Car Type Formula 1 car
Horsepower 758 HP
Transmission 6-Speed Manual transmission
Top Speed 240 MPH (267 MPH; when slipstreaming)
  • Definitely hungry for speed!
Super Formations
Affiliations Fow Toth Motorsports (leader)
American V.A. Vaughn Gittin Jr.
Japanese V.A. Nobuteru Taniguchi

The MACH10 (マッハ10・ザ・フォーミュラワンカー MAHHA10 za Fōmyura Wan Kā) is an anthropomorphic Formula 1 car, driven by J the Hedgehog. It is considered to be the fastest vehicle (the second fastest cars are SkyStar and FR34) in the Mobian universe. This is the first vehicle to appear in Fow Toth Town, along with the Desert Hawk.


The MACH10 is kind, joyful and a speed-freak, yet it shows absolutely no sadness whatsoever, let alone anger. It is also considered to be protective among innocent people and will prevent villains from attacking them.

Physical Appearance

The MACH 10 consists multiple racing colors (light green for both sides, six red racing squares that are next to the cockpit, light blue racing livery on the front and dark green from the front wing), racing liveries, such as Fow Toth Motorsports, SYNCOIL and Akuma Racing Performance, including the racing number "6".


The MACH10 is the faster vehicle ever, along with SkyStar and FR34. Like many other vehicles, the MACH10 can drive all by itself, despite his owner, J, not driving the vehicle. it's handling is very grippy, very useful for straight roads. Here are its abilities:


Even though the MACH10 is the fastest vehicle, it is also considered to be the weakest, due to the fact being an open-wheel vehicle. If it hits a wall on either side, its driveshafts and wheels will likely get ripped to shreds, thus instantly wrecking the car. It also hates water, even if its shallow. This slows the car down when driven through shallow water. It is also incapable of off-roading, because any terrain driven through, will cause the car to spin out and possibly crash.

Likes & Dislikes


  • Racing, adventures, battling villains, meeting up with the others


  • Water, off-roading, walls, enemies attempting to steal it

Theme Songs

The MACH10's main theme song is N.E.R.D. - Rockstar (Jason Nevins Remix)


"I got the need for speed!" After getting S rank

"Whoo! I never slow down for nothin'!" After getting A rank

"Heh! I knew I never back anyone down!!" After getting B rank

"Oh well. At least I made it undamaged." After getting C rank

"Wait, I thought I'm a fast vehicle!" After getting D rank

"There is NO WAY that the timer is faster than me! NEVER!" After getting E rank

"It's time to speed up the adventure!" After being selected

"Ready to burn some rubber?!" Before a battle

"I may be weak, but you can't even catch me up! [performs donuts]" After winning a battle

"Should've... bought an upgrade... [engine explodes]" After losing a battle


  • The MACH10 resembles as the Ferrari F2007 Formula One car.

Appearances in RP


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