Madyson is the 3-year-old daughter of Nali the Dark and Shadow the Hedgehog, as well as the younger half-sister of Keli the Lioness and Ylva the Mouse. Madyson has the nickname Mady.
Madyson the Hedgehog
3 (5-7 in some continuities)
Nali the Dark (mother)
Shadow the Hedgehog (father)
Keli the Lioness (half-sister)
Ylva the Mouse (half-sister)
Her mother and sisters, Vector, Charmy, Espio
Shadow the Hedgehog

Madyson looks shockingly like her mother, with long black hair, snow white fur, and icy blue eyes. She wears a blue sundress most of the time. She is owned by Prez.


As with her sisters, Madyson was the accidental child of Nali, only her father being Shadow. After Charmy "accidentally" leaked her existence to Shadow, an argument popped up between her parents and it was decided she would switch between Nali (from the end of January to the end of July) and Shadow (end of July to the end of January). Mady really didn't and doesn't have a choice in this, but as soon as she can make it known she's going to live permanently with her mother and sisters.


Mady is a very practical, serious, and emo-like toddler. To see a smile on her is rare, and to actually hear her laugh is almost impossible. She is very adult like, but she does have some child in her. She is fascinated by anything to do with movies, Disney and other cartoons in particular. She believes in faith, trust, and pixie dust, and she hopes to be a voice actress someday.

Mobius: 25 Years Later

Mady, now 28, is kind as ever and has ice powers so strong she can barely control them. She is a successful voice actress, and people all over the world want her voice talents so badly they actually work around her schedule. She is still practical but retains her childlike beliefs and passion for cartoons. Mady is considering a career in music. This is her form seen in most RPs.

See Mady (MxYL)


  • Ice: She can make it snow on the hottest days and make an ice rink out of lava.
  • Child Intellegence: She's so darn smart she actually made Tails confused once.
  • Siren-Like Voice: That's right, people, I have a character that isn't a Siren but acts like one. This helps her persuade others and gives her the powers of voice manipulation.
  • Knowledge in Moviemaking: A seemingly useless trait can turn up useful.


  • Warmth: She's Ice, what do you expect?
  • Shadow: Her father, whom she calls "Mr. Emo", is her only and worst enemy.


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Sonic Adventure 2 Fanon Roleplay (in her MxYL form)

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