Magnetic Blast is an powerful and unusual Magnetism technique, with the ability to claim an item used by the opponent.


Normally, the user forms a powerful magnetic field and launches it at the opponent, throwing them back a short distance, causing moderate damage and at the same time transferring a charge onto them, making magnetic items likely to move and attempt to hit the target as well.

However, there is a specific variation that has been seen as well. In this form, the user magnetises an item in their hand, charging it with a specific energy field before launching it at the opponent. At the same time, the user throws out a magnetic field at an item in the opponent's possession, drawing it to themselves. As such, the repulsed item strikes the target with high speed and kinetic force, while the user gets to grasp the item they chose without risk of self-injury.



Technique Rank

Due to the technique's power and potential to shift the paradigm of a fight, it bears a B-rank.

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