The Magic Spirits are a race created by Lunari64, on 2/15/16.

Magic spirits are different from souls in that they have never been 'born', in a sense, so they are not the souls of the dead. Their existence is due to pure magic, hence their name.

Order and Government

Magic spirits are divided into two main groups: Spirits of the Day, led by Lady Tempest; and Spirits of the Night, led by Selene the Divine. These two groups coexist in peace, though they rarely see each other due to their differing schedules.

Spirits of the Day are ruled by Lady Tempest, with Airion as her advisor and helper at her side.

Spirits of the Night are ruled by Selene, with Celeste as her advisor.

Daily Life

The majority of Magic spirits live in the Ether Forest. This forest gives them a hidden place to stay, while in return, the spirits also take care of the forest.

The Magic Spirits are very peaceful folk. Many spirits help take care of the forest. Some others take trades, usually mastering a certain kind or use of magic (elemental, healing, etc.). Some train as warriors in the spirits' army. A few help their rulers with certain tasks, becoming messengers and the like.

As closely intertwined as they are, the Day spirits and Night spirits don't see each other that often, due to the fact that the Night spirits are nocturnal, whereas the Day spirits are diurnal.

Lives of Spirits

Magic Spirits are created due to influxes of magic in certain locations. The location, and the causes and effects of the influx, often determine a magic spirit's trade, appearance, and other qualities. Twins are very rare, caused when two magic spirits are created by an influx instead of one. Twins of this nature are almost always identical twins, and work in tandem to accomplish tasks.

Magic Spirits don't have actual parents. As such, their leader is the motherly figure, while the most powerful male of their trade is considered the father.

Magic Spirits do need rest, and sleep on a slightly lower plane of reality, called the Ether Links. Here, small strings of ether energy connect parts of the forest to each other, forming a thick web. The diurnal Day Spirits sleep here during the night, whereas the nocturnal Night spirits sleep here during the day.


Most magic spirit's powers are determined by their trade, (and therefore the moment they are created), magic spirits do have some innate powers.

Like most spirits, Magic spirits are intangible, and can phase through solid objects and physical attacks. Magic Spirits can also possess inanimate objects (and plants) as well, though possessing sentient creatures is a rare and difficult trade. All magic spirits can wield raw magic energy for projectile attacks, usually in self defense.


Magic spirits have a wide variety of trades. These include:


These spirits are masters of combat, and usually wield a weapon of choice. These spirits are fighters in the Magic Spirit's army, and sometimes sent to fend off against unwanted guests. Celeste is a notable example of this trade.


These spirits are fast travelers, sending messages to higher authority, the other tradesmen (and women), and army. These spirits can travel along strands of the Ether Links like electric currents, helping them to get to their destination at maximum speed.


One of the rarest trades among the spirits. These spirits can manipulate the strands of the Ether Links to see and know what's going on throughout the forest, as well as sense the use of magic almost anywhere. These spirits often are the first to know about unwanted visitors, new spirits that have just come into existence, and comrades in trouble.


Very self-explanatory, the healers are the medics of the Magic Spirits, healing their comrades back to full strength. These spirits are also well knowledged in ether disturbances, influxes, and the like. Many of these spirits also make potions with various effects, to use alongside their healing, as well as for combat buffs. Airion is a notable example.


Another rare trade, Rift-Walkers are dimension travelers. These spirits are often roamers, informing the Magic Spirits about occurrences in the outside world. These spirits are some of the most gifted, traveling through time, space, and the dimensions. Though despite being able to do all this, they cannot travel to the future nor can they change anything in other dimensions, making them strictly observers.

Forest Keepers

The most common trade among the spirits. These spirits help the more physical flora and fauna of the Ether Forest to thrive. These spirits are the reason why the Ether Forest is so well-preserved, as they take care of all of the plants and animals. These spirits are also in charge of welcoming new spirits into the world, and showing them around.


A somewhat rare trade, these spirits are more similar to souls than their magic spirit brethren. These spirits can possess intelligent creatures, and mask their magic energy to prevent themselves from hurting their host while doing so. These spirits are also roamers, much like the aforementioned Rift-Walkers.


Another very common trade, these spirits train in manipulating an element of choice, either for combat or practical usage. Lady Tempest and Selene are both elementals, specializing in storm magic and moonlight respectively.


Magic Spirits are spectral entities, inhabitants of the Ether Forest. They vary widely in appearances and abilities, but all specialize in a specific type or use of magic, called their trade. The spirits possess qualities of a typical ghost, such as being intangible and turning invisible at will.

The Magic Spirits are split into two groups: The day spirits, which are lead by Lady Tempest; and the night spirits, which are lead by Selene the Divine.


The Magic Spirits reside in the Ether Forest, a quiet area in the wilderness where they prosper. this place brims with ether energy, which the Magic Spirits need to survive. The only living Mobians that know of this place are the mystics, which settled in a village nearby the woodland, to be close and converse with the spirits.


Magic Spirits have lived for eons. The very first spirits came from influxes of magic within the Ether Forest, which were more commonplace at the time. Their numbers quickly increased, and they established a kingdom within the woodland where they originated.

The spirits lived peacefully, until the first mystics discovered the Ether Forest and the specters within. Mystics of all kinds flocked to the forest, and quickly colonized, despite the spirits' suspicions and, in some cases, outright protest. Their coexistence was unsteady, but hostility slowly ended.

Then, about two hundred years ago, came the disappearance of the highly ranked Magic Spirits Airion and Celeste. The spirits searched desperately for their friends, until finding a strange anomaly. They found Airion and Celeste, trapped in the same body, calling themselves Io. The two of them, cooperating, abruptly retreated back to the woods with the spirits.

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