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It was going to happen eventually. Sometimes, you just can't have your main character be a human. MaxIrvaron, being the thinker he is, thought of something that'd help him. And here it is; a fursona version of Max, strictly Mackenzie the Tiger. Note that some of this page is copied directly from Max Irvaron. Without further ado, let's go, amigos!


Mackenzie Hartley stands at 3'3 as a child and 3'9 as a young adult, about average height for a Mobian. He also weighs 69 lbs. when young and 83 lbs. at 19, which is heavily influenced by the workout he gets while fighting. This lesser weight makes him very light-footed.

Mac has dark hazel-colored eyes that don't really have anything special about them, but they match with his fur and kind of blend with his skin color.

Speaking of his skin color... it's just a normal Spanish tan. It lights up a bit when he goes into his forms, but stays the same color as normal if he isn't going 100% in his forms.

His ears are always a little perked up, but that doesn't matter, considering that his slick, bangless brown hair covers most of them up. His eyebrows are kinda bushy, but not that much. His nose looks faint and not that special, and his mouth is smaller than the normal one is. His arms are average; not really jiggly, not really wavy. He's light on the thighs; other that that, he's got normal legs.

His hair is brown, and it goes off to the sides of his head, making him bang-less. He also has a rather long brown/white tail and retractable claws that he can use in daily life.

Mac has a great body physique, thanks to his workout. His trademark outfit is a yellow, long-sleeve jacket his a red undershirt that says "YO" in white, bold letters under it. He likes to wear grey shorts, along with black 'n white shoes.

When Mac transforms into TAI (standing for Tranquil Awesomeness Incarnate), his hair turns cyan, and his jacket goes into an overall white hue along with some blue where the black was. His shoes stay the same, but his fur becomes a light blue.


Mac is an eccentric snarker who is prone to saying the wrong things at the wrong moments. He tells people off constantly about how they mess up, unless he either has some form of respect for them or gets the feeling he'll be better off without doing so. He has a bit of a short temper, which is quite hypocritical because he is usually trying to help people improve (though he is not always the nicest doing so).

He can sometimes be quick to respond and jump to conclusions under stress, and is a risk-taker. He'll sometimes judge a friend falsely, or see an enemy as a close pal. Because of this, he usually has Kennedy assist him in making the big and important decisions. This isn't good, considering he feels incompetent when he realizes that he's wrong.

However, Mac does have his strengths. When calmed and clear-minded, he'll be able to observe the target carefully before proceeding with a plan. Also, while he may seem like a jerk, he is actually very compassionate to his friends and tries to make them happy.

And then there's his attitude. Oh god, his attitude. He might not be a total grump, but he's certainly not Mister Sunshine either, quipping when he really shouldn't and making remarks even when danger is staring him straight in the face. This may put off some people, but really, if you get to know him, you might find this part of him making him fearless and charming.

Also, Mac is a flirt. He thinks someone's hot, he hits on them - that's how he rolls. This may make some see him as a plain and simple womanizer - and they'd be correct. However, he can easily fluster and charm many individuals with weak minds easily.

The thing about Mac is that he knows his limits. He knows his flaws, and tries to improve. Sometimes. Really, how he acts depends on the people he's around.

Despite this rather... annoying personality he has, he demonstrates good leadership qualities for Team Mask when he realizes that the situation is more than he can handle. Though he was pretty brash in the beginning, he found out he actually had competent allies on his team, and he should take advantage of that. Mac likes to consider everyone's thoughts before going forth with a big decision, and lets others joining him in thinking about it.

At first, Mac became a vigilante/criminal because he wanted to avenge Marlee and all that shtick. However, he's since grown past that, so you may wonder, why is he this way? Well, the truth is - at this point, it's less about helping others, and more about having a good time with your abilities. Making other peoples' lives easier is just an extra bonus.


Notable Backstory, Anyone?

Mac was born to two wealthy people named Christian Hartley and Mia Olivia-Hartley. While this isn't the strangest case of "multi-baby birth" ever, Mac was born the middle child of three triplets. Growing up, they weren't famous, though the three always believed that rich = famous, but were instead being taught manners and being sent to boarding schools because their parents didn't want them to fall under the "spoiled brat" category of children. This is where Max learned compassion.

Now, besides that, their childhood was boringly average. Nothing super special to mention. Until this happened.

