Mae the Succubus is a character by User:HS664. She is a blood red Amur Leopard. Her entire purpose in life is her role as a succubus; she takes this way too far. She can easily be described as cold, murderous, and cruel.


Mae used to be a kind succubus, prefering not to murder her victims or be malicious like most, but still went under the roles of chaos. However, following the death of her boyfriend, she spiralled into madness, and took on a colder, harsher, and more malicious personality.

Mae is usually very cheerful in the way she speaks. however, she is horribly cruel in her actions. She will torment females she meets that she knows have boyfriends, threatening to steal said man from them, and rip out their hearts. Constantly, she will express superiority in an insulting fashion to the people she speaks to. A master of psychological warfare, escape, and fighting, she will always use time to torment others.

She also seems to be slightly...deranged. She will sometimes carry around still bleeding hearts for the sake of torture.

However, she is highly intellegent, capable of making complex plans easily to get her victims. She will also rarely make empty threats. Her ability to get under the skin of her foes is uncanny, her lust for revenge at her boyfriend's murderer fuels every moment she makes. She does not fight too often, but when she does, she does it ruthlessly.

Mae, in short, goes over the top as a succubus. She will attempt to seduce/kidnap/attack males, even children, whenever she can. She is not above transforming into other females (usually one her target trusts/loves), then using that form to gain the knowledge needed to successfully capture a target.

Mae is commonly described as "having no standards" by multiple sources. She constantly harrasses other females. While her goals are unclear, she might be trying to drive the insane, or even to kill themselves. Why exactly is unknown, but this may be based off the fact she is sad over Polos's death.

She is constantly harrassing Lucinda the Angelfox, even going as far to kill her (Luce regenerated though) multiple times, usually by ripping out her internal organs. At one time, she even tore out Luce's brain, then fed it to the AgnelFox's adopted daughter Neiva.

After using them to her whims and draining most of their life energy to sustain herself, she will kill her victim, regardless of age or any other factors. However, the horrible part is how she does it. She will quickly smash through the man's chest and literally rip out his heart, then proceed to eat said organ. To add to the sadism of the act, she will devour it infront of the man while he is dying. 


Mae stands at four feet tall and with blood red fur. Her muzzle is a dull peach. She has black, near flawless hair that reaches down to her shoulders. Her eyes are blood red, and sometimes glowing to a point were the sclera and pupil fade and the entire eye becomes the color of her iris.

She is rather thin, and her legs are rather long. She has black as onyx wings sprouting out of her back, along with several on her shoulders, head, and tail. Her body is covered in black and broze colored stripes that are few in number. Her midesction is bare of skin in a oval pattern that covers most of the torso. She has a rather large bust, and a slight bit of muscle tone on her stomach.

She has a long, thin tail that she rarely uses, but is an effective weapon in combat. It is black at its tip. Her hands and foot have deadly claws on them. Apparently, she has a forked tongue.


Mae wears clothes fitting of her job. She wears a black silk jacket that is opened fully at the front. The sides are sleeveless, similar to a tank top. It has two holes in the back to allow her two wings to flap when needed. The clothing she has on is also magically woven to transform with her.

Her normal pair of pants is a rather skimpy pair of black denim shorts. She seems to wear pink stocking, and has a biar of black stillettos.

She wears a ruby-encrusted electrum band on her ring finger. She possesses a sapphire encrusted choker necklace around her neck. She, unlike most characters, does not wear gloves.


Birth and Early Life

Mae was formed from the souls of Chaotic Evil people. Meant to embody Lust, Mae was born a Succubus. As a child, she was lucky to have her brother to help her survive the Abyss, where the Chaos and Evil rained. Her learly life formed many layers of emotional damage to her mind. But instead of turning evil, she and her friend Polos the Incubus found a way to the material plane at the age of thirteen. Her brother decided to stay behind.

Teenage Years

After escaping the Abyss, she and Polos parted ways. Before they did, the swore to meet back at the forest they landed in agan in four years.

