Lyudmila the Bat is a young trainee from the Pyranic Empire; seeking to find her way in the military out of loyalty to her home.


Lyudmila, considering her relative youth and position during her first two years of military training, has made remarkable progress in her physical development. While she always bore some fairly feminine features, this has been emphasized faintly by new muscular bulk brought out by her training as a powered trooper. Her fur is a rich red in color, with black on the backs of her ears and black wings. Her golden blonde hair is still kept short at the recommended guidelines for powered troopers; resting roughly level with her mouth to frame her face well. Her face is quite often regarded as a blank canvas, making the girl exceptionally hard to read, even her orange eyes tend not to show very deep.


As a second-year cadet training in the powered armor cadres; Lyudmila typically presents herself with military precision in the uniform prescribed; very little variation ever seen even in the neatness of her attire. As a cadet and powered trooper; this is primarily a tight orange t-shirt and slim-fit tan pants for any session not involving her armor, as well as a set of simple black trainers designed to be quickly removed when suiting up. These clothes are always regulation pressed and appear ironed every single day.


As a powered armor cadet, Lyudmila is assigned a Chromatic-series suit of battle armor. Fairly simplistic in nature, Chromatic suits are preferred in training due to their generic designs and "one-size-fits-most" approach to construction. As a cadet assigned to Team Brown, for example, Lyudmilla's armor is painted overall chocolate brown aside for a polarized orange visor in her full-head helmet. The only complaint she has ever extended about the armor is a lack of space for her wings, though she has never mentioned it to her commanders.



For a dedicated cadet of the Pyranic Empire, Lyudmila has accepted the fact that no matter what, she will never climb very far within the ranks of the military, simply because she lacks pyrokinesis. Indeed, the young bat lacks any sort of aptitude for any element, though her ability to fly while out of armor is greatly appreciated. Instead, she has dedicated her time and focus onto her skills; intending to serve with whatever she can offer. Fairly agile and quick-witted; Lyudmila is adept at launching the first strike; often catching her opponents off-guard before settling into a more traditional fighting style, taking the initiative and an aggressive stance as long as she can. This is often helped by the extra power granted by her suit; and she is fully aware that a battlefield suit would provide even more power than she possesses.

To contrast her skill in hand-to-hand fighting, Lyudmila has shown some clear flaws in training with firearms. Her accuracy marks are roughly average for many of the young cadets, with her single shot accuracy slowly improving. However, in training matches, she has been found to really have a 54% overall hit rate with the training weapons, pointing towards a much longer path ahead.







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