When they were all 10, Marlee, Mac's younger triplet sister, was captured for ransom. By the time the police was called and they got the negotiation ready, the kidnapper had already cut off two of Marlee's arms.

While Camille, the older triplet sister, was filled with rage, this was a traumatizing experience for Mac. He had seen his younger sister armless. If you were 10, wouldn't you be crying?

Yes, Marlee got cybernetic arms (and if you were wondering why Marlee gave Mac those gloves, it was because she wouldn't need them and Camille didn't care), but even to this day, Mac turns on anyone who dares to do something he would hate to him, because you never know if that person is just a kidnapper on a less deadly scale.

However, this experience also furthered his kindness. He is kind to people in need, because he doesn't want to see anyone suffer in the way Marlee did.

The Curse of Day

It'd been a few weeks after Luna's defeat, and everything was way more chill now. Mac had gotten to know Alexia lot more... along with Terra. Worrying that too much time with Terra would make Alexia really uptight like her, Mac presented her with a fun idea - they'd go on a vacation to Westopolis together! Though Terra didn't like the idea of Alexia going to another city with the trigger-happy Mac in the slightest, Alexia argued that it'd most likely be a fun experience, so she was able to go.

They headed to a hotel after packing their things, but the hotel where they were staying, La Anne, had terrible service. Mac, remembering that Schnee was really good with tech stuff, phoned her up, asking her if she could do anything about it. The hedgehog told him that she could make dimensional teleporters that'd be able to take them to a different, better Westopolis, which Mac thought was pretty drastic but didn't argue. Afetr a few hours, Schnee delivered it to him (and he asked her to give one to Scarlet as well), and Mac zapped him and a clueless Alexia to VA-TIO.

The service here was much better, and Mac was very thankful for Schnee. AFter they'd enjoyed breakfast together, they were going to go sightseeing (at least, that's what Mac told her - he really just wanted to be moving around) when a cloaked figure announced that he had the Sol Emeralds and was going to use them to rule the world. Mac wasn't impressed, but it didn't sound like something he wanted to ignore, so he prepared to email the so-called "Taglumo" about it.

Meanwhile, chaos was erupting around the area they were in - dimensional portals were opening up, and battles were occurring everywhere. Despite Alexia's worries, Mac ignored it at first, not wanting to get involved, but he had a change of heart after it got more intense. When Alexia was about to request to go and help them, Mac let her go, taking the opportunity to email Taglumo and say that he could join him if he wanted, but if he didn't allow Mac to join him, Mac threatened he'd just take them for himself.

After getting an email from the suddenly way less threatening Taglumo back, Mac was sent an address. While Alexia did who-knows-what, Mac headed to the address, where he met a grey hedgehog. They shared a joking exchange, and Mac was actually sort of relieved he wasn't going to be working with some sort of super-evil guy. He still wanted the Emeralds to himself, and he still thought that Taglumo would in no was be able to wield their power... but sure, Taglumo (coined by Mac as "Tag") seemed nice enough.

Taglumo revealed to Mac something surprising - he hadn't actually found the Emeralds yet, only their general location. Mac was annoyed at first, but decided it wouldn't be too troublesome in the long run because of his ability to sense energy signatures. Tag then began to show Mac his plan - he'd take them out in his plane, searching for the Emeralds across the entire area. Mac didn't have any qualms with this, so he hopped in the plane and prepared to take off.


The duo would then head to South Island, specifically the Marble Ruins. Taglumo and Mac were both distracted, and they crashed into a tree as a result. Though they both left unharmed, Mac made sure that they both knew what the main mission was - to find the Sol Emerald. They did a bit of searching, but they ended up hitting a wall that had lava on top of it. Though Mac's first idea was to blow the wall into pieces, Tag pointed out that the lava would probably be very harmful, which disappointed Mac.

Before they could get any other plans, however, they were interrupted by a silver-pink female hedgehog who appeared to recognize Taglumo and asked him what exactly he was doing. Taglumo tried to escape, trying to stuff himself into a crack in the wall they were having trouble with. He eventually suceeded, and the hedgehog introduced herself as Vereco before following him. Mac, thinking that he should hit on her afterwards, joined the duo.

