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Through time and time again, several characters have gone through MaxIrvaron's head as protagonist... but the name Mackenzie is one that doesn't fail to bring nostalgia. Though several revisions have occurred since his debut, Mac is still a jokester mercenary with several noteworthy abilities.


Mackenzie Hartley stands at 3'3 as a child and 3'9 as a young adult, about average height for a Mobian. He also weighs 69 lbs. when young and 83 lbs. at 19, which is heavily influenced by the workout he gets while fighting. This lesser weight makes him very light-footed.

Mac has dark hazel-colored eyes that don't really have anything special about them, but they match with his fur and kind of blend with his skin color.

Speaking of his skin color... it's just a normal Spanish tan. It lights up a bit when he goes into his forms, but stays the same color as normal if he isn't going 100% in his forms.

His ears are always a little perked up, but that doesn't matter, considering that his slick, bangless brown hair covers most of them up. His eyebrows are kinda bushy, but not that much. His nose looks faint and not that special, and his mouth is smaller than the normal one is. His arms are average; not really jiggly, not really wavy. He's light on the thighs; other that that, he's got normal legs.

His hair is brown, and it goes off to the sides of his head, making him bang-less. He also has a rather long brown/white tail and retractable claws that he can use in daily life.

Mystic Beginnings

In Mystic Beginnings, Mac wears a short-sleeved white T-shirt with a yellow lightning bolt on it, along with dark grey jeans that don't go all the way don his legs. On the back, his shirt and jeans read Reaganne on them with yellow, flowing cursive letters. He wears black shoes with white soles and stripes across the design, and across his neck he has a green "$" pendant. Finally, he wears sports tape around his hands.

Mystic Zone

In his Mystic Zone design, Mac keeps his shoes at the sports tape, but really only changes his top and shorts. He now wears a mostly-yellow jacket with scattered patches of black throughout it and his collar flipped up, and darker-grey jean shorts. His jacket also has a grey zipper through the middle of it.

Mystic Fever

In his Mystic Fever design, Mac only keeps his shoes from his other two clothing sets. For his top, he wears a sleeveless yellow shirt that has a blue line running vertically down on his left side. As for his pants, Mac wears blue long pants that reach his shoes with white, spiral-like curves on the top of the pants. Finally, he wears a white ribbon tied around his waist.


Mystic Beginnings

Mac, having just left his sheltered life, is exposed to a world he didn't know existed. This rather sudden change in environment shows a lot of his true colors. For one, Mac has a rather big ego; not one that he actively flaunts in others' faces, but big enough that he commonly expects those around him to immediately recognize him as Mackenzie Hartley. Because of this, Mac is rather entitled, and gets quite annoyed when someone doesn't know who he is (which, unfortunately for him, happens a lot).

Mac is slightly justified for these feelings of entitlement, though, because he is a very hard worker, like those around him. The Hartley family was raised to never settle and be content with what one has got, and that lesson is very apparent in Mac. Shown in the very first story in Mystic Beginnings, Mac doesn't give up very easily, and some might even find his persistence rather annoying. Whether his relentlessness is a positive trait or a flaw, that's up to those who he interacts with to decide, but Mac is one tough tiger to put down.

Despite this, Mac has a bit of an inferiority complex. Due to his rather young age, he hasn't had all too many opportunities to prove himself to the world as something other than "Christian and Mia's daughter," which is a difficult task on its own due to his parents' overwhelming fame. Mac feels like no matter what he does, it will never be enough... and though that may depress some and kill their will to put any effort in, it has the exact opposite effect for Mac, as it just makes him a harder worker, to the point where not even physical pain will stop him.

Mac is a large fan of attention, and he's used to it as cameras were on him and his family for a majority of his childhood. Thus, when he's introduced to a world that doesn't revolve around him, he doesn't like it one bit. Because of this, instead of showing off his parent's accomplishments, Mac will often show off himself whenever the opportunity arises, even to the point where he demands respect for accomplishing simple tasks and overworking himself even further.

Mac, additionally, is pretty easy to antagonize. He has a very black-and-white view of the world, and you're either with him or against him. The slightest insult could result in him exploding into a tangent, and he does a very good job at holding a grudge. When encountered by someone he doesn't get along with, his showoff attitude and self-entitlement go through the roof, and he hates that the person can't just get out of his way. Because of this, he's also super competitive, and boy oh boy does he brag if he succeeds against his rival.

Unofrtunately for not-easily-impressed females in his vicinity, Mac is a flirt... though he has high taste in women, due to his exposure at Hartley Mansions. When he finds someone attractive, he doesn't beat around the bush; he really does every single thing to try and win over their heart, whether it's straight-up telling them or giving them "classy" pick-up lines. Due to his charismatic effect, those who are charmed easily will be pulled in by his will, though he may just annoy those who aren't impressed.

