Demon Slayer

Maero the Hedgehog

Current Years and Days
Name Maero the Hedgehog
Kana マーアロー・ザー・ヘジホグ
Weapons Bones
Profession(s), Occupation(s) Death
Chronological and Physical Info
  • Age: 312
    • Age: 337 (25 Years Later)
  • Fur: Grey
  • Skin: Tan
  • Eyes: Purple
  • Gender: Male
  • Birthday: Unknown

Maero the Hedgehog is a former demon slayer who made a deal to become death. he is extremely strong and has become immortal. He is weakened by the Holy Element. Maero must spend his life killing those whose life has finished. Maero dislikes his job and longs for his life to return to normal. However, the brand on his hand doesn't allow him to stop his "job". Maero seeks to reform a group of demon slayers once he rids himself of his fate.

Attire [Clothing]
  • Wrist Sleeves
  • Long Cloth at Waist
  • Sandals
Affiliation(s) Neutral
Romantic Interest(s) N/A
  • Flight
  • Super-speed
  • Strength
  • Hand-To-Hand Combat
  • Osteomancy
  • Superior Biting Capabilities
Relatives N/A
Likes Quiet, Peaceful Deaths, The Innocent
Dislikes His Job, Evil, Chaos, Demons, Those who refuse death
  • Unknown
Current Residence
  • The Underworld
Alternative Names
  • Death
  • Shark
  • Mammoth
  • Grey Doom
  • Grey Flash
Super Form(s)


English Voice Actor
  • (Pending)
Theme Song(s)
Graveyard Symphony

Graveyard Symphony

Before Maero became death he was a demon hunter. He went around slaying demons to protect the world from them. He was very strong, and a highly praised hero. The demons of hell would challenge Maero, but he would typically win. Maero formed a group to aid him in his battles. They were known as the "Lost Crusade", a group of demon slayers who would stop at nothing to protect their world. The demons took a special interest in this group. They conceived a plan to kill them off. One by one the team members were killed by groups of demons. Maero was the last to survive, and put up quite a fight. However, even he was bested and ready to face his fate of death. However, he was greeted by a mysterious figure. The being promised Maero eternal life. Maero turned to him as he lay their dying and asked, "Are you death?" The being looked at him and shook his head "I am immortality". Maero looked on as he listened to this figure speak of what Maero would have to do. He would replace the former Death. Maero made the deal and with that his wounds were healed. He stood as he looked around. He felt a stinging sensation on his right palm. He looked at it to see horns branded on his hand. Maero realized that he had truly become death. He set out to prove his worth, and stay alive.

Eternal Slavery


Base Stats
Spcl. Atk10
Spcl. Def9
Total 91.5/100
Other Stats

Maero is an extremely powerful being, capable of dealing devastating damage. Maero is an Osteomancer which is the ability to to magically manipulate bones. This can be used to change the density of bones, from hollowing bones like a bird, to making them as unbreakable as steel. A person with this ability can also make his bones more flexible and less prone to breakage (or drastically accelerate the process of bone healing). The user can also cause bones to grow through the skin to form plates of bone as armor. After practice, the user of this power can even incapacitate foes with broken legs, arms, ribs or even necks. One with this ability usually has somewhat-pliable skin. [1] Maero seems to be unaffected by any status alignment type spells, meaning he can't be buffed up or de-buffed. Maero also never has to sleep, and when he isn't doing his job he may be relaxing or in the underworld.

