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Well, as the title suggests, this is my idea for a Sonic Adventure 3. It doesn't really need to be called Sonic Adventure 3, but... that's about all I can think of writing up here for now.

Also, this idea is for a Wii U game, meaning I'm referring to buttons on a Wii U Gamepad (for unexplained controls, imagine the ones from the HD re-release of SA2 on a Wii U Gamepad), and that my idea contains Nintendo references that would have to removed in other versions of the game. When I mention the A button, I include the Y button, because the previous two Adventure games had two action buttons.


I don't really have a full story, but here's what I have made up.


After a tutorial stage, Sonic hears on the news that one of the Chaos Emeralds is starting to move on its own. Tails tells Sonic that it's probably another one of Dr. Eggman evil plans, and Sonic decides to stop said plan as usual. So Sonic and Tails start looking for the Chaos Emeralds so they can keep them away from the good doctor. [...] Sadly, each time they're about to catch one, it flies off towards the sky. When Sonic and Tails find the seventh one and Sonic grabs hold of it, it too lifts off, taking Sonic with it. Sonic lands on the newest of Dr. Eggman's creations. After going through a stage, he's shot from behind by Dr. Eggman with a beam that encases his feet in ice.

Dr. Eggman: "Ho ho ho! Welcome to the Egg Shell!" (pun intended) "Do you like it?"

Sonic: "It's snazzy! I like what you've done with the gravity field. And the antennae? Fabulous. But seriously, just what are you up to this time?"

Dr. Eggman: "Oh, it's a long story. Over the years, it seems that it's mostly been thanks to the Chaos Emeralds you and your furry friends have been able to ruin my plans. So I created a robot to eliminate that little factor, using my grandfather's artificial Chaos experiments and my own DNA samples of the real thing. Behold, Mecha-Chaos!" (presses a button, and Mecha-Chaos is summoned. Mecha-Chaos looks like Chaos 0, but with a more streamlined shape, a body of liquid metal, red tecnological-looking extremities and red glowing eyes. Mecha-Chaos manipulates metal the same way Chaos manipulates water) "Mecha-Chaos is designed to spend Chaos Energy at a much higher rate than the original. You see, when the Emeralds are completely drained, they become mundane rocks for one thousand years. The Egg Shell is creating a force field around the planet to attract the Chaos Emeralds to me. When I have all seven, Mecha-Chaos will absorb them and destroy all Chaos Energy, and you will have to fail! Hooo ho ho ho ho!"

Sonic: "You did all this for me? I'm flattered. But you're still not getting away with this!"

Tails and Amy come flying in the Tornado, and Tails shoots the ice off Sonic's feet, and Sonic and Amy fight Mecha-Chaos, and defeat it. Sonic, Amy and Tails fly home in the Tornado.


Amy sees the old Egg Carrier, still floating around in the water. Curious, she takes a walk around on the rusty battleship, She sees the remains of E-100 "Zero" Alpha, and is reminded of her vow to make Sonic respect her. Seeing Sonic running past the Egg Carrier (one point in Sonic's story needs him to do so) and figuring that he's out to foil one of Eggmans plans, she decides to beat him to the punch. So Amy follows Sonic around through different stages, until Sonic is sent to the Egg Shell against his will. She then teams up with Tails to rescue Sonic from the Egg Shell using the Tornado (initiating a shooter level in which Tails and Amy fight the unused dragon boss from Sonic Adventure). Sonic and Amy then fight Mecha-Chaos, and defeat it like in Sonic's story. Amy proceeds to hit the Eggmobile with her hammer, scattering the six Chaos Emeralds all over the planet. Sonic, Amy and Tails fly home in the Tornado.


I really dont know. Sorryyy...


I don't know about Silver's story either. Maybe it could interact more with Shadow's. And maybe it could reveal that Silver's using the Time Stones to time travel (explaining his presence in the Rivals games).


Three weeks after the end of the other stories, Mecha-Chaos turns out to not be completely destroyed. Due to a bug in its coding, it's gone rogue and has been spend the last three weeks acquiring the Chaos Emeralds. Up from the ground rises the enourmous Perfect Mecha-Chaos (who looks the same way in relation to Perfect Chaos that basic Mecha-Chaos does to basic Chaos, except glowing slighly orange due to partially consisting of hot metal) rises from the earth.

Knowing that it spends Chaos Energy very quickly, it's still trying to absorb as much of the stuff as possible, having an actual Chaos Energy attraction field in this form. Tails points out that Mecha-Chaos will probably destroy the entire world if it isn't stopped. Mecha-Chaos supercharges his attraction field to absorb two of the greatest non-Emerald vessels of Chaos Energy, being Sonic (for his exposure to Emeralds and Rings in the past) and Shadow (because of his natural connection to Chaos Energy). However, upon contact with Mecha-Chaos, they are charged with the remaining power of the Chaos Emeralds (introducing to lore that Chaos Energy can be conducted by certain materials just like electricity and heat), and they use this power to become Super Sonic and Super Shadow respectively. Amy and Silver decide to join in on the fight, and Sonic and Shadow turns them into Super Amy and Super Silver. The foursome then fight Perfect Mecha-Chaos (in a boss fight on the edge of the atmosphere, with platforms made out of twisted metal). In order to destroy the three Chaos Energy-charged hedgehogs, Perfect Mecha-Chaos manipulates the Master Emerald to super-charge the dying Chaos Emeralds. Sonic tells Shadow and Amy that they can't defeat it. Knuckles smugly says: "I think I know someone who can".

