Lyra the Fox

180px-Lyra the Fox-1-.png
Age 13
Gender Female
Species Fox
Description Short Brown Hair, blue eyes, scruffy brown shirt, dark green trackpants and brown shoes.
Attire Short, scruffy shirt, and a long dark green tracksuit, she wears brown gloves and brown shoes
Relatives It is unkown who her parents or family are
Affiliations She is often affilliated with desperately trying to find her parents.
Romantic Interests Sora the Doven
Weaponry Axe

Naturokinesis, Geokinesis, Venomkinesis

Super Forms Dark Lyra, Super Lyra

Lyra the fox is a charecter of Hedgeidna97.


Early Life

Lyra the Fox was born in the wilderness. When Lyra was 2, her parents vanished mysteriously. Lyra has grown up in this forest and learnt how to manipulate the nature, poison and the earth as she has grown up.

Leaving the Forest

When Lyra was 6, she finally left the forest to search for her parents, she searched for 3 years. Scouring half of Mobius, and creating many new forests along the way. But her search failed, so she created a massive forest and decided to live there.

Lyra's changing

One day, when Lyra was 10, a group of Pyrokinetics, from the Pyrokinetic tribe, started burning the forest to make some more land for themselves. Enraged by the destruction of her forest, Lyra ran up to the Pyrokinetic's and poisoned them, and wrapped them in deadly vines, in revenge for burning down her forest. Since then, Lyra has travelled around, reattempting to find her parents, and staying on neutral ground on most fights. Lyra's one ambition in life is to find her parents.


Lyra is obsessed with finding her parents. She dosen't care about anything else.

She's a rouge.

She has a great care for nature, she lives in a forest which she protects on a regular basis.







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Lyra is a green fox. She has shoulder-length brown hair, deep green long trousers, a tattered brown shirt, tattered brown gloves and brown shoes.

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