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Magnolia is a hybrid of unknown components, the most logical species being a goat, deer, and bird. The girl's main fur/feather color is white, her hooves and antlers are a dark gray. Her ears are long and pointed downwards, the insides a gradient between pink and blue. She has two pairs of wings, one pair big enough to fly with between her shoulder blades and the other having a wing span of 2 feet laying just above the tail base. Magnolia's tail end holds a large, feather-like end that is a gradient between yellow, pink, and blue. Her eyes are a bright shade of aquamarine and her nose is a soft shade of pink.

Magnolia's attire consists of a dark gray shirt with long, detached sleeves that can be attached via a small bottom under the armpit and a high waisted pink skirt with four gold buttons. The shirt collar has lacy ends while the sleeves has lace towards the top. The sleeves have two stripes at the bottom consisting of a gold stripe and pink stripe, while the collar and skirt only have one, the collar stripe being pink and the skirt stripe being gold. A small yellow bow adorns the collar and small yellow flowers sit upon Magnolia's antlers.


Magnolia's personality and attitude can be compared to a child's, though she does have a mature side. She can be quite curious and imaginative, while also being fairly intelligent and mature. She does, however, have a rather sadistic side and seems to enjoy causing chaos. Magnolia can be clingy to certain people but will only do so if said person has something to offer in terms of power or intelligence. Her normal outlook on life is fairly neutral, not seeing it as bad or good.


Early Life and Childhood

Teenage Years



Decomposition Manipulation

Organic Manipulation


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