Macabre the Hedgehog is a burnt sienna Sonic the Hedgehog recolor. He is also part of the group known as "Troll Womanizers", and he constantly flirts with Annamaria.


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Physical Description

Macabre has a burnt sienna fur, grey eyes and has navy blue shoes.


Like Liam and Cloud, Macabre has "godmodding" powers, such as dual-wielding weapons, throwing someone at ridiculous speeds and even transforming into many varieties of super forms (althought all of them are very weak). Other than that, his abilities have very little or no effect against enemies at all.


Like Liam and Cloud, Macabre is among the weakest Troll in the group, most likely because of his disloyalty to the other Trolls. Even though he claims to be older, he somewhat acts childish and that his abilities are almost useless against enemies due to his arrogance and constantly attempting to seduce Annamaria, which never works at all, and ends up getting attacked numerous times.

Friends and Foes






Macabre is somewhat smart, calm and brave, or so he thinks. He claims to be powerful than anyone else, but he isn't, and he is also resorceful when it comes to womanizing Anna, even though she is already taken. Even though he says that he is by far older than Liam and Cloud, he is actually younger and immature, and is also all show and no go when it comes to battling someone. He also shows having a bad tendency to shout random words for no reason.



Biggest Fears

  • Being insulted
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