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Macaron Patissier
14 (often said to look 12 though)
Fur: A mint/ivy-like green (the green common on a macaroon) Eyes: Very light brown
White blouse with pastel purple lining, pink neck, and small purple ribbon

Purple plaid skirt

Pastel pink cuffs

Pink hair bubble holders

plain white socks

pink tennis shoes with hearts on the toe and back side.
Romantic Interest
Human Boy (unrequited)

A cute hedgehog female often wearing school attire despite not attending a school. Macaron is the spurned (only to her) lover of a human boy. With a heartbreaking past, Macaron often brings into question her mental stability while her current hatred of humans continues to rise...

Personal stats

Macaron Patissier is a fourteen year old hedgehog girl who is often deemed to be much younger by everybody else around her. This childish quality she holds often makes others call her cute, or charming. However Macaroon does not see this herself...

Single and looking for a mate, Macaron had loved a human who broke her heart sometime back. Due to this, while she wishes for a love, she can no longer love humans and instead despises them and never wants to be anywhere near one.

She lives alone in an Apartment in Station Square. Unfortuantly surrounded by many humans...


Macaron is a light ivy-ish green color with very soft, brown eyes and light colored muzzle, arms and hands, inside ears, and tummy. She wears her quills mostly down but with a small spiked ponytail in the back held with pink bubble pieces. She has a clump of spiked inward bangs, and a single spike quill on each side of her head, almost chest in length. If her hair is down, it is chest length, but normally its shoulder length and flips outward.

Macaron tends to dress like a school girl. She wears a white blouse with a light purple lining and pink neck and a small purple tie similiar to Cream's very own. The skirt is light purple with stripes along it, resembling plaid and she wears plain white socks and pink shoes with purple hearts near the hell and toe. On her wrist are pink cuffs.


File:Macaroon icecream.png
A sweet hedgehog girl who suffers from a horrible heartbreak. She now despises love but is very desperate to find it. She has bad trust issues with humans and refuses to believe they like her if they even dare act nice.

She used to be the shy type but she grew out of that due to this experience but despite her issues, and questions involving insanity and herself...

She still retains a total innocent form and generally means well. Often appears motherly as well.


  • Soft music
  • Happiness
  • Cute lunches that come in boxes
  • Foods: Ice tea, Ice cream, rice porridge


  • Humans
  • Romance genre
  • People who use others
  • Hate foods: Meat, fatty foods, fat free candy, breakfast foods

Sonic Future

She also appeared in the 4th episode of Sonic Future, playing the role of Iris, but didn't die. Thanks to Silver's healing ability, she appeared multiple times and became one of the main protagonist. Although not playable, she is Silver's navigator. In the 9th episode, she was playable from the start. Although weak throughout the whole game, she can heal the whole party when in battle. Chronologically, although playable from the start, she plays the same role as Cinnamon (from Mega Man X: Command Mission) in the game.


After Macaron had been attacked a human male found her. He saved her,
File:Macaroon smiley.png
causing the young female to fall in love. She was very shy and since he hated love she kept it to herself. Two years went by and she had been finally ready to admit her love when she saw him with another girl. Having snapped by this point, Macaroon tried to attack the girl.

However, she had been yelled at by the human after confessing that she had been waiting for the two of them to be together. He called her stupid and said he could never love a animal. Upset with this sudden change Macaron ran away and is currently trying to find someone who can restore her belief in kind humans. As well as find someone to take away her sad feelings.

Theme Song

Her theme song is mostly A Moment of Passion from Mega Man X: Command Mission (Simple And Clean -PLANITb Remix in Japanese)


  • Has hair very similiar to Dark Idol's. Another of Chrismh's creations
  • Her colors and name are based on a Macaron, which is a cookie filled with something.
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