesis is manifested in life-leeching drains. Any direct attack Magnus lands will drain extra health from the target and feed it into his own health pool. The exception to these direct attacks draining is him using a normal weapon to strike, or actively canceling it.

The last major part is manipulation. If he is able to feed enough of his own blood into the target, he will be able to possess and manipulate their body's functions. The "feeding" can be done through general damage, the weapons/ammunition he conjures up, or through straight-up sending blood into their body. The least-used application of the manipulation is manipulating corpses or forming them into undead soldiers/minions.


Magnus is most notable for the defensive aspects of his blood manipulation. These "defensive" abilities also cover the supportive ones his blood can achieve. The most normal uses of his defense is forming things such as shields, armor and barriers out of blood, as well as bolstering the defenses of his own body to take a lot of abuse. Bolstering his defenses and resistances, the leopard can lower the damage he takes from virtually any source. Most notably other blood damages, fire, electricity, disease and ice, which normally harm the body through energy, heat or damaging the cells. Bolstering his defense reduces damage from physical attacks, such as bullets, blades, kicks, punches and the like. While these are most powerfully used on himself, he can just as easily use them on allies to bolster their defensive and offensive capabilities. Regeneration can also be boosted to near-insane levels.

The supportive attributes mostly include healing. Magnus is a master in the art of healing wounds, reversing damage and resurrecting the deceased. He has shown to be able to heal virtually any kind of wound, regardless of intensity. His healing is strongest when used on himself Granted, this usually takes some time for more serious wounds, and requires concentration, which limits these abilities, while he is locked in combat. His resurrections require a part of the body, or some other part of the target to take effect, and do not work if the target's soul is destroyed, forced out, or otherwise unable to return to the body. One unique resurrection he has is a self-resurrection, which is not a true resurrection; it is a state of torpor in which he takes virtually no damage after a triggering attack. While nigh-invulnerable in that state, he cannot move or attack.


As with most hemokinetics, he can just manipulate blood in a non-combative manner. Levitating it, using it to grab things or just drawing it off of objects such as walls, floors and weapons. He has gained full control over his own body, preventing it from getting paralyzed, possessed or immobilized in virtually any way that isn't him getting fully restrained. This can also cause his body to reject "silencing" abilities or magic, up to a point. A similar affect takes place with poisons and venom used on him. What his body doesn't simply reject, he can forcefully purge from his body. 

Another important part of neutral manipulation he practices is setting the body's physical condition/age back to earlier or later status. In layman's terms, he can reverse or advance physical age of himself and those under his influence, practically making himself and others immortal.


Magnus has a large, well-built body that is toned to lift much more than the average person. His natural defenses and resistances are also toned much past a normal person. While his strength is well beyond average, his intillect could be a concern... if he were a normal muscle-crazed brawler. Magnus is a certified genius in most respects. He is able to devise strategies easily, though it is usualy not needed. Also with his massive strength, his speed could be questioned. While his speed is nothing to write home about, he is still slightly faster than an average worker.

Magnus has a stronger natural grip, due to his extra fingers and toes on each appendage. Each finger and toe has a claw hidden in it, which can be extended or retracted to serve various purposes. His golden cat eyes have moderate night and long-range vision.

The leopard's body also regenerates at an incredible rate. While not instantaneous, most cuts and shots strong enough to break his skin will be self-healed in a matter of seconds, or with deeper wounds, minutes. The main exception being his eyes, which take several minutes to regenerate.


Magnus has varying skills for a wide variety of applications. They mostly vary from day-to-day activities and training with various types of weapons and combat styles. Perhaps his most notable skill deals more with charisma and leading his army.

Relationships with other Characters

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  • Stewart the Fox - One of Magnus' officers. They mostly share a professional relationship, with Magnus occasionally calling in orders for the storm-manipulating fox's talents.


  • Scott the Wildcat - One of Magnus' former generals. They still hold a healthy respect for each other, though Scott left Magnus' Army and joined G.U.N. in hopes of more active duty.


  • TBD


The snow leopard does not have very many weaknesses to be addressed. Combat-wise, he is one of the best combinations for a tanky fighter, high defense, high health, high stamina, high resistance, and with the added ability to buff and heal himself without the need of additional support. While not slow compared to the average person, he is far from the fastest fighter, as most other fighters can out-pace him in movement and attack speed. A lesser disadvantage is his large frame; while he can take a very large amount of hits, he has a harder time avoding taking them.

While he resists most types of magic or elements, he has the hardest time dealing with winds, earth and light. Earth can ensnare him physically, wind can blow him around when he is not moving his body kinetically, and light is just hard to defend against, even if it does less damage. Stronger silences, or ones that are worked to negate his resistances can end up "silencing" him. If by chance he is silenced, he could be paralyzed (albeit for shorter periods than normal) or possessed (with quite a bit of difficulty), though this weakness is very specific, and one would need to plan ahead to use it on him.


  • It is possible that Magnus also has Osteokinesis, though he has never shown signs of using it directly. (As there is already plenty of blood inside bones to begin with.) The reason why is is speculated is that several of his descendants have shown to have the ability, alongside to hemokinesis.
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