This is an article about Madonna/Mobius Redrawn, a character created by Konnichiku on 10/31/2015.

Madonna is a young woman from Sunflower Island who met Sonic during the Robotnik Crisis. She served as his caretaker, and soon became his friend.


She has blonde hair going down to her shoulders, and a red, short one-piece dress. She also wears red high-heels. She can be described as a "male fantasy" and "blonde bombshell".


Madonna is sweet, generous, and kind. She tries to make Sonic happy every time he sees her. She's pretty stubborn and impulsive, but that doesn't stop her from enjoying a carefree life.


Madonna was born on Sunflower Island, but moved to Central City at a young age. When she got older, she found out she had no money to spend when she moved out, and had no choice but to become a hooker. However, she was saved from this lifestyle by the Social Service, who gave her the money she needed and suggested her to become a babysitter. She became Sonic's caretaker a while after, babysitting him when his parents were in a shelter during the Robotnik invasion. She was the one who encouraged Sonic to defeat Dr. Robotnik and save Mobius. She's currently a dancer for the Sonic the Hedgehog Band.


Madonna has no powers.


Madonna can jump high and spin-kick.


As mentioned above, Madonna can spin-kick, but she has also demonstrated her skill of tracking and locating, which led to her being one of the GUN recruits that were going to take down the Black Arms.


Madonna is a mortal human, so she has all the weaknesses of one.

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