When Mac got through, he heard Vereco yelling at Tag - like a mother, or an older sister - telling him he wasn't supposed to be out here. As the two tried to get something Mac sensed to be a Sol Emerald, the wall exploded, revealing a metal humanoid that was drilling another wall with a transformed arm. The three of them tried deciding what they'd do, but the humanoid had finished drilling an area, revealing more of the ruin. However, something else happened that would make it all more difficult - it had noticed them.

Mac was prepared to try and break the robot-like creature, and he hit a part of it, breaking some of it off. The humanoid seemed more frustrated with the Mobians and ran off, but they weren't going to give up too easily, so they followed it. As they chased the humanoid throughout the ruins, they started to enter a place that resembled the inside of a volcano. There was sea of lava that the humanoid passed through, and it seemed like the chase was over until Mac used his ergokinesis to get his "teammates" through the gap, quickly transforming into his TAI state.

Though the hedgehogs praised his abilities, Taglumo alerted Mac that the robot was getting away. Though Mac cockily said he had it handled and tried shooting it, the robot shifted its metal around, allowing it to heal up where Mac had shot it. Taglumo was now amazed by the robot, but Vereco helped keep him focused, making an attempt to use her grappling hook to get the Emerald that failed. Mac then presented an idea - he'd send them flying at the nuisance, and they'd pin it down while he broke it.

The hedgehogs liked the idea, and Mac turned TAI again before launching them at the humanoid. Unfortunately, Mac's plan failed, and the robot escaped despite their efforts, leaving Taglumo and Vereco dangling close to the lava. Even though Mac was able to help them (with Vereco using hergrappling hook to help him up afterwards), Mac was extremely annoyed by their repeated failures to capture the robot, and thought of one final idea to get it.

Before Mac could try his idea, Tag presented a theory of his - it was one of his uncle's humanoids, and it was fully metal. This... wasn't useful to Mac in the slightest, and Mac wasn't happy about it. He yelled at Taglumo, telling him that he was wasting his time, and that he was just going to destroy it. Taglumo then mentioned that his uncle probably had more, but Mac didn't care - instead, he told him to go ready the plane, and asked Vereco to go with him. Meanwhile, Mac was charging electrical energy into his palm, making one of his most destructive attacks - the Thunder Grenade.

After yanking the Sol Emerald away from the humanoid, Mac fired the attack, causing a large explosion. Mac then escaped, landing onto the plane before another unfortunate piece of knowledge was brought to his attention - the plane was partially broken. Mac entered his TAI state one more time, using electrical energy to power the plane up as it resumed flying.


Eventually, the trio made it to Starlight City with the Sol Emerald with them. Mac saw two interesting figures - Kennedy and Alexia. Though Alexia he was fine with, he was really surprised when he saw that Kennedy was with her. How had he gotten to them? Mac was sure he'd used one of Schnee's interdimensional thingamajobbers....

Mac jumped to go confront his Chaos counterpart and Alexia, who had seemingly gained some allies. Mac ordered all of them to stop and threatened to attack if they didn't, but Vereco quickly shut his original plan down, disappointing him and making him tell her that she wasn't any fun. A female tortoise told him that a GUN officer was nearby, and that the Emerald they had probably wasn't even a real Emerald. Mac also noticed an orange-furred hyrbid standing in front of her, and Mac immediately had a bad opinion of him.

The group discussed a plan and the tortoise asked Alexia for her number, but as soon as Aqua began to take her phone out Mac shot it, having a feeling that it wouldn't be good for them to exchange phone numbers. He also quickly knocked out Alexia, making sure she wouldn't be able to repeat it and mentally telling himself to give her a new phone. Kennedy, enraged, punched Mac, and Mac prepared for a fight.

However, before anyone could make another move, Vereco noted that there was fireball near them. A GUN agent mouse revealed himself, implying he was about to use it on Mac, but then Taglumo came down, apparently having heard nothing that'd been going on. Mac taunted the mouse and tried attacking him, but the mouse dodged, trying to convince Mac to stop while he was at it. Meanwhile, Taglumo and Vereco were escaping, and Mac thought of them as cowards as he told Taglumo to not let the tortoise escape. Then, he attacked the mouse again, and the attacks met.

Before Mac could make another move, the tortoise told Mac to not mess with her friends, and Mac could feel his consciousness being warped for a few, maybe ten, seconds. After those, he got up, transforming into TAI immediately to make sure nothing worse happened. He then was about to attack the girl, but Kennedy landed a blow that threw him off course. Then Mac was going to start to battle Kennedy, but he noticed that Vereco and Taglumo were going to the tortoise girl... and not trying to take the Emerald.

