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Madoka The Light is a fan character created by GalaxyWorld27 (Known as sonicgalaxy27 on YouTube). Madoka is a female character in the Disco series who likes to protect her friends.

Cquote1 I can invent things if i want to help out my friends to stop all evil. My new home is more important then my friends Cquote2
Madoka the Light


Madoka is a Half-Alien Hedgefox with bright-yellow fur that covers her body. peach skin that covers her arms, muzzle and front torso, and cyan eyes. she has a bright-yellow tail and the tip of her tail is cyan. She also has bright-yellow/cyan bangs in her forehead and has bright yellow long hair.

For attire, Madoka wears a white formal vest and wears a green shirt with two purple shoulders inside of her vest, she also wears a brown wrist-length gloves with gold bracelets for cuffs, a purple dress and a tall purple/cyan boots on her feet with a cyan strap down the center and blue streaks.

When she takes off her gloves, she has a medium mark in the middle above her right hand that resembles her alien race and Is shape like a crescent moon. However, the mark is almost the same color as her skin.


Madoka is a smart, caring, friendly and wise girl who is very a little mature for her age. She often stay in her lab to work on experiments and inventions but she realize that staying in her lab all day it not good for her and it was convince by her friends. She mostly goes out on her own searching for samples and stuff that she needs for her inventions and weapons.

Madoka get along with her friends very well but she mostly has a bad temper sometimes when some of them can't focus straight including missions. She also never gets mad at Azmaria because she treated her daughter very well but she doesn't like when people mess with her and hurt her feelings and she tries to defend her. Madoka believe that she wants to make some changes in her life after blowing up her home planet 100 years ago along with her mother and her race. She won't forgive herself on what she did to her home planet and her race and she sometimes having a hard time making tough choices in her life and for her friends that she wants to protect. She is having a hard time on forgetting that tragic moment that she has to deal with in her home planet witch affected her life as she knows it. She and her friends wants to destroy all evil who try to get away with everything they did and she won't stand by from evil who threatens to destroy the planet. However, she also know a good way of working together with friends. Madoka realize that she can do anything in her life instead of destroying galaxies and planets and she wants to put her mind to it on focusing whats coming next for her. Due to her making new friends on planet earth, She finally accepts earth is her new home now.


100 years ago, Madoka has live on a planet called Necrom all her life when she was born. During her early age, she express a love for technology and science and she wanted to create things to make her people much happy and make the planet a better place for everyone in Necrom. However, her mother Vylus saw madoka's inventions when she show it to her. But later, Vylus called it trash and garbage after she destroyed her first invention when she blast it through her hands and she call madoka a embarrassment and a failure for making a invention called the sunlight machine. However, Madoka show Vylus another invention she made called the Mega Blaster 3000 witch turn any objects bigger only. Later, Vylus see what it does and she doesn't like it and called her a completed garbage. So, she blast her second invention and destroy it and ask the guards to lock her up in the dungeon for 3 weeks without any used of her inventions and sciences stuff in the dungeon. Vylus wanted Madoka to stop making inventions and sciences stuff witch she really wanted her to do is to be evil and rule the planet earth and the galaxies with her. later on after Madoka release from her dungeon cell, Madoka wants to try to gain her mother's approval about helping her race and the planet witch Vylus later agree to if Madoka rule the galaxies and planet earth with Vylus. But, Madoka refuse not to twice. Vylus sees the people on planet earth and called them nothing but worms and insects and they should be erase from existence hinting that she plan to destroyed it. However, She still called her own daughter a embarrassment and a failure for not agreeing to her. However, Madoka started to take action and realize that her mother has gone too far of controlling everything in Planet Necrom and treating Madoka as her slave. Madoka hated her mother because she wants to control everything and take on planet earth and other galaxies. Madoka step down and plan to stop her mother and her crew for getting away for destroying planet earth. However, Her mother Vylus and her crew build a giant cannon planning to target earth as her next target because she wants the planet to die for her own choice. Later, Madoka destroys the cannon that Vylus crew made because she believes its unfair for people on earth have to suffer the fate from her race and she wants to keep the peace from other worlds with no destruction and evil. After she destroys that giant cannon, Madoka planning to make an escape from her home planet and set a course to earth in to her escape pod, but later her mother try to stop her by grabbing her leg and forbid her for leaving the planet. She kicked Vylus in the face and started to get in the escape pod as she could. She used the doom day device to blow up her home planet along with her mother Vylus and her own species making her the last of her race. She also believes that she had to destroyed her home planet in case her mother and her crew won't find her because her race has a huge grudge against planet earth and there race.


