This is Shamia's daughter 25 years in the future. She is a sixteen year old girl and hates being a princess. She is adventorous and somewhat is a tomboy though she can act very girly. She is supposed to be married to anotehr prince to which both her and her mother protest to.


Maelana the Meerkat II
Maelana Casual

Current Years and Days
Name Maelana the Meerkat II
Weapons Dream Abilities
Profession(s), Occupation(s) Reluctant Princess
Chronological and Physical Info
  • Age: 16
  • ??? lbs
  • Fur: Brown
  • Skin: Tan
  • Eyes: Green
  • Gender: Female
Attire [Clothing]
Affiliation(s) Good
Romantic Interest(s) Prince Shaloo(Ex-Fiance)
  • Dancing
  • Dream/Nighmtmare abilties
  • Flight
  • Singing
  • Hector the Meerkat Jr.~Uncle
  • Maelana the Meerkat~Grandmother
  • Hector "The Sandman* Meerkat Sr.~Grandfather
  • Shamia the Meerkat~Mother
  • Sandy the Meerkat~Baby Sister
  • Nayer Jr.~Little brother
  • Raja the Meerkat~2nd Cousin
  • Asima the Meerkat~Great Aunt
Likes Singing, Her powers, helping people, adventures, seeing new things, getting dirty
Dislikes Being bored, being trapped, her fiance
  • Shamar
Current Residence
  • Shamar
Alternative Names
  • Mae
Super Form(s)


English Voice Actor
  • Tara Platt
Japanese Voice Actor

Growing Up

Mae was the first born child of Nayer and Shamia. She was destined to be a princess from birth being that she was the oldest. Mae was treated like gold and was protected from everything. However once she was captured by her uncle Hector and was nearly killed before he was stopped by Shamia. Mae actually doesn't hate her uncle like the rest of her family she feels that he is lost. She also feels like she can help him. Mae grew up to be a nice young lady, but lacked the proper etiquette to be named a queen. Mae always skipped her lessons to go out exploring the forbidden areas of Shamar. Mae also found her mother's diary from her own childhood and all the people she met.Mae hid the diary and now uses the diary herself.

An Unwanted Fiance

Mae found out she was going to be married to Prince Shaloo. He is a jerk who doesn't care about anyone, but himself. Mae was impressed by his looks, but not his attitude. She soon found out that he had cheated on her multiple times. Mae said she would forgive him for the sake of her country.However Shaloo said he no longer liked Mae. It turns out now Shaloo begs for forgivness for his "One True Love", but it isn't working as Mae always denies him.

Family Reunion

After another one of her arguements with the stuck-up Shaloo, Mae decided to take a walk. It is here she ran into a woman. "Terribly sorry m'am" Mae said. Like Mae the woman was a meerkat. It was strange because there weren't many Meerkats in the area. So out of curiousity Mae introduced herself. "Maelana?" asked the woman. "Yes why do you know that name." asked Mae. The woman grabbed Maelana by the arm, and began to run in the opposite direction with Mae holding on as she was waling in the air. The woman ran all the way to a large kingdom like city. Maelana walked with the woman. It was a very beautiful city. Mae finally asked "Who are you?" as she looked at the meerkat. "I am Asima" said the woman. "I take it your mother is at home, how is she" asked the woman. "You know my mom?" asked Maelana. "Well she would be my sister after all" proclaimed Asima. " mom doesn't have a sister" said Mae. "Well it figures she'd keep us a secret. She just wanted to join G.U.N and raise her own family" said Asima. "Wait what?! My mom doesn't want to be apart of G.U.N!". Asima turned to face Maelana. "Well what is your mother's name." she asked. Mae answered "Shamia". The woman was silent. "Well we'll have to see if you truly are of my blood." said Asima.


Mae is an adventurous girl with hopes of seeing the world. She isn't used to not gettign what she wants , but this only effects her personality somewhat as she is maturing. Mae also doesn't let stress get to her. She always likes to lighten up the mood. Mae is a strong believer of karma and that is why she treats everyone with respect, so long as they give the same to her.



"What goes around comes around"

"Try It"

"Cool!" "What's This"

"What a day!"

"Relax what could go wrong"

"Just my luck!" "Gee Mae you really know how to pick 'em"

"Aunt, is that possible?"

Theme Songs

Karma~Alicia Keys

One Day~Keisha Cole

Like Other Girls~Atomic Kitten


  • Mae is named after her deceased maternal grandmother.
  • To avoid confusion Maelana was nicknamed Mae.

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