  • Spine Whip- A move that allows Maero to use his spine as a whip(signature move)
  • Bone Crush- A move that can crush the opponents bones but also crushing the users' bones(this can be healed)
  • Bone Manipulation- Maero can use any bone and make it steel, turn it to poison, or extend it.
  • Bone Bullets- Maero can also shoot bones from his finger tips always seeming to have an infinite amount.
  • Bone Barrage- A move where Maero jumps above the enemy and throws a barrage of bones.
  • Graveyard Creator- This move allows Maero to form bones out of any resource. However, it requires massive amounts of time and energy to perform.
  • Death Sting- A move that poisons the enemy with a prick from a bone.
  • Sting Barrage- A lethal combo of poison stings resulting in massive damage.
  • The Blade Of Death- Maero's strongest move in which it allows him to take the opponents spine as Maero takes the form of death he cuts away the opponents life force. It is usually used for those not willing to die.
  • Glare- A move that scares anyone foolish enough to look into Maero's eyes.It can make them petrified or it can hypnotize them.
  • Enchant- This move works only on those with pur hearts. Maero telepathically talks to the victim, telling them to take a walk with him to a new life of immortality (death). He usually must use this on children who have left the world to soon or innocent people unwilling to leave.
  • Enhanced Biting Capabilities- Maero has earned the nickname "Shark" and "Mammoth" because of his ability to bite through anything. He can eat bones, and use them to replace broken bones, or use them as ammo for a battle.
  • Gate Entering- An ability that depending where Maero is, can render him invisible. There is the Gate of Normality where he has entered the normal realm of life. The Gate of Death is a fantasy world Maero can bring people to, and trick them into thinking death is paradise. The final gate, the Gate of True Death, is the underworld gate. People are sent to different sects of the underworld. Maero is capable of entering the Underworld Realm. He will be invisible to all, but the residents of the realm he enters.
  • Mohoao Summons- Maero has demonic assistants. These vicious little creatures are small, but fierce. Based upon the Maero men legend of Maori culture, the Mohoao Demons are summoned. They are drenched in purple mater and take the shape of a small demonic humanoid creature. They have the ability to fly, and are amazingly faster than Maero. They use their claws to attack, and when facing a group of them, they are nearly impossible to defeat. Mohoao posses the ability to to control darkness, as well as take the form of some-one's shadow. The creatures aren't very strong, and are easily defeated by moderately powerful attacks.
  • Moehau Summons- Another form of demonic assistants. These large creatures make up for the strength and durability that the Mohoao lack. These burly foes, are quiet hard to defeat even in single combat. They are very strong able to lift cars with relative ease. The creatures are extremely slow however. They also don't have good hearing and can be snuck up on. Like their quick counterparts, the Moehau summons posses Umbrakinesis as well as Spectrakinesis, but use them for shields or for enhanced attacks.


Because Maero signed a deal with hell to become death he is extremely weakened by Holy aligned attacks. Sunlight, in fact has been known to highly irritate and even weaken Maero. Maero seems to share many weaknesses with a vampire, in that he is not allowed to enter a home without being invited in (Can force by using Glare). Silver also can slightly weaken Maero. Maero's glare ability cannot work on a telepathic. Holy water can also burn Maero.



Maero despite all that he has saw and all that he has been through keeps a surprisingly cool headed demeanor. He can sometimes be intimidating to others (especially when using Glare). Maero truly is a kindhearted person but he can no longer feel emotions so he no longer understands the emotional pains that mortals have. Maero also is a great leader and is actually very smart. He is quick on his feet from hundreds of years of practice.


Sunny the Hedgehog


Originally Maero's theme song was bones. However the song seemed to be too positive sounding for a theme song of Death. He theme was then switched to Graveyard Symphony composed by Jim Johnston. The song is most famously known as the theme song of WWE wrestler, The Undertaker. The dark mood of the song seems to fit Maero, and gives his job a sense of peril and suspense.

25 Years Later

Maero continues his job, but shows signs of insanity. He wears a dark cape making him appear far more like the grim reaper. Maero eventually goes on a rampage after insanity takes over. His psychotic nature is shown far more in this period of time. He eventually creates a scythe out of his killed foes' bones. Maero is assisted by unknown people all covered in a black robe. They are believed to be Druids who hold ancient mythical power.

Gained Abilities

As stated above Maero gains a scythe. The traditional "Grim Reaper" weaponry allows him to fight from long range. He can manipulate the scythe's size as well seeing as it is made of bones. Maero has become somewhat faster and stronger. He has also gained the ability to manipulate darkness to an extent.

New Theme Song

Life In Death Valley Druid Undertaker Remix

Life In Death Valley Druid Undertaker Remix

Maero's theme song is basically a remix of his old one. It starts out with chanting most likely from his druid assistants and then goes into his old theme. This version is far more eerie than the original.


Maero is far colder and unforgiving than his former self. He no longer holds any attachment to anything, and he feels no emotions. He seems to enjoy his job far more than he did before. Maero seems to show signs of insanity. It is possible that his new attire represents that he has lost all of himself and is only death.

New Attire

Maero wears a tattered robe without sleeves. His face is always covered by the hood. Maero still wears his old sandals, but that is all that remains the same. Maero wears fingerless gloves, one of which extends to his elbow and the other to his wrist.


  • Maero's name is a pun of bone marrow, as well as the Maori tradition folklore, Maero.
  • Maero is Famotill's second strongest character with Masuta the Fox being the strongest.
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