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The MR-32 Plasma Rifle is a plasma-based carbine, and one of the most effective weapons against personnel energy shielding that Hammerforge Industries has produced.

MR-32 Plasma Rifle

Production Information
ManufacturerHammerforge Industries
TypeRapid-fire direct energy carbine
Technical Information
Length64.1 centimetres
Weight5.4 kilograms
Effective Range400m
AmmunitionSuperheated plasma, generated in energy cores
Known Users
Other Information
Original CreatorFlashfire212


This plasma-based firearm is roughly sixty-four centimeters long and constructed of a polycarbonate form, tinted dark red with translucent sections forming an almost artistic pattern from the stock of the weapon to the firing tube, serving both an artistic and functional role. This translucent section glows the same golden color as the superheated plasma pumped out of the battery, which is stored within the stock itself, and fades as the weapon is fired. Once roughly ten shots remain in the battery, the glowing ceases. These weapons weigh in at roughly five and a half kilograms, but are designed for single-handed use, with the trigger on a forward handgrip sitting behind the barrel, with the extra thirty centimeters holding the stock of the weapon over the wielder's arm, and a lower stabilizer that 'hugs' the arm, and immobilizes it from beneath. As such, it is not unheard of for wielders to carry and use two simultaneously, or alongside other single-handed weapons such as ballistic pistols for more direct firepower.

The main form of ammunition is a plasma battery capable of firing roughly sixty rounds on a single charge. These are made of a translucent polymer that is able to contain the pressurized plasma as long as there is a reasonable charge in the cell itself - the plasma's own self-sustaining magnetic field provides the primary reinforcement to the polymer structure, with the effects of near-empty batteries described in the attributes.

To the annoyance of many wielders, there are no attachment rails for these weapons, not any inbuilt enhancements short of iron sights. As such, all modifications to these weapons have to be performed by Hammerforge Industries themselves, or by skilled weapons technicians, and are often irreversible.

Design History

During the Eggman-G.U.N. conflicts, interest arose in the idea of anti-shield and anti-robot weaponry. As such, interest surged into plasma, ion and electrical weaponry, while ballistics and other, more traditional weaponry retained their standard high sales. This prompted weapons manufacturers to begin to examine these weapon types with a more serious eye. During their war with the Eggman of their world, Hammerforge had some experience with plasma weaponry, although nothing that matched the efficiency of the desired guns.

In order to offer a competitive, effective weapon, Hammerforge began to look at the different effects of weaponized plasma. It could be explosive if compressed or unrestrained. It could strip shields and flashburn flesh if fired while coated in a magnetic field in a short burst, while a longer, charged shot could add in the magnetic field's EMP effect, and so on. The first tender for an anti-electronics weapon was for a rapid-fire weapon rivalling an assault rifle, and so the first gun developed was the MR-32 to meet that request, and the gun was instantly a stunning piece of work.

While relatively unused by the Col'nesian Army, these guns are much-loved by the Mobian organizations that have purchased them, as well as the Moebian Liberation Army, who possesses a few. In fact, the gun has been so successful, a second variation, compatible with a heavier class of energy core, has been released.


The MR-32 is capable of unleashing a spray of fire at the same rate as an assault rifle for a maximum of thirty seconds, at which point the battery overheats and the gun enters a lockdown phase of ten seconds, preventing the weapon from firing until the core has cooled down. With each battery capable of firing up to four times in this way, or an equal amount of controlled fire to such, the weapon is certainly effective in it's primary role. Indeed, it can easily strip away an energy shield with under ten rounds, although the activated plasma rounds are less effective against armor or organic matter, requiring a prolonged burst to do major damage. As such, these weapons are primarily an automatic fire weapon, with those armed with them having to be tentative with their use.

The energy cores are easily changed out, like an ammunition magazine, although it can be trickier due to the different methodology to a ballistics rifle. Each battery is completely reusable, although after being expended it requires prolonged recharging. Unfortunately, due to the battery structure, it is reliant on the electromagnetic field the charged plasma generates. Due to this, when a core is translucent, it is also highly volatile. In a few cases, a single bullet grazing an exposed translucent core triggered detonation. As such, soldiers who wish to recharge the battery have to carry them in specialized carry-kits, which emit their own magnetic field to render the core inert. In a few cases, however, soldiers have been seen taking advantage of expended cores, and throw them as a backup energy grenade. In this use, they simply explode in a minor plasma explosion, with the radius a lot smaller than a specialized plasma grenade.


  • HMR-32 Plasma Rifle - a variation of the MR-32, designed for increased effect against more powerful shields, as well as lessening the total rounds needed to damage armor and flesh, at the cost of the total amount of shots the core can take.

Standard from Manufacturer


Customized Examples


Known Users

  • John Bend - a powered trooper assigned to the G.U.N. Sixth Naval Fleet as a marine; John has proven to be an interesting research example for Hammerforge as he utilizes the plasma weapon in an amphibious combat role.
  • Mia the Cyborg Echidna - a cybernetically enhanced special operations trooper from the G.U.N. Fourth Army Division, the MR-32 is her weapon of choice when she gets out from her normal duties as a personal assistant.

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  • While advertised as as an "assault rifle", the weapon is in fact closer in design and use to a carbine. It is believed to be one of the few incidents where the Hammerforge Industries marketing team successfully changed the name of a firearm 'to sound cooler', although this is disputed.
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