Finally, Mac has a very sympathetic side. Ever since the incident with Marlee, Mac has had the memory going on repeat in his head, and it's strengthened his resolve to help others. Mac will set his ego aside if he sees another person who needs help, for better or worse; even if they are an enemy, if they show a sensitive side, it becomes significantly more difficult for Mac to stop them, as it messes with his black-and-white perception.

Mystic Zone

After leaving Aorki's group of apprentices and recruiting Scarlet into his one-man band, Mac becomes noticeably less... restricted by what he thought was "heroic." The last thing that happened in the group before he left and it's aftermath certainly had an impact on Mac, because though his joyous demeanor was increased even further, so was his cynicism. Mac became mostly motivated by his own self-interest, and he doesn't really care what others think about him, though that trait can go both ways in whether it's good or bad for him.

Mac doesn't have any problem with causing pain to others. Though it sounds like he enjoys it when said like that, that isn't true; he's just indifferent, and if he gets a job where he has to kill someone, he'll take it without much thought. Mac does his best, however, to finish up the more brutal jobs quick; again, he doesn't enjoy causing others pain, but he's not 100% against the idea like he was when he was with Aorki's group.

Mac also jokes around much, much more than he did when he was with Aorki's group. He is very skilled at coming up with quips mid-battle, especially if he's trying to annoy his opponent. Mac doesn't hold much respect for other people, and he really just does whatever he wants unless they're his friend. Mac's jobs are often easy, piece-of-cake type of things, so it's natural he doesn't really take a lot of things seriously. Even his own living; while his sisters, Camille and Marlee spent time creating money-making empires for themselves, Mac just des a lot of his own jobs in order to succeed.

After leaving the gang, Mac doesn't hang around other people on a regular basis as much until he picked up Scarlet, which resulted in two things. The first, more positive effect was that Mac had an especially high value for his family. He often goes to visit his parents and sisters, and vice versa; the Hartley bond is very strong, and Mac couldn't put a price on it. Really, his sisters are some of his best friends.

The other effect was that Mac's flirtatious nature intensified by the millions. Mac is a playboy, plain and simple; if he thinks someone's attractive, he shoots his shot faster than Sonic can run. He doesn't even do it all the time because he likes the girl! Sometimes, he just needs to get through to someone, and charming a female is the easiest way he sees to do it. His charisma has improved greatly over the years, and Mac puts nearly no effort into flirting with girls and yet he still succeeds with relative ease.

One thing that really annoys Mac are people who claim that they are "better" than other people. He does agree that there are people that are "worse" than others, but when he mentions them, he's usually talking about people most would consider villains... and even then, if he doesn't consider them a threat personally, he has no problems with them. This attitude of his creates a long-lasting conflict with his Chaos counterpart, Kennedy, who dedicates his life to condemning the sinful across all space and time.

Before, when someone close to him got upset, Mac would get extremely sad and possibly even depressed, but he wouldn't really feel mad because of all of his excess sadness. But Mac doesn't feel sad easily, now; if he or someone he loves is wronged, he gets straight-up angry. Mac's morality nearly disappears, and he gains a strong sense of revenge for those who have been hurt by any means necessary. However, due to Mac's natural joking nature, it takes quite a bit to even get him that upset.

Mystic Fever


Notable Backstory, Anyone?

Mac was born to two wealthy people named Christian Hartley and Mia Olivia-Hartley. While this isn't the strangest case of "multi-baby birth" ever, Mac was born the middle child of three triplets. Growing up, they weren't famous, though the three always believed that rich = famous, but were instead being taught manners and homeschooled because their parents didn't want them to fall under the "spoiled brat" category of children. This is where Max learned compassion.

Now, besides that, their childhood was boringly average. Nothing super special to mention. Until this happened.

When they were all 10, Marlee, Mac's younger triplet sister, was captured for ransom. By the time the police was called and they got the negotiation ready, the kidnapper had already brutalized Marlee, leaving her with bruises that would haunt a kid's nightmares.

While Camille, the older triplet sister, was filled with rage, this was a traumatizing experience for Mac. He had seen his younger sister armless. If you were 10, wouldn't you be crying?

However, this experience also furthered his kindness. He is kind to people in need, because he doesn't want to see anyone suffer in the way Marlee did.


After training with elders of villages (and other strong folk) Mac learned how to manipulate his life energy. That alone is a useful ability; he can fire blasts of it, use it to create force fields, and use it to up all of his stats. He can use them in the same way Super Max utilizes his Chaos Powers. However, there is something this Bengal can do that the human wouldn't even dream about; he can turn his life energy... into lightning.

Yep. This tiger's an electrokinetic instead of a Chaos Energy-kinetic, which is a big change from his original counterpart. Mac can turn his whole entire being into lightning, create static electricity easily, run at lightning-fast speeds, generate lightning and use it as a weapon, etc. However, overuse tires him and lowers his defense.

Mac can also sense energy. After being with someone for a while, or being with something for a while, he gets a taste of its energy. He's a living radar. This helps him a lot on "finding things" missions and combat, but it also can be used for others purposes. If he concentrates, he can track anything's movements almost to the point of precognition. However, if an opponent's energy is too much for him, he can't track it.