Life was not easy for the Succubus however. The energy of the Abyss allowed her to survive without food, but she now needed to get energy from draining it from Men. She had little to know experience with seduction, so she needed to drain it from the young men she met by chance, and usually failing greatly. While she did get better at finding and convincing men to let her drain their life force, her powers where erratic, and she usually ended up killing them.

The fact that she needed to kill others to live drove her deep into a depression.

Reunion with Polos

After four years, she reunited with Polos. When she first saw him, she hugged him, and started to cry, letting all the emotion that had built up over the last for years. Polos offered to teach her how to control her powers, and Mae agreed.

Over the next four years, Mae worked tirelessly to learn how to supress her powers and master them. In this time, she and Polos entered a blossoming romantic relationship. Her depression had simply evaporated, and she was happier than she ever was before.

Together with Polos, they swore to never kill again. However, Polos did not adhere to this. In secret, he was the key part of a plan to usurp Drauger, the Demon Lord of Death. This would allow a the group who made the plan to turn the tide of the Planar War.

Polos's Death and Mae's mourning/madness

Somehow, someone slipped up, and word got out. Naturally, this info fell into the hands of Shockwave the Dark. Knowing that the death of Drauger would actually cause an enourmous dissonance in the Planar war, most likely ending millions of lives in Demons alone, he sought to exterminate all the people in the project for the greater good of all.

Shockwave also did not want to cause extra trouble for himself. He needed to strike when Polos was most vunerable: When he and Mae were together.

An a cold night, Mae and Polos were together. They had been dating for quite some time now, and Mae's dark side had practically become non-existant. However, that was about to change. Polos seemingly tripped, and at that moment, Shockwave came out of the shadows and sliced the incubus into four separate parts, destroying him.

Upon this seemingly random act of cruelty, Mae was horrified to see that the only person she ever loved or loved her was dead. She got one good look at his killer before she went down and wept over his corpse. After hours on end of crying till she cried blood, she got up. She then noticed something cluctched in his hand.

She took it, and wiped the blood off it. It was a box. She opened it, and saw a ruby encrusted ring. She put it on her finger, and then simply said "Yes."

After that, she spairaled into a terrible depression. Her sorrow was worse than it ever was before. At this point, it seemed like the only thing she could do was die. As she slowly felt the end coming, she could feel her sorrow starting to fester. She felt the dark sorrow in her blood fester into anger. Pure, acidic, anger...

Mae the Heart Stealer

Mae had slowly become a shell of her former self. She started out big with her plans. Throughout history, Demons gained power in a very specific way: By eating the flesh of others. Mae had a specific part in mind though. The heart. Ever since the death of her boyfriend, her heart had eternally ached. She decided to return to the Abyss.

When she returned, she sought out her brother Daysin. When she found him, she took the moment for her brother to greet her to murder him brutally, then rip out his heart and eat it. as she ate her brother's still beating heart, she felt his energies flow through his body.

As she left, Daysin's "Soul" continued to linger on.

Mae returned to the material plane. Whenever she could, she would go around and rip someone's heart out, then devour it. Over time, her skin became as reistant as steel, and her abilities never stopped increasing. However, she continued to track down Shockwave, but to no success.

Relations with others


What? You think she has friends? What kind of genius are you?


