Maeshar is an island, created by Taggev and featured only in her works.


When Maeshar started out it was only a large piece of Knothole Island which had broken off the edge. This made Knothole a lot smaller, and it eventually became overcrowded. Soon this became a problem, so many of the citizens left and set up residence on the broken piece of Knothole. It was later given its own name, that of Maeshar.

After about two thousand years had passed, a group of three children decided to set up a band. They were all hedgehogs, and named Cidaro, Carrie and Ricky. Cidaro took the role of lead singer, while Ricky played guitar and Carrie chose drums. The three, under the band name "Red Rock", became very popular and eventually became known as Maeshar's band.

Suddenly, about five years later, Master Hade the Hawk and his girlfriend/assistant Champ the Cat invaded the island. Hade used his power to explode the island but, though it did not break apart, all the citizens were killed. The only survivors were Red Rock, as they were on tour at the time, and two young echidnas, aged six and four, by the names of Jacob and Imogen who were in their underground home.

Red Rock moved to Knothole. Jacob and Imogen did too, after they were found about three months later by Sonic.


To begin with, the population of Maeshar was zero. When people moved there, the population increased gradually until it was, just before its destruction, at a high of 50 000. It is now back at zero, and will remain that way until Knothole becomes overcrowded again someday.

Climate and Terrain

Maeshar's average temperature is quite cold, but it has warmer days often. It has twelve mountains situated near the centre of the island, which the local business "Maeshar Climbers Inc." used to use as a tourist attraction point. Before it was destroyed it had green forests covering the land where there were no houses, several lakes and an enormous waterfall near the edge of the island. All the water was dried up and the trees burnt to ash when Hade blew Maeshar up.

The Emerald

An ancient rhyming legend tells of an supposed gem hidden in a cave on Maeshar. It is unknown whether the script does refer to the island or not, but it speaks of "a paradise to be destroyed":

Hidden deep in cavern dark

The glowing eighth is lost from men

Beneath the dusky floors you find

The treasure chest from now and then

The greed that drives those owning power

Will use their power as a toy

And the secret of the emerald makes

A paradise to be destroyed.

For years the scripture was studied by archaeologists, and after the paradise of Maeshar was destructed by Hade, everyone knew what he had been looking for. It all fitted, and people found that Hade was looking for the eighth Chaos Emerald, hidden somewhere on Maeshar.

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