Mac burst at Vereco, telling her to get away from the girl and going back to his base as to not go overkill and waste precious stamina. Vereco told him that she planned to stop his madness all along, whipping out a staff and attacking. The two of them then began to battle, with Mac repeatedly taunting Vereco and Vereco somehow managing to stay silent. However, their bout was cut short when the cops came, and Mac planned to run before his consciousness was stopped.


Mac woke up with a shock, feeling cold as he regained consciousness in a prison cell. A hedgehog wearing a three-piece suit and a samurai helmet was one of the first people he saw, and Mac asked if he worked for the people who had gotten him into the cell. The hedgehog said that the police hated him, and asked Mac if he'd like to join him in gathering the Emeralds. Feeling like he should've learned from the first time, Mac asked if there was any good reason for him to join him. The hedgehog replied that 1) it'd be extremely difficult for Mac to get off the apparent island he was in, and 2) he had a way of knowing where the Emeralds were.

Feeling as if the opportunity to get back into the game was just presenting itself, Mac finally accepted, calling Scarlet with his dimensional communication device to ask her if she wanted in. Scarlet said yes, and soon, after they explained everything to her, the trio was up in the skies, flying to the Wing Fortress.


After training with elders of villages (and other strong folk) Mac learned how to manipulate his life energy. That alone is a useful ability; he can fire blasts of it, use it to create force fields, and use it to up all of his stats. He can use them in the same way Super Max utilizes his Chaos Powers. However, there is something this Bengal can do that the human wouldn't even dream about; he can turn his life energy... into lightning.

Yep. This tiger's an electrokinetic instead of a Chaos Energy-kinetic, which is a big change from his original counterpart. Mac can turn his whole entire being into lightning, create static electricity easily, run at lightning-fast speeds, generate lightning and use it as a weapon, etc. However, overuse tires him and lowers his defense.

Mac can also sense energy. After being with someone for a while, or being with something for a while, he gets a taste of its energy. He's a living radar. This helps him a lot on "finding things" missions and combat, but it also can be used for others purposes. If he concentrates, he can track anything's movements almost to the point of precognition. However, if an opponent's energy is too much for him, he can't track it.

After some intense training with Scarlet, Mac accessed a new form - TAI. With this form, his attack power and defense has a huge boost, and his ergokinetic/electrokinesis skills are nothing to sneeze at. He is able to use projectiles and boost his physical attack better in this form, also. While at first he suffered from large stamina drains due to inexperience, in the time of three years, Mac now has complete mastery of the form, able to use it with little drawbacks.


Mac is a good hunter, and not just because of his energy-sensing ability. He can lick the ground and know exactly what one million things were standing there on that day. (Not like he'd ever do that, though.)

While not even close to genius intellect, Mac is smarter than most characters in the canon cast. He can figure things out easily, but sometimes, he has to take a step back and let the others do that thinking because he's so confused, thinking boggles his mind.

Mac's reaction speed is crazy fast, and I mean crazy fast. He can dodge lightning, dodge fifty humans punches all at once, but the most impressive feat is being able to keep up with the two hedgehogs just barely.


Mac also likes singing and dancing. He has a perfect pitch, and is very flexible to the point of a gymnast on Earth (but this is Mobius, so... eh.). However, he hides this skill because he wishes not to embarrass himself. Y'know what he doesn't hide? His acrobatic skill. Six flips in one jump, baby!

Mac is very fast; not fast enough to match Sonic, but fast enough to create moving afterimages of himself. However, running this quickly drains him of energy. In fact, he has many superhuman feats; he can jump very high (gravity still effects him, though), take a continuous beating, and do things Gabby Douglas can't (see above).

Mac is proficient with many types of weapons due to his training, and there are five that he carries with him (two of them being pairs, mind you, so it's really three). He has his sword Angel, which allows him to leap, glide and fly long distances. He has his twin handguns Zip and Zap that he constantly uses to throw off or slow down the enemy. (Unlike Scarlet, he doesn't really fire beams from his guns.) Finally, he has the Flash Gauntlets that make him faster, and he can fire flares of energy from them.

