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The Mage Masher is an extremely rare form of dagger, designed from the outset to counter mages and spell-casters using incantation-based magic by inflicting a Mute status effect, an occasional effect of the blade.

Mage Masher

Production Information
TypeDagger - optimized against magic
Elemental AffinityNone, can be imbued
Known Wielderspending
Other Information
Original CreatorFlashfire212


A short, slightly curved dagger typically made of a mythril-steel alloy or Emerald Steel, the Mage Masher's full appearance varies between blacksmiths, with some preferring a jeweled, ornamented hilt and a brighter green blade tone, while others prefer a green-gray blade and plain hilt. However, almost all blades have a tiny gemstone inset at the join between the blade and the hilt, which is the source of the silencing effect.

Native Abilities

All Mage Masher are designed from the outset with a single intent - stopping incantation-based spellcasters with a couple of hits. What makes this blade good is that it carries the ability to inflict a 'mute' effect, separating the target's magic/connection to the Chaos Force from their focusing point, be it a verbal command or a physical gesture. It is this ability that makes the blades sought-after, and that contributes to their rarity.

The blades can be elementally-imbued, retaining their silence effect and gaining the elemental affinity at the same time. It can also be used by blacksmiths to create more powerful weapons, typically swords, by melting the dagger down and using it's silence-carrying steel in a new blade, which is then imbued with the same gemstone to ensure the new metal has the same effect.

Notable Blades


Wielders/Purchase Locations

It is known that an assassin from the Nihlic Clan of Nihlus has used a blade of this kind before, typically while on missions to assassinate magic-users. However, the identity of this assassin has not yet been revealed.

A number of blacksmiths in out of the way towns are known to make these weapons to order, however, each such weapon has a great expense connected to it. Even Flare the Wolf, a blacksmith renowned for producing durable and well-made weapons for little cost to his friends, is reluctant to make these blades too often, with one reason being the rarity of the silence-gems, and the difficulty of making the mythril-steel alloy he prefers to use, rather than the bright green Emerald Steel.

A blade of this type often appears, hidden within a small box in Norhaven, a small village close to Nihlic Clan lands, leading to the belief that a blacksmith in that clan produces an abundance of these rare blades, leaving them as a trinket for those who can find them.


  • The weapon is based on the Mage Masher dagger from Final Fantasy, namely drawing elements from it's Final Fantasy IX abilities, but with the appearance inspired by the form in Final Fantasy IV.
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