Lynx (Yamaneko) is a Shadowy Antagonist of The Chrono Saga, he does not resemble a Mobian much.


Biographical Information
  • Wildcat (what Yamaneko means in English)
Physical Description
SpeciesPanther/Feline Demi-Human
  • Fur: Yellow-Orange
  • Eyes: Light Green
  • Blue/Gold Armor
Height6' 4'
Right/Left HandRight-Handed
Political Alignment and Abilities
  • Wields a Scythe
  • GlideHook
  • FeralCats
  • ForeverZero
Other Information
American V.A.
Japanese V.A.
Theme Song(s)Chrono Cross: Between Life and Death


Original CreatorChembur


There was a human known as Lynex who was reborn after touching the Crystalized Star. After touching the Star, a Super Computer known as VIPER Combined himself with Lynex once the power of the Star was unleashed, the result was the creation of Lynx. Soon After, Lynx became a member of the Chronosis Army, and later became a Top Officer, who was not particularly liked by the Citizens of El Gardune. Later on, Lynx travelled to Fort Arynn, and he was the one who actually released Arynn, so that the Fort would be destroyed. He later went to Terra Island (the Island formed on top of where Terra Tower Sank, and used the Orb of Terra Tower to revive it from the Sea. He later destroys the tower after completing the Arynia Fortress. He takes several of the crystal shards that landed on the fortress. Lynx later heads towards .


Lynx has a large disliking to the Order of Chrono and an even bigger to Chrono Chrea. Lynx is rather mysterious and does not give a slip of the tounge. He will also sacrifice others if needed. Lynx does not talk much.


All of Lynx's abilities are the same as those from Chrono Cross Many of Lynx's abilities have not been seen yet, althoguh he carries a massive Scythe. He also can use the Dragoons, large Dragon like beasts. Also, he has all the Abilities any Lynx would have. Lynx has three Special abilities: GlideHook, FeralCats, and ForeverZero. GlideHook is an ability where Lynx Leaps, damaging one enemy, this ability cannot be avoided. FeralCats is an ability where Lynx summons a pack of wild (and evil) Felines to attack all enemies, this ability cannot be avoided. ForeverZero is the strongest of Lynx's Abilities, one of the Ultimate Dark Element Attacks, Damaging all Enemies in a Dark Void, this Ability cannot be avoided.


It is revealed that Lynx has a Transformation called Dark Lynx, in which he transforms into a Giant Dragon-Lynx like creature. However, he transformed after merging with the Crystalized Star.


  • Despite his name being Lynx, he is a panther.
  • He is based off the Villain with the same name from Chrono Cross. His Stats in the sidebar are almost exactly the same as the original Lynx.
  • In his Game Appeareance, he has light green eyes (like my Picture) but in his concept art, his eyes are red.
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