  • Daysin the Incubus:Daysin the Incubus is Mae's now dead brother. That she killed by ripping out his heart. She was her first victim, and is a testament to her unending cruelty. However, even after death, he plans to stop his sister at all costs. While living, he was working with soul isolation, and found a away to keep his consciousness alive. He appears just as he did before death: A handsome Incubus with a gaping hole in his chest.
  • Polos the Incubus:Her Ex. Probably the only guyshe didn't kill. Before she turned evil, she and Polos had a very happy relationship. They had both decided to live happy, non murderous lives on the material plane. However, unknown to her, Polos waspart of a plot to usurp the Demon lord of the Dead, Drauger. Because of this, Shockwave the Dark was forced to kill Polos. Shockwave struck at the most oppurtune time: When Polos was with Mae. The sheer sight of her Boyfriend being murdered drove her to her cruel, evil, nature. She currently seeks a way to revive him, but her revenge on Shockwave takes priority.
  • Shockwave the Dark:To Shockwave, she feels a great a lust for revenge. As stated, Shockwave killed her boyfriend, and is technically responsible for her villanous madness. She went in the proccess of eating hearts simply to gather enough power to kill him. Shockwave however, sees her as no threat whatsoever.
  • Lucinda the Angelfox:Mae simply interacts with Luce for the sake of being cruel to her. She constantly threatens to steal Twilight the Lycalo from her and rip out his heart. When Luce tries to counter her insults and threats, Mae will just respond with another horrible insult to worsen it. Mae's cruelness reached a peak when she created an illusion of a murdered Twilight for the sake of pranking her, then proceeded to mortally wound (Luce regenerated though.)
  • Lulu the Demon:Lulu (and by extension, her love interest, Dusk) are just plaything in Mae's eyes. She and  
  • Transfer the Trans Hedgedragon:Transfer is another one of Mae's enemies. Like Luce and Lulu, she threatened to murder her loved one. In this case, it was Yang the Dingobat. She even transformed into Transfer in an attempt to seduce him in front of the real Transfer.
  • Vendella the Huldra Fox:Hmm? I wonder why she's listed under enemies? What could she have done to make an enemy out of Ven? Maybe she insulted her and threatened to kill her boyfriend, Metalloid the Wolverine. Good job genius!


Mae the Succubus, being over 100 years old, has a large assortment of deadly powers at her disposal. Most, if not all of her powers are based off the fact she is a succubus. However, she also has a wide assortment of dangerous weaponry and abyssal powers at her disposal, along with the combined endurance and defenses of every person who's heart she ate. She is not to be trifled with.

