Magma Spindash is a medium range Golden Fire Attack.


Magma Spindash Focuses on the Raw power of Golden Fire by mixing Solar, Magma, Inferno, Napalm and Scorch. The user curls up into a ball like using spindash, spin at high speeds and gather energy that appears as golden lights. Once enough energy is gathered, they suround themselves with a fiery aura (like using Sonic Boost) and creates a small explosion with massive force, causing the user to rocket foward in ball form at high speeds. The physical force of this attack can blow away the bones in a person's torso and decapitate them, but the flaming aura (which burns at 3400F) prevents this, instead causing great phyisical and cause 3rd degree (possibly 4th) burns plus the spindash grinds against the target, leaving damage that might not heal.....

This attack takes 7 seconds to charge the initial spindash and alot of energy.



This attack is ranked S because of it's lethality.

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