Macy the Vigoroth is a bounty hunter, known for her skill as a pilot, mechanic, and for her fierce neutrality.

Macy the Vigoroth

Biographical Information
Romantic Interestspending
Physical Description
  • Fur: Gold, w/ brown skin
  • Hair: Orange
  • Eyes: Black
  • Blue & black skin-tight tank-top w/ exposed cleavage
  • Blue & black skin-tight pants
  • Brown knee-height boots
  • Belt
  • Black fingerless gloves
  • Armbands & bangles
  • Everstone necklace
Political Alignment and Abilities
AffiliationsBounty Hunter's Guild
  • Possesses the genetic abilities Shuffle and Vital Spirit
  • Skilled pilot
  • Talented mechanic
  • Pokemon-type Omnikinesis
  • Skilled marksman
  • Trained tattoo artist
  • Jackhammer Arms
Other Information
American V.A.
Japanese V.A.
Theme Song(s)
Original CreatorFlashfire212


At roughly average Mobian height, Macy is a lean, Mobianised Vigoroth, and is considered attractive by almost all Mobian standards, with an impressive hourglass figure that would put many of those considered Mobius' most attractive to the test. With a full-head of flowing orange-red hair, defined but not obvious muscles, and the gold fur and brown skin of a shiny Vigoroth, plus a set of self-designed tattoos across her right arm, Macy is clearly one-of-a-kind.


Macy is renowned amongst many Mobian groups, not as a bounty hunter, but for her choice of clothing. Her wardrobe consists of mostly tight, revealing pieces that she wears for everyday use, swimwear, armor, and more. These clothes typically are colored in ways that work with her golden fur and orange-red hair.

Traditionally, she wears a blue & black tank top and pants, both skin-tight and revealing as much skin as is allowable, plus brown boots, a belt, black fingerless gloves and an array of bangles, armbands, bracers and the like. She always wears an Everstone necklace, to prevent herself from evolving and losing both her physique and her desire to continue with her lifestyle.


Early History

Macy was born to a normal Mobian family, out near the main United Federation naval docks. Her father was an active lynx, famed in the region as a party king and a skilled fighter, who could fight and win even when inebriated or had his senses distorted. Her mother, on the other hand, was a fat, lazy Slaking who lacked the motivation to do much more than the bare minimum in housework to keep her family afloat. As a child, Macy wasn't interested in sports or partying, but trained regularly at her father's insistence, hoping to become like her mother, whom was described as having once been an attractive, excitable Vigoroth in her youth.

As such, soon after her entrance to high school, her physically unassuming Slakoth form and the laziness associated with it suddenly vanished, replaced by a body that, for her thirteen years, was well-developed and well-endowed. As she grew older, this remained, with her father making sure she had an Everstone necklace, in order to prevent his daughter following his wife down the large path that she seemed to dread.

Bounty Hunting

High school sports, combat training and parties soon consumed Macy's life. She trained rapidly with the school and her dad, and attended parties thrown by other students regularly. With her twin genetic abilities, she proved that it was impossible for her NOT to fit in at parties, with her combat skills working hand-in-hand with her father's genetic ability, plus the ability to choose when she would sleep possessed by all Vigoroth.

Soon after she graduated, her father suggested bounty hunting as a career, and began to teach his daughter the skills he had amassed, both in weapons-based combat and in mechanics. Instantly, she began to swallow up the information he gave her, and more. He revealed that he'd always been an active bounty hunter, while her mother had hidden that from their children, saying that their father was a traveling salesman. He began to take Macy with him on simplistic missions, but soon she had a name for herself, hunting simple marks and retaining the ability to take a target alive, not always dead.

At twenty-one, she joined the Bounty Hunter's Guild, and was instantly offered places in about six different all-male teams. She declined each and every one. She continued her simple missions, bringing in simple money. Then came the Acorn Kingdom. Intrigued by her appearance and the reports of the young Vigoroth's skills, she was offered a job - to disrupt a meeting of the Dark Freedom Fighters, a team stylized after the Freedom Fighters of old but aiming to destroy the United Federation, and destroy one of the members, a rebuilt Mecha Tails. Intrigued by the mission, she accepted and headed off to the location marked - the ruins of an old fortress used by Eggman. Silently, she entered the fortress and saw the gang, no other name would fit. They had mobbed together, and she could see the Mecha Tails unit riling the crowd up for an attack against her home town. Angered, she silently snuck into the crowd, and then attacked. Her strikes came thick and fast, forcing the crowd back in fear of the sudden assault. The Mecha Tails, however, held it's ground, expecting an easy victory against what it felt was 'a G.U.N. threat'. At that point, she activated an array of smoke bombs on wireless detonators scattered around the crowd, forcing them out in a panic, before slamming into the robot repeatedly with an array of physical attacks, finally finishing it with a burst of Dark energy, a form she had never been able to use before. Gathering the head of the robot, she returned to the Acorn Kingdom. Astonished that she had completed their mission alone, they more than paid her fee, but also included an old, medium battle tank from the Great War. Delighted, Macy accepted, and for the next six months, she spent her time rebuilding and upgrading the tank until she produced her personal transport, the medium tank Fervor. From that point on, Macy has been one of the most sought-after bounty hunters on Mobius.


