Macro the Giant Hedgehog


Also known as
Big Mac, Jolly Green Giant (by Bubblegum), Mr. Heavy-Mountain Man (by Klinx)
Giant Hedgehog
20 ft 1 in
18,000 lbs
Colossus Zone
April 18
Student, taking online classes
Games, Dr. Pepper, pie, kids, ice cream, lasagna
Conflict, raspberry


Macro is generally laid back and an all around nice guy. He pretty much counteracts Slash with his peaceful solutions to problems and calm demeanor. He is helpful and tries to do whatever he can. On some occasions he may be a bit clumsy, this is more likely to happen when he's in a strange place. Many people are scared of Macro because of his size, but he really wants people to like him and wouldn’t hurt anyone. He is very gentle and doesn't even like to fight, but he will if it involves a bad guy. The fact that he makes other people nervous actually makes him nervous. He is sometimes awkward in new social situations, acting shy, but he usually opens up rather quickly. Anytime someone else is nervous he tries to make them feel better and more comfortable, especially others who may feel like out-casts.

Physical Characteristics


Macro is a green hedgehog with two long spines on the back of his head. He also has a tuft of hair on top of his head and relatively tall ears. His eyes are purple and he has fluffy white fur on his chest.


Macro originally just wore a pair of blue boots with a grey stripe down them and basic white gloves.

Now he wears brown boots, bandages around his knees, a dark blue vest, and his same gloves. He wears the bandages to help him since he has to bend down so much.


Macro's mannerisms could be described as cautious, especially when indoors. He keeps his arms to himself and sometimes crosses his legs while standing. They're especially awkard or unsure if he feels like people are looking at him, which they usually are when they don't know him. Along with this he sometimes has minor instances of stammering when he's uncomfortable.


Macro has several standard hedgehog abilities such as spin jump and spin dash, as well as some moves of his own like the slide kick and stomp. His kicks can do a good bit of damage without much movement due to his size. Given how much he weighs his stomp can also shake his opponents. He has a long range attack in his ability to throw heavy objects such as large boulders.

He also has all of the normal advantages that would come with size such as being very strong and able to jump high. He serves as a make-shift flight character for Team Weasel by lifting his team mates up to higher places and being able to step higher himself. Also, he is able to juggle. He's not technically "fast" but is able to keep up with relatively fast Mobians by being able to cover large distances.

With regards to weaknesses it goes without saying that he’s a large target, thus it’s hard for him to dodge attacks. This is especially bad in tight spaces which occur more often than not since the world isn’t geared towards people his size. Consequently he is unable to move quickly.



  • Run Skill - Technically speaking, Macro isn't that fast of a runner. But his size more than makes up for it by allowing him to cover large distances easily. Runskill
  • Dash Skill - He lunges forward with a large step.
  • Jump Skill - He is capable of jumping an impressive distance into the air and can curl into a spin while doing so. Jumpskill
  • Air Action - Catch. He can bring himself down into a heavy landing that crushes enemies. (Used in SRB2 as "Stomp")
  • Guard Skill - Though he's an easy to hit target, he also has very good defense.
  • Heal Skill - He's better at resisting attacks than recovering from them.


  • 1st Attack -
  • 2nd Attack -
  • 3rd Attack -
  • Heavy Attack -
  • Upper Attack -
  • Dash Attack -
  • Air Attack -
  • Aim Attack -

Special Attacks

  • Spin Dash Spindash
  • Slide Kick Slidekick
  • Stomp Stomp
  • Rock Throw Rockthrow


Early Life

Macro’s birthplace and parents are unknown, however; it is assumed that he is from an alternate dimension or zone where everyone is his size. He was found as a baby in a small rural town by a young lynx couple named John and Miyu Winters. They found him right outside their door and as they did they saw a wormhole close which caused them to theorize he was from another dimension. They loved him and raised him as their own and decided to homeschool him.

Team Weasel

He had a fairly uneventful childhood until one day he saved some animals who had been captured by Dr. Eggman. This made Eggman mad and he tricked bounty hunter, Slash the Cat into going after Macro. Later Macro ended up being swindled out of his money by Klinx, then Macro, Slash, and Klinx all met up and there was a confrontation, but they eventually found out that Slash had been set up by Eggman. At Klinx’s direction the three joined together as a team to take down Eggman (*cough*Sonic Heroes*cough*). And Klinx did end up having to give Macro his money back. He now lives in Station Square with Klinx and Slash.


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Klinx the Weasel

Macro and Klinx are best friends. They are frequently seen together, notably with Klinx riding on Macro's shoulder. Klinx has gotten Macro into trouble on many occasions by talking him into stuff.

Slash the Cat

Slash and Macro are good friends and allies. Slash wants to train Macro to be a fighter, although he doesn't want to.

Kudari the Wolf

One day Macro found Kudari, a wolf the same size as he was. He soon discovered that she was from his home zone and had been transported here by her former best friend who had always been jealous of her. Macro and Kudari quickly became friends as he helped her get back home.

Sparky The Hedgehog

Sparky met Macro and the rest of Team Weasel in "New Years Madness". Sparky was frightened at first, but he quickly warmed up to Macro. Sparky admires Macro's calm manner and enjoys old Disney movies as much as he does.

Ditzy the Weasel

Ditzy is Team Weasel's dim-witted neighbor who lives in the same apartment building as them. He seriously freaks Macro out ("What's with his eyes?"). Ditzy has taken to a strange habit of saying "Howdy, neighbor!" to Macro, everywhere.

Gicandice the cat

Gicandice met him while she was rampaging through Station Square. She mistook him for Scourge (who killed her mother). She was going to attack him until he told her he was not him, nor was he related to him. Gicandice then started chatting with him and offered to feed him, unfortunately they are on different sides. Macro is on G.U.N's and the Mobians side and Gicandice is on the A.M.A's (Anti Mobian Army) side.

Burn "Fire" Hedgehog

Burn meets Macro a few times as a rival. While he is a rival, he treats Macro as a friend.

Roleplay Appearances

The Park

The Way Past Cool Party


Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing

Evil Kimiko

Elemental Tourney

Lost in the Labyrinth

Christmas Morning

Oregon Trail

Capture the Flag

Trouble in Paradise

A Jeeperchomp Whodunit

13.The Christmas Games!

New Year Madness

Sonic Fanon Colors

A Cardboard Box


~"The military!? B-b-but I hate conflict." - Said when Darkstorm tried to enlist him in his army. (The Way Past Cool Party)

~"We have ice cream! Nothing's boring with ice cream!" - (POOL PARTY!!!)

~"Oh man, that monster's as big as I am!" - (Lost in the Labyrinth)


  • Macro was the first one of Maryxgil's characters to be playable in a game (she made a playable mod of him for SRB2).
  • Macro's theme song is Gentle Giant by Finneus.


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