After some intense training with Scarlet, Mac accessed a new form - TAI. With this form, his attack power and defense has a huge boost, and his ergokinetic/electrokinesis skills are nothing to sneeze at. He is able to use projectiles and boost his physical attack better in this form, also. While at first he suffered from large stamina drains due to inexperience, in the time of three years, Mac now has complete mastery of the form, able to use it with little drawbacks.


Mac is a good hunter, and not just because of his energy-sensing ability. He can lick the ground and know exactly what one million things were standing there on that day. (Not like he'd ever do that, though.)

While not even close to genius intellect, Mac is smarter than most characters in the canon cast. He can figure things out easily, but sometimes, he has to take a step back and let the others do that thinking because he's so confused, thinking boggles his mind.

Mac's reaction speed is crazy fast, and I mean crazy fast. He can dodge lightning, dodge fifty humans punches all at once, but the most impressive feat is being able to keep up with the two hedgehogs just barely.


Mac also likes singing and dancing. He has a perfect pitch, and is very flexible to the point of a gymnast on Earth (but this is Mobius, so... eh.). However, he hides this skill because he wishes not to embarrass himself. Y'know what he doesn't hide? His acrobatic skill. Six flips in one jump, baby!

Mac is very fast; not fast enough to match Sonic, but fast enough to create moving afterimages of himself. However, running this quickly drains him of energy. In fact, he has many superhuman feats; he can jump very high (gravity still effects him, though), take a continuous beating, and do things Gabby Douglas can't (see above).

Mac is proficient with many types of weapons due to his training, and there are five that he carries with him (two of them being pairs, mind you, so it's really three). He has his sword Angel, which allows him to leap, glide and fly long distances. He has his twin handguns Zip and Zap that he constantly uses to throw off or slow down the enemy. (Unlike Scarlet, he doesn't really fire beams from his guns.) Finally, he has the Flash Gauntlets that make him faster, and he can fire flares of energy from them.

When Mac is in TAI and exerts his energy into his weapons instead of himself, they change form. Angel becomes Heaven, causing it to become longer and have chainsaw-like edges. Zip and Zap becomes Taser and Static, which allows them to fuse into one shotgun. And the Flash Gauntlets turn into the Sparkle Gloves, which gives Mac one unique ability - the Cracking Quaker, where he punches the ground and electricity runs through it, shocking whoever is nearby.


Mac can get really emotional at times, and is not the best at dealing with traumatic experiences. And when I say emotional, I mean EMOTIONAL. He'll start a fight if someone calls him something he doesn't like emotional. As you can see, he is very easy to aggravate, and with his short temper, not the easiest to trust. Sometimes, it's hard to tell if he's a friend or a foe, because he can go from rainbows to just rain in a second.

Another thing that you'll notice (especially if you're in a roleplay with him) is that though he can be professional, most of the time he's a cocky jerk who you want to throw into a hole. I mean, he thinks that anyone annoying him is not worth his time.

Mac has a lot of secrets, which is natural, because he's a... criminal/public hero(?). He won't even tell his closest friends them, which sends an off vibe, which again makes him hard to trust. If you get Mac really mad, he sends this "get the hell away from me" wave. He can be scary at times, which is not the most positive trait in the book.

Mac is also extremely confident in his ability, causing him to sometimes go easy on whatever he's doing. While in most battles, it'd be safest to start in TAI, Mac simply waits until his opponent presents a challenge. When he does realize he needs to step it up, he'll always rise to the challenge, though.



Friends and Allies

Foes and Rivals


"Aw yeah, folks! Don't worry, I'll be here all week!" -Achieving a S-Rank

"I think I deserve an A+, but oh well." -Achieving an A-Rank

"Welp, it's better than an F." -Achieving a B-Rank

"I feel like my usually amazing skills... are fading!" -Achieving a C-Rank

"...Wow. I expected things a whole lot better than this." -Achieving a D-Rank

"Nope. Ain't dealin' with this crap. I'm out." -Achieving an E-Rank


Yosuke's Theme (Persona 4)

Under Heaven Destruction (Ragna vs Jin)

TAI Mac's theme.



  • This Mackenzie is nicknamed Mac. Max Irvaron is nicknamed Max.
  • This Mac is a lot more calm than Max Irvaron. There are a lot of moments (especially in RPs) where conflicts could be solved if I'd used this Mac instead of Max Irvaron.
  • First tiger! Yay!
  • Mac was born on August 15, making him a Leo instead of a Virgo, which is what Max Irvaron is.
  • Mac has a Board-type Extreme Gear called Hikari. He commonly uses it.
  • Named by him, Mac is a member and leader of Team Mask (He got the name by combining letters; Mackenzie, Scalet, and Kennedy.).
  • Mac's voice actor is Yuri Lowenthal, who also did Yosuke in the Persona series.
  • Mac adores spicy food. He also is a large fan of salads.