Lytning the Hedgehog

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Age Biologically 15
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Physical Description
SpeciesHedgehog clone/Troll
Political Alignment and Abilities
Affiliations The Trolls
Super Forms N/A
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Original CreatorKagimizu

Lytning the Hedgehog (still pronounced "Lightning") is a psychotic clone of Statyx the Hedgehog and member of The Trolls.


Due to Statyx the Hedgehog being one of the many threats to the plans of the Trolls, Bubonic the Hedgehog decided to make genetic clones of their enemies: the general hypothesis was that the clones would equal their original selves in battle, allowing the clones to either kill the original. Or simply fight the original to a mutual death. Because of the complexities of such cloning, Bubonic felt that the best subject to start off with would be Statyx; if such a complicated specimen could be successfully cloned, then the rest of the subjects would be a cinch. Using blood gained from one of Statyx's many battles and the Chaos Energy of three Chaos Emeralds (and the life-force of several low-class Trolls), Bubonic was able to generate the material needed for a complete clone. Bubonic was then eventually able to begin the cloning process, and over the period of several weeks, was able to successfully create a clone. Unfortunately, Bubonic failed to take into account the specifics of not just Statyx's genetics, but the process of the green bolt's own creation. Due to this oversight, the clone was rendered imperfect, with a few physical and mental deficiencies. To compensate for these deficiencies and to make sure that the clone of one of the few who could match Rageik was kept under control, the clone was outfitted with a special apparatus and control device, allowing Rageik to mentally control and limit the clone's powers.


Lytning is a clone of Statyx, and as such shares the same physical appearance as Statyx. However, Lytning's colors are a dull coal black with blood-red stripes and glaring amber eyes. Lacking the original arm-braces and faced with physical deficiencies from his creation, Lytning wears a special apparatus on his body that periodically doses him with raw Chaos Energy to keep his body stable. This apparatus takes the form of a pair of blood-red biomechanical attachments on his forearms connected to his black, clawed gloves. From the elbows of these attachments are black vein-like pumps that attach to red biomechanical shoulder pads. These are in turn attached to the apparatus: a blood-red organic looking chestplate and collar. In the center of the chestplate is a green orb that pulses and glows disturbingly like a heart. Connected to the collar and held in a compartment in the chest is the respirator mask that Lytning periodically uses. His shoes are black with a pair of red stripes on each shoe going vertically down the front of the shoe. The soles are white with the heel and toe sections given additional height; the front has a pair of red teeth-like decals, and on the sides of the heels are red jewels.


While Statyx is merely a quirky but well-intentioned person, Lytning is a full-on psychopath and sociopath. He gleefully looks forward to the idea of causing death, mayhem, and carnage, so long as it is cruel and gruesome. Lytning is obsessed with surpassing Statyx in every way possible: status, power, possessions, and relationships. Lytning attempts to do so by modeling himself after Statyx in ways such as his appearance and the look of his apparatus. Even his name (which was not his original name) was modeled after Statyx's. At the same time, Lytning attempts to distinguish himself from Statyx as much as possible via fighting style, activities, and general appearance, generating something of an identity crisis/paradox that only fuels Lytning's insanity. Lytning has little true loyalty to The Trolls, serving them largely under cisrcumstance and a whim; given the chance, Lytning would just as soon attack one of the Trolls as he would fight alongside them. Lytning has an extremely warped concept of relationships in general, such as stalking his "friends" and allies, and peeping on and making lecherous comments to female peers. However, while such comments are volatile and crude, they are only slightly more earnest than Statyx's own dirty jokes.


Lytning has all of Statyx's powers and abilities down to the simplest technique, and any new technique Statyx displays, Lytning can immediately copy. However, Lytning's apparatus- like Statyx's arm-braces- serves not just as life-support, but inhibitors. The apparatus is outfitted with a direct link to Rageik, allowing the Troll leader to monitor Lytning's power output, as well as control it at will. As such, Rageik is able to reduce and increase the maximum amount of power Lytning can use at any given time. Due to this, Lytning is often left at a general power level weaker than Statyx's own. Lytning's extremely unstable nature also prevents him from undergoing any transformations. However, Lytning has a variety of abilities to make up for this. Unlike Statyx, Lytning is not above using the multiple forms of Electricity combinations, and as such has made sure to master each combination to a high degree. Lytning is also not above using projectile weaponry and explosives; quite the opposite, Lytning greatly enjoys using high-powered weapons. While Lytning is incapable of undergoing super transformations, he does have his own means of "powering up". Lytning can use his apparatus to intake a large amount of Chaos Energy, allowing Lytning to increase his prowess to certain degrees based on the amount of energy taken in. Such a method of power increase has been likened to steroid use and a "chaos high" at variuos points. Despite his insanity, Lytning is every bit the experienced warrior and tactician Statyx is, and knows how to use that knowledge and experience to maximum capability. Combined with his ruthlessness and psychopathic nature, this makes Lytning a frightening and unpredictable opponent.


Statyx the Hedgehog

Bubonic the Hedgehog


The Nine Raiju Fangs


  • Lytning's coloration is a joke on the pattern of Shadow-related fancharacters being black and red, while Statyx himself is not.
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