Sonic, Amy, Knuckles, Shadow and Silver Chaos Control to the Master Emerald altar (where half of the Emerald, and Sonic and Knuckles say Tikal's prayer to summon the original Chaos. The four hedgehogs use the remainder of their super form power to power up Chaos, and it becomes Perfect Chaos, who rises up from the ocean and fights Perfect Mecha-Chaos in space (you actually play as Perfect Chaos in a Punch-Out!!-type fight). In the end, Chaos completely obliterates Mecha-Chaos with a laser wave to its head. Silver then travels back to the future, and Tails probably says something really dumb.



There are four characters to play as, all based off of Sonic's/Shadow's no-upgrades gameplay from Sonic Adventure 2, only when you press the A in high speed you start rolling instead of use the Somersault move.

Character Image Description
Sonic Jump-Dashes when you press B in mid-air with no enemies nearby.

Sonic also has a Boost Gauge, which is refilled by scoring points. While the gauge is not empty, press R and Sonic can do the Sonic Boost.

Upgrade ideas:

  • Light Speed Shoes
  • Bounce Bracelet
  • Rocket Soles: Gives Sonic the Sonic Boom: a new dash move that is activated by charging the Spin Dash and pressing RB. It's faster than the Spin Dash, but can't damage enemies.
Amy Rose-0
Instead of Sonic's Jump Dash, Amy has a Double Jump when not targeting a Homing Attack, during which she uncurls and spins horizontally.

Amy has all her Piko Piko Hammer techniques from Sonic Adventure, exept for Spin Hammer, all of which use the R button.

Upgrade ideas:

  • Air Feather: Allows Amy to run on water for a short time.
  • Light-Weight Shoes: Enables Dive Dash - a move (A in mid-air) that as has Amy accelerate downwards and, when landing, dash forwards at the speed of which she was falling.
  • Silver Ring: Press R while charging a Spin Dash, and Amy catapults herself upwards and forwards with her hammer.
  • Rocket Hammer: Enables the use of the Super Spin Hammer
Sonic Art Assets DVD - Shadow The Hedgehog - 1
Shadow's equivalent to the Jump Dash is a jetpack-type move (Jet Jump) using his Hover Shoes (hold B to ascend, or to brake your fall) draining a small bar that recharges when touching the ground.

Press R to shoot a Chaos Spear, functioning as a remote Homing Attack.

Upgrade ideas:

  • Anti-Gravity Anklets: Press A in mid-air against a wall to start running on the wall.
  • Rocket Bracelet: A chargeable stomp move activated by holding and releasing A in mid-air.
  • Crystal Drive: Press R while charging the Spin Dash to do Chaos Control, teleporting through certain surfaces such as metal fences.
Silver can Levitate by holding B in mid-air.

He can also press R to pick up and throw enemies with his mind.

Upgrade ideas:

  • Wave Gauntlet: An A-in-air-activated stomp move with a shockwave effect.
  • Power Diamond: Enables the Psychic Blast by pressing R while charging the Spin Dash. This move picks up all enemies in a radius (depending on how long the Spin Dash was charged), and crushes them into a glowing green orb that explodes when thrown.

Hub World

This game has a single huge hub, as opposed to earlier Sonic games where there were several smaller hubs. This giant world consists mainly of a larger version of Station Square and region, with landmarks such as a forest area, a mountain, a casino, a ghetto-type area with graffiti, Tails' workshop, Big the Cat's house, Twinkle Park, the Egg Carrier and the Egg Shell in the sky. Other things that can be found in the hub world:

  • Stage entrances (indicated by arrows that are light blue if you've beaten the stage, and red if you have to visit it to advance the story. There are also some secret stages that don't have an arrow until you discover them).
  • Minigame entrances (same rules apply for the indicating arrows as with stage entrances, but the arrows are hollow in appearance. The minigames mainly consist of races with vehicles like boards and bumper cars, but there is also, for example, a fishing minigame at Big's house where you catch fish for the Chao Garden while Big the Cat cheers you on. Getting certain scores awards the player with Emblems)
  • Chao Garden entrances (Chao work mostly like in SA2, but with some change to the morality system (due to all the characters in this game being good), without the death system (they're just too cute!), and with some new Animal types like insects, fish, birds and plants)
  • Hidden Emblems
  • Transportation methods (trains, Springs, etc.)


