Magnitude is potentially a rather powerful Earth attack.


The styles of this attack vary wildly. For example, the user can slam a fist or weapon into the ground or solid rock, sending out a shockwave through the earth. Another method is jumping and landing as hard as possible, again to send out the shockwave. The third way is a method used very rarely by a master Geokinetic, and that is simply a stomp to create the shockwave. However, while all three methods trigger large shockwaves, it varies from use on how powerful the strike will be. These vary from a barely noticeable shake of the surface referred to as a level 1 all the way up to a devastating shockwave that resonates both through the land and the air, bringing everything besides the user to the ground, known as a level 10. However, the more powerful versions of the technique (Levels 8-10) are unreliable and are often only seen being used by masters in uninhabited areas, due to the more powerful versions being capable of splitting metal in two and bringing entire cities to the ground, with the range of a master being only controlled by the amount of power they used. The more common destructive levels are Levels 4 to 7, which send out a powerful earthquake-style shockwave, which is again capable of large-scale damage, but unable to inflict the same style of true devastation. The most common levels, especially in the hands of learners, are Levels 1 to 3, which simply send out a short-range quake which causes almost no damage. However, all these different levels are capable of being used by almost any user, which provides the majority of users. However, due to it's unpredictability even in the hands of a master, the similar technique Earthquake, which isn't capable of reaching a Level 10 shockwave, with it's maximum being equivalent to a level 8 strike, is more commonly used for it's more stable and predictable powers.


Pokemon Users

  • Gigaroth the Rhyperior (belongs to Ryu) - highest level is 8
  • Brynja the Shiny Aggron (belongs to Ryu) - highest level is 8
  • Torren the Grandemur (belongs to Ryu) - highest level is 7

Species Users


Derived Techniques

  • Earthquake - a more stable and predictable variant, incapable of reaching the same destructive power.

Technique Rank

The technique holds an S-rank due to it's insanely powerful potential and unpredictability.

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