When Mac is in TAI and exerts his energy into his weapons instead of himself, they change form. Angel becomes Heaven, causing it to become longer and have chainsaw-like edges. Zip and Zap becomes Taser and Static, which allows them to fuse into one shotgun. And the Flash Gauntlets turn into the Sparkle Gloves, which gives Mac one unique ability - the Cracking Quaker, where he punches the ground and electricity runs through it, shocking whoever is nearby.


Mac can get really emotional at times, and is not the best at dealing with traumatic experiences. And when I say emotional, I mean EMOTIONAL. He'll start a fight if someone calls him something he doesn't like emotional. As you can see, he is very easy to aggravate, and with his short temper, not the easiest to trust. Sometimes, it's hard to tell if he's a friend or a foe, because he can go from rainbows to just rain in a second.

Another thing that you'll notice (especially if you're in a roleplay with him) is that though he can be professional, most of the time he's a cocky jerk who you want to throw into a hole. I mean, he thinks that anyone annoying him is not worth his time.

Mac has a lot of secrets, which is natural, because he's a... criminal/public hero(?). He won't even tell his closest friends them, which sends an off vibe, which again makes him hard to trust. If you get Mac really mad, he sends this "get the hell away from me" wave. He can be scary at times, which is not the most positive trait in the book.

Mac is also extremely confident in his ability, causing him to sometimes go easy on whatever he's doing. While in most battles, it'd be safest to start in TAI, Mac simply waits until his opponent presents a challenge. When he does realize he needs to step it up, he'll always rise to the challenge, though.



Friends and Allies

After Mac saved Alexia from certain doom involving robots, lasers, and pits of acid, Alexia feels like she's forever in his thanks and has to pay him back, which Mac refuses, but she still tries. Mac thinks that Alexia is a kind and cute kid; wholeheartedly doing things for the good of the world? Who wouldn't like that?

While Kennedy is more like the responsible, caring older brother to Alexia, Mac is the rebellious, carefree one - the one that is most likely a bad role model. However, the two still care for each other nonetheless.

Mac and Scarlet are the dream team everyone wishes they could have even for a second. They blend like a smoothie, for they are both so similar that in the end they both end up complimenting each other perfectly. The duo have an extremely close bond forged by friendship, but it wasn't always this way. In the beginning, when Scarlet was a crook and she had tried to face Mac once he caught her, he had only taken a liking to her because she was... visually appealing to him. However, over time, this reasoning broke, and the two simply loved having each other around. Mac and Scarlet place all of their faith in each other, and they'll always have the other's back.

These two often clash, and not just because one of them is more understanding than the other. One of them was a cop (at times); the other's a robber (at times). How could they get along great? ...At least, that's what you'd think. Out of the main nine protagonists in the series, Mac and Schnee are the most eccentric, so they get along great.

The two's conflicted senses of their themselves sometimes causes them to argue, but they find each other to be very reliable allies, especially since Schnee is really the only person from his Aorki days that he still keeps in continuous contact with.

Kennedy and Mac... they have quite the long history. They've been through a lot together, so naturally, they're really close. However, they also serve as foils to each other, with Kennedy's calm demeanor often at odds with Mac's devil-may-care attitude. At the beginning, there were pretty much rivals - Kennedy was always trying to prove he wasn't Mac, so he always attempted to outdo him, and Mac only saw ken as a clone, so he annoyed him. When push came to shove and Luna took Marlee, however... they both realized they had something in common - they were extremely willing to fight for the people they believed in.

In The Curse of Day, Mac is with Alexia in VA-TIO's Westopolis with his friends believing that he just wanted a vacation and to use the Emeralds for greedy reasons. However, the truth was that Mac wanted to get the Emeralds to help Kennedy... even if he didn't know how. Would it make him feel more comfortable? Would he restore good memories? Mac wasn't sure, but he felt guilty for plopping Ken into this strange new environment in the first place, and though he had interesting ways of showing it for sure, he really did care about Kennedy.

Later on, the duo are like best friendly rivals, having a tendency to argue but usually working together in both life and in troubling situations, as if they were brothers. And though brothers tend to fight and annoy each other, at the end of the day, they care for each other, and really, that's all that matters. At least, to Mac (he'll never admit it, though).

White is a person Mac can appreciate - witty, and though he can sometimes be a bit overly serious, he knows how to crack a joke at times, too. Mac really likes White's intelligence and how he can easily use it to persuade others, and think that him and White could be partners in mercenary-ing. White will most likely never agree to this, but hey, a tiger can dream, right?