Though all the characters' stages share similar styles of level design, Sonic, Amy, Shadow and Silver's are slightly more based around pure speed, platforming, stealth and combat, respectively. There is also a certain degree of exploration and rewards for said exploration (like in Sonic Adventure).

Each level has a three missions (each giving you an Emblem on completion), the first one being the story-mode "reach the goal" mission, and the two others having different objectives like "find X Rings" or "defeat X enemies".


The multiplayer mode has been expanded from Sonic Adventure 2. It now supports up to four players and online play.

The Special Attack system has been changed. The attacks are now activated with L, as opposed to the action button. They now differ between characters in effects, not just power and how many rings they require. The effects include the ones from Action Race and Treasure Hunt in Sonic Adventure 2, plus new ones like reversing the victim's controls, stealing some of her/his Rings, giving her/him a slow-down effect or making Rings fly away from her/him.

Action Race

Of course races return, There are also arenas for character battles and stages where players compete to collect the most rings before a timer runs out.

There are several playable characters in addition to the sinigleplayer ones. They follow the same template as the singleplayer characters, having an untargeted B-in-air move, a A-in-air move (The singleplayer characters have the upgrades that let them do so), and an R move.

  • Cream the Rabbit (BiA: Triple Jump (using her ears) - AiA: Silent Stomp (a move that makes her dash really fast towards the ground) - R: Chao Attack)
  • Espio the Chameleon (BiA: Jump Dash - AiA: Dive Dash - R: Shuriken)
  • Blaze the Cat (BiA: Burst Hover - AiA: Charge Stomp (the same move that Shadow has) - R: Fire Boost)
  • Metal Sonic (BiA: Levitate - AiA: Shockwave Stomp - R: Black Shield)
  • Marine the Racoon (BiA: Flutter Jump (same in function as Shadow's Jet Jump) - AiA: Dive Dash (with a water effect and sliding animation) - R: Boomerang)
  • Mighty the Armadillo (BiA: Wall Jump/Double Jump - AiA: Bounce Attack - R: Punch)
  • Shadow Android (the player can choose between the four metalic versions. BiA: Jet Jump - AiA: Charge Stomp - R: Grenade Launcher)

Treasure Hunt

Like with Action Race, some stages are arenas or ring races. Characters vary in things like gliding and climbing speed.

  • Knuckles the Echidna
  • Rouge the Bat
  • Chaos 0
  • Tikal the Echidna
  • Pachacamac
  • Metal Knuckles (from Sonic R)
  • Mecha Knuckles (Sonic Advance)
  • Ray the Flying Squirrel

Mech Battle

Instead of simply being different in stats, the different characters now additionally have two different weapons (one on the A button and one on the R button).

  • Miles "Tails" Prower
  • Doctor Eggman
  • Chao Walker
  • Hero Chao Walker (this is a new one)
  • Dark Chao Walker (alternatively all the Chao Walkers could be one that changes appearance to fit its pilot)
  • Big the Cat
  • Eggrobo
  • E-100 "α" (aka. ZERO)
  • E-101 "β"
  • E-101 Mark II
  • E-102 "γ"
  • E-103 "δ"
  • E-104 "ε"
  • E-123 “Ω”
  • Eggman Nega
  • G.U.N. Commander
  • Captain Whiskers (rides a pirate-ship-themed mech)
  • Bowser (from the Mario series, rides the Clown Car)

Wow... a few more guest stars and this could've been it's own game!

Dogfight/Plane Race

An in-air battle/race with planes. The roster consists of different unmanned planes.


Competitive versions of the minigames. The vehicle-based ones are races (or an alternative sumo-wrestling thing in case of bumper cars), and things like the fishing minigame have a time limit, with the goal being getting the highest possible score. Imagine something like the multiplayer from Banjo-Tooie. Depending on the minigame, the character differences could be stat-based or nonexistent.

  • Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Shadow, Cream, Rouge, Big, Vector, Charmy, Espio, Tikal, Metal Sonic, Marine, Mighty, Ray

Giant Battle

Dumb name, I know. This is a competitive version of the battle between Perfecr Chaos and Perfect Mecha-Chaos. The roster consists eldritch beings and large crafts from the Sonic series.

  • Death Egg
  • Egg Carrier
  • Perfect Chaos
  • Biolizard/Finalhazard
  • Egg Fleet
  • Metal Overlord
  • Devil Doom
  • Iblis/Solaris (one of the forms)
  • Perfect Dark Gaia
  • Time Eater
  • Perfect Mecha-Chaos

Party Mode

In Party Mode, the players play randomized rounds of the different modes, and each round players can choose between two of the characters available for the game that's going to be played. There are three different rulesets:

  • The winner is the player who has the most points after X rounds. There are bonus rounds that are worth more than one point.
  • The winner is the first player to have X points. Bonus rounds return from the previous ruleset.
  • Each player has a X lives, and loses one when losing a round (which, depending on the options, can be either being in last place or simply not in first place). A player is out of the game if (s)he loses all her/his lives, and wins if (s)he is the last player standing.
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