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Madeleine the Chinchilla is a child born to members of the upper crust of the Fenris Combine; her father serving as one of the heads of the air defense forces as a general of transport & logistics. Despite her extreme youth; Madeleine has made an impact on those around her family simply through her adorable fascination with her father's industry.


Small and round thanks to a combination of baby fat & fluffy fur; Madeleine's bright red fur is contrasted by a white furred muzzle and belly, with those traditional mousey ears and a bushy tail. Her hair, grown long and kept messy by childhood playing and exploration; is light purple; while her pastel pink eyes seem to glisten in the wonders of those just above infancy.


Madeline wears a little playsuit, tailored to her and styled in a cut that often brings out expressions of doting adoration from friends of her parents. White, purple and pink; Madeleine normally seems to dislike shoes, with any attempt to put them on her resulting in the items being strewn around.



Due to her age, much of Madeleine's current skills are the restricted ones of a child. She plays and she cries and she can read basic books, her ability to speak still sometimes slipping into the faintest relics of babytalk and a lot of mispronounced words. However; Madeleine's parents often take joy in surprising guests with her recently revealed ability to generate small electrical sparks from her fingers; a remarkably early display of electrokinesis for a country where such powers are not an everyday part of life. While both parents possess similar powers, Madeleine's new discovery may point to great things; though nobody is totally sure.

It is also of great interest to many that Madeleine has shown a lasting interest in her father's role connected to the air force. She seems to have a fascination with flying and aircraft; to the point where she gets grumpy when she can't go and look at "Daddy's hair-o-planers" at least once every few days.







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