Sephtis is like the younger brother that Mac never had. Since he only grew up with annoying sisters, he likes the idea of having an annoying brother as well, and Sephtis just fits that role perfectly. He has the same carefree persona (fursona?) that he does, and doesn't take too many things seriously, a lot like the Blue Thunder. Even though it can be hard to have an intelligent conversation with the assassin due to his hyperactivity, Mac and Sephtis are like bros.

Foes and Rivals

When Scarlet first introduced Terra to Mac, they both knew that they weren't going to like each other very much. They were both right. When you think about it, they seem to be complete foils to each other - both are speedy cat guardians, but Terra is more disciplined, and Mac sees this as her being an uptight prick. Mac tends to try to joke around and annoy her, using his "witty charm" to get on her nerves. He usually manages to push her buttons, and she'll probably spit an insult at him before ignoring him. The two are very far from enemies, but god forbid they refer to each other as friends.

Mac and Tina honestly flat-out don't care for each other. Mac finds Tina very boring, seeing as she doesn't take enough risks for his liking, and Tina doesn't really appreciate the lack of morals Mac has. The two don't hate each other, but they never really interact with one another. They do have respect for each other as valuable assets to their "team," however.

Mac used to have this cocky attitude towards Luna, like she was just Villain of the Day. But after he heard about the Commander's murder... he realized that she wasn't really just some more fodder. He knew what type of power GUN had, and how much the public depended on them, so the idea of someone killing him just for revenge was sickening to him! (Sure, he probably would've doen the same if offered enough money, but he ignores that part.) After their first encounter, Mac had gone from annoyed to simply scared. Ever since he left his training with Aorki, he hadn't really had a challenge from anyone, so the idea that someone was actually stronger than him was... surprising, to say the least. But after Scarlet saved him, he made a silent vow to overcome his shortcomings and get revenge for both the Commander and his own pride.

Until their second encounter, Mac only had Luna on the brain. Though the new friends he'd made were decent distractions, he had one main goal, and that was to get even with the Black-Arm hybrid. Once he got the note from her saying that she had his sister, that was the last straw. He didn't care what his chances were - he was going to kill Luna, no matter what. So, as he headed to her, he was angry - very angry, in fact. That is.... until Ken showed up and told him to calm down, and that trying to beat a person solely fueled by anger with anger wasn't going to get him anywhere. Kennedy convinced Mac to be the bigger - and more importantly, better - person, and this changed Mac's view towards her. He no longer saw her as a threat, more like a pitiful toddler throwing a fit.

  • Vereco the Hedgehog
  • Lee Prower


"Aw yeah, folks! Don't worry, I'll be here all week!" -Achieving a S-Rank

"I think I deserve an A+, but oh well." -Achieving an A-Rank

"Welp, it's better than an F." -Achieving a B-Rank

"I feel like my usually amazing skills... are fading!" -Achieving a C-Rank

"...Wow. I expected things a whole lot better than this." -Achieving a D-Rank

"Nope. Ain't dealin' with this crap. I'm out." -Achieving an E-Rank


Neon (RWBY)

I just don't even NEED to explain how this one connects to him. It's cockiness and thinking you're the best in a song. That's all I can say.

Yosuke's Theme (Persona 4)

  • I don't know how, but it fits him.

Under Heaven Destruction (Ragna vs Jin)

  • TAI Mac's theme.



  • This Mackenzie is nicknamed Mac. Max Irvaron is nicknamed Max.
  • This Mac is a lot more calm than Max Irvaron. There are a lot of moments (especially in RPs) where conflicts could be solved if I'd used this Mac instead of Max Irvaron.
  • First tiger! Yay!
  • Mac was born on August 15, making him a Leo instead of a Virgo, which is what Max Irvaron is.
  • Mac has a Board-type Extreme Gear called Hikari. He commonly uses it.
  • Mac is 19 in-universe by The Curse of Day, 20 by the time of Depths of Dimensions, and 21 by the time of Unity.
  • Named by him, Mac is a member and leader of Team Mask (He got the name by combining letters; Mackenzie, Scalet, and Kennedy.).
  • Mac's voice actor is Yuri Lowenthal, who also did Yosuke in the Persona series.
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