As with many Mobianised Pokemon, Macy possesses two genetic abilities. In her case, these have proven useful many times with her party girl nature. One of the two, Shuffle, allows her to randomize her attacks whenever her senses are altered by any non-natural means, either through intoxication or through an attack by an opponent. Vital Spirit grants her the ability to prevent her body from becoming fatigued in combat, instead sleeping for extended periods of time when she gets the chance to restore her strength. Each of these abilities allow for her to continue fighting even when her opponent thinks she's been removed from the battle.

As a Mobianised Pokemon, Macy is an omnikinetic, who accesses her powers through an as-of-yet uncertain method, like all others. However, she specializes in elementless techniques, which make up the majority of her techniques. She is known to possess a power known as Jackhammer Arms, which gives her the ability to vibrate her arms like a jackhammer, increasing the force of any punches or blows with her arms against a harder surface like Earth or Metal.

Outside of combat, Macy has a variety of skills in her advantage. She's a talented mechanic and pilot, having rebuilt a tank and then upgraded it beyond what was expected, creating her main mission unit with reclaimed technology. She has also been known to use a variety of other vehicles and modes of transport when needed. On top of that, she is a trained tattoo artist, known for designing her own tattoos as well as giving some of the other bounty hunters theirs.

Weapon-wise, Macy prefers not to be armed but to use her abilities instead. However, when she is armed, she is known to be a brilliant marksman capable of shooting at a level rivaling most G.U.N. agents. Her skill with melee weapons is known to be of a similar caliber, with Macy seen bearing a gold poleaxe into battle.

However, Macy is restrained by her weaknesses. Despite her love of elementless attacks, and her expertise in them, some techniques of a higher combat caliber pose a great threat to her, which may possibly be one reason why she prefers to counter those techniques in close.

Electric Abilities

Earth Abilities

Dark Abilities

Wind Abilities

Water Abilities

Elementless Abilities

Signature Abilities

Gyro Slasher - Often used while the opponent is distracted, or while partying. Using a dance-style opening, Macy starts herself spinning, slashing her opponent repeatedly with every spin. This typically lasts up to thirty seconds, and leaves her disoriented, activating Shuffle.


Macy is known for her skill in mechanics, and this was never clearer than her rebuild of an old Acorn Kingdom Atlas-class Medium Tank, which she christened the Fervor. In her modifications, she removed the 55mm cannon and the turreted machine gun, replacing each piece. The cannon was upgraded to a 75mm cannon, capable of firing off a wide-array of shells, with a secondary laser cannon fitted on a 90 degree rotation point above it to deal with larger forces. She also upgraded the engines for a maximum speed of 70km/h, and refit the command area from a crew of three to a crew of one, for herself. The rear section of the tank, which normally held a small armored compartment for the storage of the ammunition, was altered to hold a statis tube, capable of holding an unconscious or deceased body near-indefinitely, to enable her skill to take bounties both dead or alive. It also has a storage rack for her poleaxe, and slots for any other weapons she may require, while the cannon ammunition is stored in an auto-loading compartment beneath the pilot compartment.

Macy is also known for using a customized windsurfer, both for enjoyment and moderate-distance ocean travel.


Macy is a hyperactive party-girl, constantly on a high and only ever serious when on a job. She was known to use her physical attractiveness to 'bribe' her way past guards, and even from time-to-time use it to gain a greater bounty reward. Due to this, some of her missions have involved her using her feminine traits to get close to highly-placed people. However, she also enjoyed using her feminine charms in order to fill some of her more carnal desires, regularly flirting with and sleeping with other bounty hunters.

One of Macy's greatest traits was her loyalty to friends, and lack-of-any towards political groups/organizations. She has been known to repair, restore and rebuild other bounty hunter's vehicles, often in exchange for other 'favors'. She also has been known to work with other hunters, and although this is a rarity, has been known to work with other hunters to create an elite force for hire. However, unlike numerous other hunters, who are known for their preferences towards certain organizations and groups, Macy refuses to align with anyone, preferring to remain neutral to all but her fellow hunters.

One of Macy's biggest fears is to evolve, fearing the loss of her feminine charm and energy and becoming a fat, lazy woman who seems to only be good for having children, despite the massive power her evolution possesses.



  • Salik Raveshaw - A bounty hunter with a similar lack of allegiance and of similar skill to his female friend, although they have to coordinate in an attempt to avoid ending up on the same job.







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