Real Soon.

Powers & Abilities

For not having any type of superpowers and all, Madoka used her natural abilities and her brain by creating weapons, swords, and gears for herself in order to help her friends out on any endangerment occasions such as finding rare stuff and fight stronger foes. However, Madoka don't have that much gadgets in her lab and she mostly invents new ones so she can defend herself and her friends.

Madoka has a ability called immortality and she makes herself immortality and she can live forever and doesn't age like Azmaria and Yuki who doesn't age as well.

Inventions made by Madoka

  • Azmaria the Hedgehog. {{C|Creation/Daughter}}
  • Freeze Ray. {{C|Freeze Enemies}}
  • The Super Giga Ray. {{C|Make things bigger including people}}
  • Love Potion Serum. {{C|Falls in love with anyone}}
  • Super Hypno Clock. {{C|Mind Control Anyone}}
  • The Emerald Radar. {{C|searches for the chaos emeralds/ astro emeralds}}
  • Time Remote. {{C|Send anyone back in time}} (Destroyed).
  • The dumbbell machine. {{C|Makes Anyone Dumb}}
  • The Speed Mk 7. {{C|Ride a Plane}}
  • Ultra Sonic Rocket Boots. {{C|Same color boots she wears and lets her fly with her rocket boots}} (Destroyed)
  • The Buster Key. {{C|Opens any lock in the city}}
  • Shock Collar. {{C|It Electrocutes anyone if someone wears it on there necks}}
  • The StopWatch Clock. {{C|It Freeze Time and everything in the world}} (Destroyed)


"ow ow ow ow that hurts."
—When she gets clawed by one of the crabs on her toes and fingers when she try to escape from them.
"Oh no my lab."
—When her lab gets destroyed.
"Everyone i have invented something that can knock your socks off. Wanna see?"
—She tells everyone what did she invented in her lab.
"Ah, this is so relaxing. "
—She relax on the beach.
"Disco. you and Sonny go get the astro emerald in the cave. I'll cover you guys."
—She tells the both of them to get the astro emerald in the cave.
"Geez another fail experiment. Just great. "
—Her inventions fail completely.
"No my boots. they are ruined."
—When her boots gets destroyed by a strong blast.
"If we can try to defeat Dr Eggman and his robots, we need to think of a strategy."
—She's telling Disco, Sonny, and Jin about her plan on defeating Eggman.
"I'm ok Joshua, i just sprain my ankle thats all. OW!"
—She is in pain when she sprain her ankle.
"Thank you my friends. The city is safe at last. Your home is my home now."
—She is thankful for her friends and finally accepts earth is her new home now.
"Well, its Friday morning now. We should get this area clean up."
—Madoka is telling everyone and her friends to clean up half of the city area when it was destroyed by Eggman & his robots.
"Eggman. I'm not gonna let you roboticized Azmaria. I won't let you get away with this."
—She is speaking to Eggman on her computer lab monitor.
"Look, a UFO"
—She warned her friends that she saw a UFO in the sky.
"Nice shot Disco. That was a amazing hit right there."
—She tell's Disco about hitting the volleyball with a great shot while on the beach.
"I will analyze some data on that new airship so I can find out where the entrance is at."
—Madoka tells Disco and Sonny, that she will scan some data to find the entrance in the big airship.
"Uh, guys we got company"
—She warned Disco and Sonny that 12 robots saw them and ready to attack them.
"I may not have any powers like my friends, but I can still kill you with my lazer gun Shio "
—Madoka is about to fight Shio while using one of her inventions.
"Thanks Rex, you really cover me back there."
—Madoka thanking Rex for helping her out on her research.
"Hey Joshua, have you seen my phone anywhere?"
—She ask Joshua if she sees her phone, while she is on the beach.
"Hey. Cut it out, it tickles it tickles it tickles. Ha ha ha ha."
—Madoka got capture and being extremely tickled by one of Eggman's tickled machine.
"Well Joshua, I used to live in a secret warehouse when I first arrive on this planet with a escape pod, but I used to steal some stuff back then in order for me to stay alive and healthy. "
—Madoka tell Joshua that she used to live in a secret warehouse.
"Look i'm really busy here."
—She tell Joshua that she is really busy.
—Madoka tell everyone to get out of her lab.
"Hey let go of it. Its not yours."
—She tells one of her foes to let go of the Astro emerald.
"Well, the clothes that i'm wearing right now. I only have three pairs of them."
—She tells Joshua, that she has three pairs of her everyday outfit.