Super Powers

  • Deadly Kiss:The succubus signature ability. Whenever she kisses a man, she will starts quickly draining the life force of said individual. However, she made control how much she drains if any at all. Her powers are strong enough to commit cannabalism.
    • Mind Affliction:When Mae kisses a man, they are planted with a spell seal that will try and make them do whatver Mae wishes. Over time, they more they do her bidding, the more into her grasp they sink. However, she will likely kill the victim long before they fall under total control.
  • The Eyes of Beauty:Simply staring at Mae's eyes when they are glowing can put someone under her control should they be unable to resist. This control is identical to the above skill.
  • Heart Sense:Mae can naturally sense who if someone is in love/has specific romantic feelings. She can then learn who, and why, and then proceed to work this to her advantage. This ability has some unsaid limitations, however.
  • Shapeshifting:Mae can shapeshift to take the form of any female she knows about, or create one for her own uses. This illusion is very powerful, unable to be broken forcibly broken except by a high strength effect, an unable to be seen through except through high level ocularpower. When she transforms, she learns everything that the person she transformed into knows concerniung the female's biology, habits, and information about others and them selves.
  • Illusion Creation:Mae can create high level illusions that play on all the senses. These illsuions are solid, and are in almost all ways real. While she cannot hypnotize a victim, she can still have the illusions produce effect such as breathing, or bleeding. Should the illusion be of a dead person, she can have the body rot over time. These illusions can be dispelled by using a dispelling effect on them.
  • Pheremone Manipulation:Mae can manipulate the natural pheremones around her in a range of 199 feet in any way she wishes, intensifying or weakening them to make herself seem more attractive in comparison to everyone else.
  • Interdimensional Movement:Mae can travel to The Abyss and to the Ethereal Plane at will. Not only is this an effective way to travel, it makes most foes unable to catch her.
  • Oneirokinesis:Mae possesses the power to appear in dreams of individuals and control them to her will (given the dreamer is unaware they are dreaming). She will usually use this as a way to attract more victims. She retains all of her powers in the dreamscape, yet she recieves no new ones.
  • Superhuman Strength:Mae can easily rip through most metals with ease. She is no where around weak. Her estimated strength total is around 15-20 tons. She can easily kill a normal person, and tear through bone with only a slight bit of force. Even her tail can break bones with a single swipe.
  • Superhuman Flexibility:Mae's body parts are highly flexible, and she can easily bend her arms and joints better than most people alive.
  • Extreme Resilience:From years of eating thousands and thousands of hearts, her skin and bone has gotten to a point where it resists almost any form of physical attack with ease. She additionally is only effected by certain injuries (discombobulation, being punched in the sternum, solar plexus) if sufficient strength is behind it.
  • Superhuman Endurance:Mae's heart is very powerful, and her muscles produce little fatigue toxins. She can supply air to any part of her body easily, and keep fully exerting herself for hours among hours without the slightest bit of tiring.
  • Enhanced Healing:Mae heals slightly faster than normal due to the four Pink Synchro Stones imbedded in her wings. She can regenerate lost body parts at a fair pace, and re-attach any body part that's been severed by contacting it to the point of severing (this only works with certain parts though).
  • Pyrokinesis:Mae can control fire and flames with the power of her mind. She rarely uses this however. Her control over flames is not perfect at all, but still very potent. She may use existing flames, or create them herself. Her flames are a dark pink.
  • Spectrakinesis:Mae can control spectral and abyssal energies and figures quite easily (anything with a conscious can potentially resist however). She can also force painful necrosis on someone. The limit of her abilties with this skill is quite like her Pyrokinesis.
  • Flight:Mae can fly at speeds clockng around 100 MPH with her wings with good manueverability.
  • Demon Traits:Mae is immune to electrical and poison. She also possesses a natural resistance to Fire, Ice, and Acid damages. Being hit by Darkness or Love aligned energies heals her by 50% the damage the attack would have done. As a Succubus and an embodiment of Lust, she is totally immune to the effects of anything that would affect her wants and desires.
  • Enhanced Vision:In total Darkness, Mae can see in black and white for 100 meters.
  • Telepathy:Mae possesses Telepathy reaching out 130 feet. When she telepathically communicates with a creature, what she is sending is translated to the person's base language (or whatever Mae wishes).
  • Energy Sense:Mae can sense the life force of an individual.


  • Copper Synchro Stones X4:Mae posseses four copper Synchro Stones, each imbedded into hands. These increase her telepathic power greatly.
  • Pink Synchro Stones X4:Mae has four Pink Synchro Stones in her wings. These stones allow her to heal at an accelerated pace.
  • Green and Yellow Synchro Stone:Thanks to the stone imbedded in her tail, Mae can easily lower the amount of sound she makes at will. This control is imperfect however.
  • Caustic Kiss Dagger:Mae's dagger is made of Abyss Metal, and infused with caustic poison. This Poison is strong enough to kill many creatures with ease, while cause others extreme pain. It has a pale yellow Synchro Stone imbedded in it, which allows made to use her titanic defense as a massive offense for a short period of time.


Abyssal Mode

Mae can gather the latent energy of all the people who's hearts she has devoured and mix it with her own Demonic energies. The result is her transforming into a massive, six armed, multi tailed serpent creature. In this form, her abilities far exceed normal, being able to cause mass destruction easily. Additionally, her gaze can cause infatuation, paralysis and total mind control to anyone who meets it.


Mae is naturally weak to Light Energy, taking a good extra amount of damage from them. Additionally, she has a berserk button: Her boyfriend's murderer. Single-handedly, this can cause her to fly into a rage that ruins any concentration chance, amking her easier or harder to defeat depending on the abilities of her opponent.


Theme One: When will you Die? by They Might Be Giants!



Pretty much describes how everyone feels about Mae.

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