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This is a page about Madison the Hedgeguin, a character created by Wikikinetic

Madison is an umbrakinetic hedgeguin who wavers between being reasonably positive and helpful (normally) and being depressed and panicking (when being bullied or when her umbrakinetic powers go out of control). As such, she's a bit of a wildcard, since she might be very useful to a project one minute and be actively detrimental to it the next minute…something that her friends and siblings know only too well.


Madison is a female hedgeguin with black fluff. She also has gray markings on her chest and arms in a pattern resembling that of a Magellanic penguin. She has four long and very thin quills that are parallel to each other horizontally and closely aligned vertically, as they all start about halfway down her head and hang down to her waist. Her hands have the hedgeguin sixth digit, which, on her hands, lies down flat against her hand. She has gray eyes and a longish, slightly-curved beak.

For clothing, she wears a sleeveless shirt, shorts, sneakers, and fingerless gloves, all light gray. Her gloves have a small hole in between her middle finger and ring finger for her sixth digit to stick through. Unlike her older brother Tranq, who wears light gray clothing because he thinks that it looks cool, Madison wears gray clothing because it's the only color that she feels comfortable wearing. This is caused by the fact that she tends to subconsciously use her umbrakinetic powers on herself, causing any colored clothing of hers to change saturation sporadically, which she finds creepy. As a result, all of her clothing is gray so that its saturation level will always remain the same: at 0.


Normally, Madison is fairly positive, and is willing to help out anyone who needs help, using her wide variety of random skills to help them out. However, she also has very low self-esteem, and if she is bullied or has cause for alarm (usually due to her umbrakinetic powers in the latter case), she may start panicking and using her umbrakinesis at random. She'll also usually feel depressed and useless in such cirumstances, something that requires one of her older friends or siblings to make her snap out of. When she can return to her normal state, however, she'll become friendly and positive again.

Strengths and Weaknesses

Madison has incredibly strong umbrakinetic powers, allowing her to decrease the brightness level of and sometimes even completely hide objects by cloaking them in shadows. The catch is that Madison will often use them at random when something bothers her, such as by hiding Dave's third arm when she first saw it due to its perceived creepiness (in Skid the Hedgehog: School Survival/Act 1). In particular, people can maliciously cause Madison to activate her powers and cause problems via that. Fortunately, the opposite is true as well: people who want to help Madison can cause her to make her powers stop going haywire. In such cases, she may be able to use her powers productively, and when she can do so, she can be an incredibly useful asset to a team.


Madison had a hard time from when she was 5 to around when she was 13. Her susceptibility to bullying made her an easy target, particularly for one Jack the Porcupine. As such, she spent a lot of those eight years in school feeling depressed and having to continually be saved from trauma by her older brother, Tranq. Nobody ever knew how much of a hard time she was having, though; firstly, because she'd always minimize the experiences of it to her parents, as she didn't want anything seriously bad to happen to the bullies, no matter how badly they treated her, and secondly, because Tranq never saw the worst of the incidents, as the bullies knew that he was absolutely not an easy target and so they should steer clear of him. This meant that Madison spent eight years getting not more constantly unhappy about her life, but more sporadic and thus more likely to suddenly become incredibly unhappy under pressure…which, in turn, made her an easier target and thus more likely to be bullied. The loop was broken when Madison was 13, and Jack, now 18, left for college, never to be heard from again. The emotional effects still remained, however, and when Madison left for the Kaio-Ken Fighting Academy one year later for high school, she still had that residual trauma lingering in the background…


This character's sixstat code is 133642

  • Health: 1 – Madison has low resistance to damage.
  • Damage: 3 – Madison theoretically can do a considerable amount of damage with her umbrakinesis. By the same token, her umbrakinetic powers could also yield very low results. As such, her overall damage comes out to around average.
  • Speed: 3 – Madison's movement speed is about average.
  • Reflexes: 6 – Madison is incredibly perceptive, sometimes so perceptive that it annoys people around her. This is certainly useful for collecting information, though.
  • Intelligence: 4 – Madison has above-average intelligence and is able to come up with reasonably good plans at reasonably good speeds.
  • Regen: 2 – Madison has below-average regeneration.


  • Tranq the Hedgeguin: Madison's older brother. Tranq was usually the one who had to defend her when incidents of bullying occurred or to calm her down afterwards when he wasn't there to help her stay calm during a spot of bullying. He still has to do this whenever Madison has trouble, and is pretty good at it. Tranq's incredible aptitude at helping Madison in this way makes her look up to him, as she wishes that she could be as calm and comforting as he is.
  • Sandy the Leopard: One of Tranq's friends, and, to a lesser extent, one of Madison's friends. Madison admires Sandy for being able to stay positive and energetic at all times…or at least that's how Madison sees it. Sandy isn't actually the best at keeping her cool and gets flustered easily, but the fact that she only visibly seems embarrassed under stress makes Madison look up to her as a role model, in much the same way that Madison looks up to Tranq.
  • Jack the Porcupine: Before he went to college, when he used to be incredibly obnoxious, Jack used to bully Madison, since she was a prime target for bullying due to her low self-esteem. For obvious reasons, Madison didn't like Jack at the time. After Jack left to go to college, Madison hasn't really thought much about him.

Fun Facts

  • Madison initially came into existence because the eight-year age gap between Tranq and Opal was one that I thought was one that wouldn't have happened for the particular family that they were in, and that their parents would have had another child in between the two. This child was merged with another character who I had been developing, ultimately causing Madison to exist.
  • Madison was the first of my characters to get a Relationships section.