  • She loves to make apple pie.
  • The reason Madoka still look very young over the years because she takes good care of her skin and fur.
  • Madoka has a real alien form witch has not been shown. She hates her true form and she decided to stick with her current appearance instead.
  • Sometime in the 1960s She went to a university to study science.
  • She and Azmaria are extremely ticklish when both of them got capture by Dr.Eggman and they were put in the ticklish machine witch has two straps to hold down there hands and has robotic arms for each chairs and hold down both there ankles and with feathers to tickle there barefoot and tickling there stomach with robotic arms. However, they were capture because they refuse to tell where the Astro emeralds are.
  • Madoka name doesn't have no meaning.
  • Madoka is immortality and she made herself immortality a long time ago.
  • She has more then one outfit. However, she only has 5 outfits.
  • It was revealed that she is afraid of crabs because of there claws and she hates getting clawed by them.
  • Madoka has a yellow spell book that she once had and it has some strong magic powers in it and she wants to become a wizard in a different realm. However, she later bury the book in a foggy forest because she realize its too dangerous for somebody to used it and she notice that it will cause corruption and errors in different dimensions if the book is not destroyed properly.
  • Madoka is also scared of poisonous scorpions.
  • Unlike actual aliens, She doesn't have the ability to grow back her arms and legs or ears when they get chop off.
  • It is currently unknown what her actual alien species is called. However in the Dragon Ball franchise, Piccolo species was called Namekian and Frieza race has no naming race in the anime series colloquially. In the Malaysian dub of Dragon Ball Z: Cooler's Revenge movie, the name of Frieza's race is Glaeris and the name is most likely a pun on Glacier, which fits with the race's cold themed naming scheme quite well. However, they are considered to be part of an Alien race, In Sonic X anime, Cosmo and her species also has no naming race. But, They are known on the Internet and by fans as Seedrians. The origin of this term is unknown, though presumably inspired by their plant-like nature and creatures. However, the name is currently unofficial in the anime. As a species of anthropomorphic plants, Cosmo's species could be seen as an opposite or a counterpart to Sonic's species, who are anthropomorphic animals. Madoka has not mention her alien race name to her friends after she revealed that she is a alien from space.
  • For some reason, she has blue blood in her body instead of red blood.
  • Madoka doesn't have any friends back in her planet. After she arrive on planet earth a while ago, she made one female friend for the first time in the 1960s. it is unknown if her friend is alive or dead.
  • Madoka has a small mark in the middle above her right hand that resembles her alien race possibly and Is shape like a crescent moon. However, when she is not wearing her gloves while she is in her swimsuit or her pajamas outfits, her crescent moon mark on her hand is a bit visible.
  • Out of all females who is not smart, Madoka is the first female Sonic fan character who is a female scientist.
  • She traveled 30 million light years away from her home planet.
  • Madoka tell everyone and claims that she only has 2 pairs of her everyday outfit she wears. However, she also have a few other outfits instead of her default one.


Madoka test something on joshua

Madoka is doing a test on Joshua..

Madoka dress-0

Madoka fall season outfit.


Modern Madoka outfit

Modern Madoka Pose

Madoka while she is holding her laptop. Artwork by me.

Madoka Barefoot.-0

Madoka without her boots and gloves

Madoka's everyday outfit

Madoka modern outfit

Madoka Swimsuit

Madoka's swimsuit


Madoka's playing volleyball with her friends at the beach.

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